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An Open Letter to the Supernatural Family

Dear Supernatural Family,

I tend to hang out on the fringes of things, happily avoiding much of the conflict and fray within this fandom. But lately, I feel as if I can't simply do that without tripping over all the fighting---and so I must say something because in so many ways silence implies complacency. Silence implies agreement. Silence does not stop things.

I am not going to expound on the idea of shipping---ship, don't ship, I don't really care. I'm not going to tell you how to enjoy the show. That's been part of the problem in this fandom lately. So many vocal fans are telling so many other fans that this or that view is the only view of the show and that any other view is wrong or blind to the truth or however it is worded that ends up with blow ups. And that has to stop. That's what I care about. I care about the fandom wars and about who is right and who is wrong and how there's this line in the sand and if you cross it to one side or the other you're labeled as being for or against this or that and therefore less of a fan. I think it needs to stop and stop right now.

Even more, we have some vocal members of fandom taking it not just to other fans, but to the creative team. That. Has. To. Stop. Right. Now.

We are very blessed in the Supernatural Family to have the access that we do to our cast and crew. Not many fans in other fandoms can say that they have had the opportunity to meet the stars of their show. Not many other fans can say that they've had the chance to meet and hang out with the crew that works its magic behind the scenes for their favorite show. Not many fans in other fandoms can say that they have had conversations on Twitter so easily as we have had with various cast and crew members as we have had with our show. It's special. This relationship should be treated with the utmost respect. We should approach this relationship between us the fan and the creative team behind Supernatural with gratitude and love---not demanding this or that or being angry in voicing our opinions. We should always be respectful when we talk with them---even if we're voicing a criticism. It's only right and fair. We, the fan, have no right to demand anything from them or anyone on the show. So stop it.

In the blink of an eye, we could see the open relationship we share with them disappear. They could leave Twitter. They could decide to no longer attend conventions for fears of facing hostility or anger or never ending demands. And that would be the greatest tragedy of it all. We're lucky. Beyond lucky. We have something that is so special and so wonderful. Why are we allowing our worst to taint what is our best? We should be championing the better side of our Family. The side that makes me proud to be a part of it.

Our Supernatural Family is a generous, smart, kind, and beautiful fandom with many different views and passions and beliefs. When we are a united force, we can accomplish anything. ANYTHING. We can get our boys on the People's Choice Awards and win Best Fandom. We can raise over $30,000 for St. Jude's in honor of Thomas Padalecki's birth. We can rally around one another to help Gabriel Tigerman when he's in his time of need after his wife and child struggled. We can break world records with GISHWHES and help Random Acts build an orphanage in Haiti. We can do so much good in this Family. As they say, once you're in the Supernatural Family, you're IN to stay.

I am blown away by our talents, too. So many of us produce fantastic art. Or writing. Or videos. Or other various projects that are inspired by this show. We're talented. We have so much to offer to the world and to one another. Instead, we're allowing the negative side and the fighting to take things over and taint what wonderful potential we all have to make this fandom and world a bit better. Sure, Supernatural is only a TV show, but you know what? We in the Supernatural Family know that it is more than that---not simply because what it puts on our screens---but how it brought so many of us together. So many of us have beautiful friendships and memories that were forged because of this show---and that's the legacy that we should celebrate instead. That's where our fandom is powerful. In Family.

And let's be real for a moment. Supernatural is in its ninth season. IT'S NINTH SEASON. We did that. Us. The Supernatural Family is why we have the ninth season---and possibly more. We didn't get this show this far by fighting so viciously with one another. No. We did it together, supporting the show with everything we've got. And while we've never all seen it the same way, we can remember to be respectful of one another, of those who make the show, and ourselves.

Please, Supernatural Family, let's stop fighting. Let's remember that “family don't end in blood” and set aside the anger. This show is about love. Let's honor that.

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Open letter to #SPN Family

Beautiful and well said. Hugs.

Re: Open letter to #SPN Family

Thank you so much for reading. Hugs back.

I agree wholeheartedly. It just needs to stop. Especially the harranging of the Show folks on Twitter.

Hoping for a particular storyline should never become demanding that that storyline must be incorporated into Show. A conversation with a real person should not become a fannish rant. We are all passionate. We just all also need to be considerate.

Thank you.

I am hopeful that this might make an impact on what is going on. I don't like fighting. I like being able to share my love of this show with other fans and with the folks who make it. I wish people would think before they tweeted or posted or whatever.

Thanks for reading it and please share everywhere!

As another an on the fringes. This. Everyone has a different opinion, so what? And yeah the twitting to the crew has gotten out of hand.

That was beautiful. I couldn't have said it better myself. We should all just feel blessed that the people involved with the show appreciate us as much as they do, but as you said that could change in the blink of an eye. We ARE all family. To be honest that's what drew me to the show. It wasn't the hot guys, or the supernatural baddies. It was the fans. The family. The fact that they not only try to help the cast and crew of their favorite show, but also each other, even though in most cases they've never met. I know if I had a problem and reached out to a member of my Supernatural family, that they would try to do all they could to help me even though all they know about me is that we share a love of the same show, the same amazing talent of everyone involved in Supernatural. And yes, families fight. All the time. Hopefully the guys and the writers and everyone realize that and let it slide by. Because people can be stupid and petty. Especially spoiled children who don't get what they want, like a younger sibling. But in the end, we are FAMILY. Family that may never all meet each other but,as you said and as Bobby said, family don't end in blood. So at the end of the day, we should all just love each other to the best of our ability and leave the fighting shit to some other fandom.

Thank you for your awesome response.

I am just overwhelmed by everyone's response to my little letter. I do hope that everyone will take a moment to think about it.

I am stunned by what I've been able to do in this fandom. I never expected to do 90% of what I've done since I got into this show. And the openness this cast/crew shares with us is just above and beyond on their part.

We're a Family. I want that to be the focus for us.

Thanks again!

What a wonderful letter.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

This is so beautiful and eloquent and right!

I also normally try to avoid this stuff, sticking to twitter and choosing who I follow carefully, but lately it's been unavoidable. It's rippling through the fandom like rocks hurled into a pond and reaching even people who normally stay clear of it. I think a lot of that is because it has been targeted at the creative team, and most of us feel bad about that, that this is something we cannot just ignore.

A good thing to remember is that it's the extremists who are causing problems, not all of the fans in any particular interest group. So instead of letting the extremists polarize us by making us angry at all the fans in their camp by association, let's reach out to the moderates in the various camps and work together to bring the love back to our fandom.

I recently saw an exchange on twitter where one fan said something about Destiel fans harassing the writers, and another fan said she shipped Destiel and was against the harassment and it was only a small minority giving all Destiel fans a bad name. The first fan offered her a virtual hug, and then they traded virtual cookies and pies. If we don't let the extremists push us away from each other, that's what our fandom could look like, hugs and cookies and pies.

Thank you!

I think Dean would be totally for the Pie portion of fandom interaction. As long as he got ALL the pie.

I get it. We're not all going to see the show the same way. Some fans are going to love certain stories/characters/seasons while others are going to hate others. It's all fair. We all see the show differently. We all enjoy it in our own ways. I just hope that more people will be able to take a deep breath before they engage and respect each other.

That's all I really want. But pies, hugs, and cookies work, too!

Thanks again.

I think the majority of us understand we'll all have our own interpretations and preferences and respect that. But unfortunately the minority that doesn't can often stir up bad blood between them.

Like you said, hopefully we can all take a deep breath. And keep pics of pie handy. ;)

That was very well said - and a hearty 'HERE HERE' to your sentiments. As someone completely new to the Fandom (as in 173 eps watched in about a month before season 9 started) I admit that this strange week of Fan anger, in-fighting and fist-shaking at the crew/writers has me flummoxed and more than a little irritated. I've been part of passionate Fandoms before (X-files, All things Joss Whedon, Dr. Who) and never have I seen interaction/access granted to fans as that which SPN gives us. From the outside looking in (and I'm in - trust me, I am ALL IN on this show), what devolved this week smacks of petulance and ungratefulness which don't belong in a community that has united over the love of a TV show (and yes, in the end it is just a TV show) for an impressive 9 years.

So let's not give ourselves a bad name, let's embrace the creative genius we see on display every week and TRUST THEY WILL DO IT RIGHT.

(Stepping down off soapbox and walking away) :)

Thank you for this response.

I am always floored by how many people arrived to this show so late in the game and then end up being so invested so easily.

I am, like you, floored by the access to the writers/cast/crew we have. It's unheard of!

So thank you and I hope more see it this way, too.

I'm so very new to this fandom and I have to say that I'm not sure what all the fighting is about. What I do know is that I love this show and all involved with it. I was at the Chicago convention and I was so impressed with the access to all the stars. I was able to hang out with Osric and the experience was ...there are no words. The other fans were wonderful and everyone was like a family. So with all that said please so fighting it bothers everyone and tarnishes this treasure.

Thank you and I'm glad you had such a great time at Chicago Con.

It's special. I can't even really explain how special it really is. And I'd hate to see something ruin what we've got with this show.

So thanks again and share it with everyone!

Well said and I totally agree with every word. Our SPN family will stay strong so long as we treat each other with love and respect. Everyone has a right to their opinions, but they don't have the right to belittle and demean anyone for not agreeing with them. I love this show and my SPN family and I'm sure that if we stand strong the bad stuff will stop.

This. I absolutely agree. I know not everyone is going to agree with my view of the show---be it a character or episode or storyline or season---but I do expect that I will be respected when I make my view known. I don't like the idea of being afraid to say what I think about this show or how it makes me feel because someone will jump all over me in return.

We need to get back to respecting one another. Thank you!

Open letter

People are twitter fighting and bashing? Fans? That's absurd and I personally would be
mad if Supernatural went off Twitter for a few stupid people. Please stop the fighting - I want the chance to see cast at a convention when I save enough money!

Thank you.

I don't know that they're going to leave Twitter or stop Cons, but I do know that it could happen. I don't think we've seen/heard anything to those aims, but I fear it if we, the fans, don't rein in our behaviors and approaches.

So please share this with as many as you can.

You took the words right out of my heart. I am also a fan who observers more than speaks out, and I too have felt the need to make the fighting stop. I really hope this beautiful letter works because the fighting is becoming aggravating, annoying, and embarrassing. We all love this wonderful show for our own reasons. If you enjoy shipping, then ship away. If you don't, then don't. It's as simple as that. Learn to accept people for who they are. Isn't that what unites us? That we have found others who understand? Who get it? Who we DON'T have to explain ourselves to? We all have one major thing in common: we LOVE Supernatural. Let's not tarnish the thing that unites us by examining exactly why it does. We all have our reasons. Ok, I'm starting to ramble. I just want to say I believe in EVERYtHING you wrote about. Good job. I hope it makes a difference and we can all get back to loving each other, our show, and its creators.

Thank you.

I certainly hope it makes a difference. I am floored by how many responses I've gotten for this.

I think, we on the fringes, will have to do more speaking out if we want to reclaim this fandom from the loud fighting that's taking place. We're a passionate bunch---and I get that. I just want us to be respectful of one another on every level when we express those passions!

Tone it down, Supernatural Fans!.

And you know who you are! Keep on harassing the writers, crew, cast, and other fans about what YOU want, and you will lose it all -- all of it for all of us!

Each week's episode of Supernatural is a gift composed of great pride, skill, talent, and storytelling. The episodes flow and we ride the current. Cannot we all just enjoy the ride instead of fighting incessantly against the current? Let the trip continue. Relax. Have a soothing drink. Put your feet up. Watch the SHOW and rejoice that it is there, waiting for you every week!


Re: Tone it down, Supernatural Fans!.

Thank you!

I agree 100%. Each episode we get is something I treasure. Some I love more than others, but to get more is just amazing. Truly. And I want to be able to share that love with as many in the Family as I can.

Thanks so much for replying and share it everywhere.

THIS. Well said. I just hope this helps. I really hope it does before everything goes to shit and we lose it all.

Thank you. I sure hope it makes a difference. So far all the responses have been powerfully moving for me. It must have struck something!

It certainly said everything I've wanted to put into words, and couldn't. Very eloquent!

Very well written letter. I stopped reading any and all fan comments because of this kind of crap. It needs to stop. I just attended chicon and it was awesome. I would be devastated if they stopped doing conventions because of negativity. I hope a lot of people read this. Thanks for writing it.

Thank you. I'm glad you had a great time at Chicago Con.

I am shy about fan comments, too. I write reviews each week, but I am always nervous about wading into comments on other reviews or posts. So I know where you're coming from.

I certainly hope they don't pull back from us because of this fighting, too. It's too special---this relationship we have with our show.

Thanks again!

Well Said!

This was very well said. I agree whole heartedly. I was not aware of any strife, my head in the SPN hole I guess! But I am appalled that someone (and it was probably only some ONE) felt the need to spew all over a writer. This is such an amazing fandom, like you said, having the opportunity to see/speak/write to the stars/directors/writers is just unheard of. Discussions over differing opinions is one thing, but there is a line and it should not be crossed if anyone wants the open communications to continue.

Thank you.

I've found it on my TL at Twitter a few times and I end up retreating because I don't want to get pulled into the fights. As for the attacks on the writers, I've seen enough of it to know that it needs to stop. And yes, if we want our open relationship with them to continue we must be respectful.

Thanks again.

Hi. Not signed in and writing from my mobile but I'm sandymg on LJ. Bravo. This was well written and so veey correct. Thanks for say what needs to be said. Many have couched this in talk of representation. I am sympathetic to that. I get it. But this is not the way. Better to reach out to new producers and writers early. Or to have thoughtful, respectful dialog with producers you admire.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

For me, I think it all boils down to respect on everyone's parts. And that's what I think we all need to remember. Respect.

Thanks again.

So well said. Thank you. It's been bothering me A LOT.

Thank you!

It's been bothering me for a long time and I finally just decided to say something. I am so moved so many are responding to this the way they are. I had no idea it'd get so big!

Thanks again!

Well said. I applaude you and your bravery! You are completely right. We are going to lose this gift if this continues. The last convention I went to I got VIP and I got an awesome chance to talk to the guys as well as some really cool crew members. But while I and most of the other VIPs were happy and trying to relax there were some fans that were asking questions and making insinuations that were frankly making EVERYONE uncomfortable. Now they were not being inappropriate and of.course the guys wers super cool about it but you could tell that they werent really as excited about seeing us while trying to navigate some of these questions. I am not saying there is a right way yo interact with your favorite cast or crew member....but there is a wrong way, because I say that clear as day on their faces. I really applaude your bravery and I am going to retweet this letter! We love ya over here! Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much. I am so touched by everyone's continued sharing and response to the letter. I had no idea I was launching something when I vented on Sunday morning! I don't know if it's brave necessarily, but I'm tired of hiding and such, so I said something.

I can imagine that some of the questions were a bit awkward for the guys, and that's a shame. I know if I were to be lucky enough to be a VIP ticket holder I'd ask a ton of questions--but mostly related to how the show is made cause I'm a huge nerd. I'd also love to talk sports with J2 (Jared in particular), but yes, there's no right way to interact but there is a WRONG way and we need to face that head on.

Thanks again for sharing the letter and I hope it gets far and wide in the fandom and things can start to change.

Open letter to Supernatural Family

Thank you so much for writing this letter, I wholeheartedly agree with what you said and just hope everyone in the fandom reads it and takes heed of your words. The cast and crew are so open with the fans and don't deserve the bashing they get from those who are either not happy that the storyline is not going the way they want it to or there's something else they disagree with. I do wonder what these fans who bash and hate on the cast and crew are like in real life when things don't go their way. There are so many great people in this fandom and I'm proud to be a member of it, but there are those whose behaviour I don't want to be associated with and from these people there needs to be some moderation and toleration.
I love this show and what the cast and crew do for the fans and they have my total support and appreciation.
Thanks again for putting this in print.

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Re: Open letter to Supernatural Family

Thanks so much for your wonderful response.

I was blown away and changed by my VanCon Experience. I was fortunate enough to meet Robbie Thompson (the only Supernatural related person I shook like a leaf meeting), Robert Singer, Adam Glass, and the VFX crew aside from the guests selected to already appear at the convention for panels. I had the chance to tell these people something direct and from the heart and I took it, telling them that this show has done so much for me. I can't imagine taking any anger out on them. Constructive Criticism is one thing. Anger is another.

I had seen in the last month before the show returned and since some vicious things I normally dodge fairly well. And I'm tired of dodging it, so I said something. I'm glad it has found traction within fandom.

I hope more see it and do something to speak up against the anger and hate.

Thanks for sharing it!

Open letter to Supernatural family

This was beautifully written. My SN sis ziggyuk emailed this to me and a few others with the link to your LJ page. I wholeheartedly agree! If we abuse the gifts we've been given, we will have them taken away from us.

I've been disgusted with the more radical fans over the past few years...actually since season four when things really started heating up on the forums. I actually gave up on forums for that very reason - there were too many arguments between people who considered themselves right and everyone who disagreed were wrong and were told so in very rude and abusive terms. The actors were trashed, the crew was trashed, the storylines were trashed...along with any fan who admitted to still enjoying the show.

And I felt ashamed of calling myself a fan when I heard that Jim Beaver among others had read some of these comments and have tried to respond to them in defence of themselves, their characters or our show. How utterly horrible.

I've been to a few conventions now - wish I could get over to VanCon and meet the boys again, as it doesn't seem like they will come back to Australia any time soon. And they, and all other actors I've met from the Supernatural family, are the nicest, most patient and giving people! They do NOT deserve the criticism and almost outright hatred that has come their way of late. And that goes for the whole crew as well.

These people work damned hard to bring us our weekly dose of the Winchesters' world. They deserve our thanks, not our abuse. Please people, wake up, before it's too late, and the unrestrained and ill-mannered few ruin it for us all.


Re: Open letter to Supernatural family

Mizpah(Jules) referred this post and I'm glad she did because it rings so true and I think speaks to the heart of most Supernatural fans. Well said. :)

Re: Open letter to Supernatural family

Thanks so much for your wonderful response.

I joined this show in season 6, and I have found my whole world largely turned upside down and around all because of it. I started to write and to look into a new career and doing all these things because this show told me I could do anything if I stuck to my guns and expanded my world. I can never repay that.

I think the only way we can combat this type of vicious behavior is to be positive and respectful. Will we love every storyline or character or what have you? No. Probably not, but there is a way to express our dislike of those things in a constructive and meaningful manner rather than brutally attacking those who make the show and each other. I'm just asking for civility at this point.

That, and I'm tired of hiding. The whole point of being in fandom is I should be able to say "I love this episode/character/storyline/whatever" and not have to spend the rest of the time defending why or my own character. We're here because we have a mutual love for this show. Why not remember that?

Thanks again and keep sharing this little letter.


Thank you, you put into words what so many of us should have been saying right away. When you don't say something it's like you are agreeing with what is going on around.

This historically has been a problem for the majority letting the minority take over - THIS HAS TO STOP.....

We as fandom are blessed - having the ability to interact with so many in connection with the show. I know that I've had some of my tweets answers by Jim and Guy - totally surprising me and making me giddy. Jared and a few of the others have even been tweeting during the shows airing lately and if the fans don't appreciate what we have we are going to lose it.

There is a saying that says "familiarity breeds contempt" - the fact that we are able to have this interaction and get to know the people involved as much as we are able to; we still don't really know them and don't have a right to expect them to change the show to our liking. We become too familiar with them and think that we know them and know what's best. WE DON'T SO STOP (not you but the others that are doing it).

Again, thank you for taking the time to write and share this and I pray that somehow some way the cast and crew of Supernatural gets to read that not all of the fans are behind the way a few of them are behaving.

I'm looking forward to see where this wonderful SUPERNATURAL adventure takes us!


Thank you so much for your response.

I don't know if this little letter of mine has reached the Crew/Cast. I'd like to think they know we're not all this way nor do most of us feel the way that some of the very vicious vocal portions of fandom have been as of late---those that are attacking them on Twitter cannot be as large of a percentage of total viewers when we look at the ratings and such.

I had this on my chest for a very long time and I happened to have a bout of major insomnia and little sleep when I actually wrote it. I just wanted to be able to talk about my show and not feel like I'd have to don a Kevlar vest to block the bullets.

Thanks again and keep sharing it!

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