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Decisions, Decisions

Not to spam the list, but I'm trying to figure out what I want to buy for that Anime Purchase of the Month (Okay, so sometimes I do more than one but I'm sure all of us can attest to that impulse buy here and there).

I can't decide if I want to buy two more of the Ranma 1/2 manga, one of the Inuyasha DVD sets, or a Ranma volume with a different manga volume. I haven't had a real chance to read much manga before I buy it, soooo any suggestions would be nice.

Anyways, thats it.

Far Away Eyes

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When in doubt, flip a coin.

What other manga are you considering?

Not entirely sure what other manga I'm considering. I've seen a couple episodes of Fruits Basket and I would like to get some Bleach, but part of me wants to see a new manga series I haven't read and I would hate to shell out a lot of money for something completely unknown to me only to hate it and have it clutter the room.

I love the Bleach anime, but haven't read the manga. I hear they're different, though. Bleach is on my list of DVDs to buy at some point - when more of them are out in English.

I really wish my library carried manga and I wish I had a Barnes and Noble or something to browse for manga in. I haven't had a chance to keep up with Bleach, but I'd like to collect that one, too.

I've only missed one since it started, and that was when I was in AR with no cable. I hope I don't miss any more - I'll probaly have to finally break down and get a DVR so I don't.

With my schedule and everything else, I just haven't had the time to tape and or watch. It's a shame, cause I used to watch a lot of Adult Swim anime and now I don't really know what they have.

I watch Bleach and Blood+, and then Samurai Shamploo on Sat nights - that's it. I don't always watch SS since I do own the entire series. It's more out of habit. I don't watch it at all during the week now since the shows I like are on way too late.

Blood+??? Is that any good? I didn't even know it was on.

It started when Trinity Blood ended (which made me cry - i LOVE that series and am going to buy it, too). Anyway, it was a bit unusual, but it's starting to grow on me. It comes on after Bleach and they are on episode 9 or so this week.

I must admit, I want to buy Trinity Blood, too. I can't wait till it comes out as a perfect collection set. Hmm, I suppose I'll have to see if Blood+ is on their streaming thing or wait for reruns.

that's what I'm hoping for. I wish they'd run them again, since I missed the first few episodes. I don't think Blood+ is something I would buy, but I enjoy watching it.

Oi, I'm not indecisive... Go for the Inu DVDs! :P

I knew you'd say that, lmao.

**smiles broadly before runnin off to potty again...**

'Rurouni Kenshin' is my second love after Inuyasha. Kick-ass sword fighting and historical accuracy really floats my boat. Kenshin is based on a real-life assassin operating in the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan. Really nice artwork, too, and the set is complete. No waiting two months in between volume releases. The anime's second season is really the only one worth bothering with; starts off with a wicked fight scene that's just amazing!

'Bleach' is also really good. Ichigo is another conflicted dude with exotic coloured hair and a big sword. The anime is true to the manga, at least in the episodes I've seen.

'Trinity Blood' is a gorgeous anime, but it is utterly different from the manga... so much so, that they're almost two different streams that involve the same characters. I like both, however. There's tons of little in-jokes in the manga that don't translate to the screen... but I prefer Father Nightroad in the anime because he maintains an edge instead of the buffoonery that he hides behind in the manga. When he transforms... grawr! Instant smex!

For the most incredibly hilarious (unintentionally, I'm sure) sex comedies, try 'Sensual Phrase' or 'Red River'. The first is a totally contrived modern setting involving a sexy teenage rock star and an innocent schoolgirl who writes horny lyrics. Uh, yeah. Plausibility = 0. Entertainment level = high!

'Red River' is set in the ancient Hititte empire; a plucky modern Japanese schoolgirl is sucked through a puddle and into the middle of court intrigue. Decently researched setting that involves real historical figures. The heroine spends more time in and out of her clothes, in and out of danger, in and out of her protector's bed (and others) that you can only laugh and use a scoreboard to keep track of the 'Perils of Pauline' plot.

For fluff, fluff and more fluff, try 'Hana-Kimi'. Japanese-American exchange student dresses as a boy to get close to her high-jumping idol, who attends an all-boys high school in Tokyo. Much hilarity and gender confusion abound, as well as some interesting (and useful) insights into the differences between the Japanese and American school systems (for when you write that IY high school AU *wink*).

We're reading our way through Ranma 1/2 right now and really enjoying it. I've not seen any of the anime, though.

I'll have to check the things out on your list. Thanks for giving me some suggestions. I think I'll start with Kenshin.

How far are you into Ranma? I really find it hilarious and fun and charming.

Kenshin is a good starting point; when his eyes narrow and change colour, look out! Very cool 'attack' names, too. I also love his fist-fighting sidekick, Sagara Sanosuke.

We've read all the editions of Ranma, I think; we're just waiting in queue for the final edition through our local library. Much fun; my favourite character is Shampoo!

Your library carries Ranma? I'm sad now. My library hasn't heard of manga yet. Sigh.

And I look forward to reading Kenshin. I did buy my manga for the month.

Kenshin in 'Battousai' mode is the uber-smex. *pant*

Our library carries all sorts of manga, from Dragon Ball to W Juliet and everything in between. I recently snagged the manga version of Gundam Wing's 'Endless Waltz' and fell in love with my Duo Maxwell all over again.

Having two manga-hounds for kids makes my addiction socially acceptable; they take 'em out under their name...

I don't even have a bookstore in town that carries them. I have to order all my anime/manga online. There's just no alternative here.

SRSLY? That sucks! One of the highlights of my week is visiting my 'crack supplier' at the mall to see what the new releases are. He and his staff have terrific suggestions and insights into the titles that they carry.

Then I'll go off to the library and order the series to see if I want to take a risk on it.

Yes...srsly. We have a comic store in town, but I don't think they carry manga. I might pop in sometime and see if they do, but last time I looked it was just the US comics and not really any manga of any kind besides those magazines that talk about it. I live in rural Minnesota, take a guess at how popular manga might be. . .

*sporfle* You mean to tell me there aren't any hormonal 12-to-14-year-old boys in rural Minnesota? Biggest consumers of manga out there!

Betcha the store has a catalogue of manga that you can order from. My guy even gives discounts for multiple purchases!

I actually know the comic guy pretty well, but I haven't had the time to go and visit. Depending on the ol' work schedule, I might look. Last time I was there, though, all he had was the US comic staples. Hopefully he's gotten into the manga field now. I know I'd visit more often if I knew it'd get me the chance to page through some manga and whatnot.

Worth it for the chance to 'test drive' a new series!

Yep, even though I shouldn't, ahem, buy too much too often.

*winces as moths fly out of pocketbook*

You and me both!

That's why I try to limit it to no more than 20 bucks a month. Sometimes, well, I get a coupon and end up buying twice, but still. . .

I can empathize. I work at my local library, and have for the past 7 years (Kami, but I'm getting old LOL). Since I discovered the wonderful world of manga and anime, I've been trying, no make that begging, to broaden our collection with some anime or manga. No such luck.
...I'm sorry. I don't mean to rant incessantly. But you're not alone. And it's REALLY frustrating when you're on the other side of the circ desk.

Just picked up my first volume of Trinity Blood to read! So is a good thing to get both?

Kenshin... I sgree with you!! Glomps her newly earned Kenshin Plushie!! He is amazingly wonderful! I must sketch those two (Kenshin and Inuyasha) together not in comedy scene.

The Star Trek Manga!! Yes!! Captain Kirk in all his manga glory!! They gave him a large chest with pecs and large biceps! I want to rub those wonderful ears of Spock! McCoy looks like he's swallowed a lemon on a paper cut tongue. Oharo.. looking mighty sexy-kittenish and Poor Zulu!! He is the worst off from the bunch!!

I haven't seen the Anime of Ranma yet as well! And my Manga collection for Ranma is with gapping holes.

'Trinity Blood' also has a novel series using the same characters. 'Rage Against the Moons' opening chapter supplies the first couple of anime episodes where Nightroad battles a vampire on a 'Hindenburg' type airship.

The manga has a totally different starting point, where we meet Sister Esther, the vampire-hunting young nun that joins up with Nightroad and his cyborg sidekick, Father Tres.

OOHH!! I have another to look forward to! I just got to the part where They crashed into each other and I'm not sure about the humourous drawings.. Seems out of place.. Looking good do far!

Go Ranma and a new manga to try.. that way you have somethign you can fall back on if waiting for Ramna volume to come in... I just chanced Trinity Blood...

Like Rurouni Kenshin! or if a Star Trek fan... The Manga. There is Her Majesty's Dog (another Bishie Dog Demon) Anything by Yuu Watase is a good read! and there is the 8 volumes for Chronos Crusades (this doesn't have a happy ending.. so have LOTS of tissues ready!) Chronos is the male version of Kagome (expect when Rosette is hurt then he is equal to Inuyasha)and Rosette is the female version of Inuyasha.

MAJOR cringing... I went and spent 100 on manga/how to draw books. They always get me with buy 3 get the 4th free or the buy a 1st volume and get another 1st volume for a 1.00 sales. Plus I hover at the second manga section.

I looked at Her Majesty's Dog. The second volume has an exquisite drawing of a papillon on the cover. I thought about buying it, but I didn't know enough to trust if I'd like it. Maybe next month I'll get another Ranma volume and a volume of Her Majesty's Dog!

Gah. I window shop too often. It was Inubaka Crazy for Dogs that has that pap. Check this out:

I wish I knew if the story was any good. ..sigh.

Really?? I missed that... Unless there is two different covers... scratches head..

Yea.. i think it was a good buy when I got it. But Ranma is very much an excellent choice!!

No, no. That was Inubaka I was thinking of. I really scan through too often looking for different mangas I think might look interesting but I'm usually too afraid to give a try.

Me too! I will wait until I hear about the manga from my friends both in RL and here to pick. Delkaiden also likes Trinity Blood. You can't go wrong with Yuu Watase stories. Plus at Chapters.. the manga isn't sealed up so one can read it to see if they want to buy it first.

I just don't want to spend that much on something that I might end up hating later on, so I wait. I only knew that I loved Inuyasha cause I had a chance to see it on Adult Swim.

That is true as well! Sighs... the dilemnas of being a Manga lover and collector!

Yep. That and I've been fighting with a couple drabbles! They're posted in the ol' journal, too.

Yay!! Drabbles!! Scampers off to read!!

I just did a couple edits. And I think that's how they'll stay.

Yay! that's good to hear!! Races around very happily!!

And Since I missed out on the Wonderful Love Meme :

FAE is One heck of an Amazing person!! She totally Rocks!! A Very Talented writer! An Awesome friend!! Always an Inspiration to me! She is always improving with everthing she does and Her stories are always a Treasure to read! I Loves FAE!!

Thanks for the good comments. I hope you'll like the drabbles themselves, though!

You are very very welcome!! and I did!! I Loved them! they are perfect!! Just the right amount of Fluff and cuteness!

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