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Chapter 75

I'm very close to having another chapter of Journey finished. I just finished the skeleton rough write and when I get home tomorrow from work will type up what I have and tweak it. Hopefully it'll be in the beta's hands by the end of tomorrow night. It's been fun writing it, but I have the next chapter's POV whining that it's HIS turn. I had better hope that Sesshomaru is willing to work with me if that's the case, because if he's getting all pushy with me to be a brat---well, let's just say he'll be sorry.

Anyways, I just thought I'd let you know I'm not dead and that I haven't abandoned the story.

The Inuyasha Fanguild is currently accepting nominations. I certainly wish everyone luck!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Sessh can be a brat. He's starting to nag me to write something where he's the protagonist, not just one of the group....LOL.

Glad to hear you're making progress. I look forward to the next chapter!

Ironically, he's either a sadomasochist, or he's just feeling really guilty because what he really wants is to get to a part in the story we're not ready for where he's the main sufferer. I'll give him what he wants---eventually---but I don't think he'll like it as much as he keeps whining about getting there. For now, I'll be writing a chapter that fits the current scope of the story, although I WAS going to write about Koga next. Stupid ass had better not be a brat about the whole ordeal. I just think it's funny. Usually he's so stubborn and haughty about anything making him look weak or that there's nothing that could do that, yet this time he's almost begging for me to do just that. Think he gets off on it or he's just a guilty boy?

Hey girl! ^o^ *hugses* Good to know RL hasn't eated you . . . or, well, not all of you, at least. XD

*rolls eyes* Of course. Cos it's aaallllllll about him, don't you know. Pssh.

Wellll he'd tell you that it IS about him, you know.

The strange thing is he wants me to torture him. I've had a major storyline in mind for him in Journey for about a year now. It just hasn't gotten that far IN the story. He's desperate all of a sudden to get there. I think he's guilty cause he didn't treat baby brother so well in the past or something. Or maybe he gets off on it. I can't tell.

Oi. Anything for the attention . . . *sigh* You'd at least think he'd be content with the amount of screentime he'll be getting in the OAV . . . Jeez.

O.o I wouldn't have pegged Sess for a masochist, I gotta say. *is intrigued*

He IS. Trust me. He IS. And the torture I've got in store for him is super awful. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in the fandom, actually. I can't believe how much he's been nagging me to get to that point in the story. He WANTS this to happen when before he was pretty insistent that it wouldn't happen to him, not HIM the all-powerful Sesshomaru. But now? Now he's almost begging to be punished, I guess, for being such a prick to Inuyasha, or maybe he just likes the pain. I don't know. He's weird.

XD You are such a tease, girl . . .

*iz even moar intrigued* And I don't suppose you have any estimation of how many chapters we are from this dramatass?

O.o Although I'm a little scared about whatever it is you're about to put him through . . .

Oh he'll survive this---but only barely. I wouldn't go and kill him off, so don't worry. Let's just say it's something no one will expect coming.

As for the chapter amount between now and then? Hmmm. Not really. If Sesshomaru had his way, it'd be sooner, but it would screw up the entire timeline to move it forward.

I'm gonna have to sit down and sketch out the remainder of this current storyline and the beginning of the next, which is the one Sess wants NOW. Don't worry. We'll get there all in good time.

*_____* Well that's . . . reassuring. I think.

Now you've got me wondering. Hmmm . . . Would you say we've even made it through half the story yet?

Cuz heck if it isn't an epic already . . .

Now you're worried about him, aren't you? That makes him happy, you know. It strokes his ego that people care, even if he says he doesn't. He's so fussy, really.

Hmm, halfway through the story. I don't really even know what "halfway" is, actually. I can't really say.

XD Strokes his ego . . . I'm sorry, but now you've convinced me that that is what the Mokomoko-Sama truly is. It is in fact his ego. LOLZ!

*strokes it*

Gosh, it's so hush hush . . . =D Can't wait to see how things go from here.

Perhaps you're right. Mokomoko MAY be his ego, but what a soft cuddly ego it is.

And yes, I wouldn't want to give it away. It wouldn't be any fun if I did.

Yes. Which is why he carries it around on his shoulder. He must protect his delicate ego! XD

Of course, and I wouldn't want to ruin it for myself or anybody else . . . I do have one question though, but don't worry if you can't answer it . . . I've been wondering whether Ayame was going to be showing up in this story? Or will it just be our lovely canon crew? ^_^

Now you're bruising his ego and he doesn't like that. Don't make him pout. He's being so patient to wait for Jaken's chapter to be finished. I don't need to drag him outta his corner to get his chapter started after he's been demanding it for about a week.

Oh dear, I have enough troubles with Koga. I highly doubt at this point Ayame has any place. I can't even imagine how she'd fit in. It'd solve the problem of WHO Koga would end up with, but she doesn't really have any real place in the story otherwise.

Oh don't pout, Sess. Here, look what I have! *dangles Rin in front of his nose*

*sigh* These temperamental dogs . . . How do you put up with it, dear? *pats you*

XD That is so weird, I was just about to ask about Jaken. I've been curious as to how he's getting on with the council. I've a niggling feeling he got an important part to play himself.

Oh that's fine. ^_^ I was just curious, because Koga's obviously going to be coming back into the fray. Heehee, I'm in the middle of rereading the story so far.

He's not very fond of the Emperor Has No Clothes, from the growl I'm getting. Though, you did get him to look when you said Rin. If there's anything that works, it's her.

Jaken DOES have a very important part to play. It's very likely he's changed the world forever---and all because he got irritated and made a suggestion! You'll have to wait and see. I'm tweaking things here and there.

Oh, and Koga isn't going anywhere, although he'd be wise to stay away from our main group if he knows what's best for him. I think those temperamental dogs you mentioned wouldn't like him showing up again anytime soon.

Yeah . . . I prefer the Demon Lord Has No Clothes, myself. XDD *gets shredded my indignant Taiyoukai*

Amen to that, sister. She's a special little mite, is our Rin. <3 *gets back to writing SessRin goodness*

Go Jaken! *cheers 'im on* I hate it when people diss the little green guy.

Ooh, guess he'll be sitting on his haunches for a while, then. Hope we'll get a narrative or two from him at some point, though. ^__^

LMAO. He probably doesn't know that the Emperor with No Clothes can be rather sexy---and with the ever important Rin at that! That might perk him up....sigh, too bad she's only 12 in the story.

I like Jaken. I think most people that don't have only seen the anime and most likely in English. He comes off as whiny and a pain in the ass in English and gruff and grouchy in Japanese, hiding the real toad underneath.

Who said Koga would be sitting on his haunches? He's got his own thing to do, he just doesn't know it yet. Remember when Poledra told him he might be ready for his task? Yeah, he's got his own stuff.

*sigh* He can be so hot-headed sometimes, he never stops to consider these things. You know it'd be her who'd have to put the idea in his head. *rolls eyes* Males.

Aww, no matter. They're establishing their foundations right now, and that's delicious in itself. ^_^

Jaken's English voice has done his character a great disservice, I think. I adore his Japanese seiyuu, you can totally tell he's been classically trained. Such comedic value out of that one. XD Have you ever heard the CD drama's? Priceless.

*rejoices* Hooray! Kilted wolfling action! XD I am fond of him, even if he is a twat sometimes.

Of course Rin would have to put that idea in his head for him. He'd think of the embarrassing connotations. She'd have to think of the fun ones.

And yes. I'm equalizing the two of them. I think that it's necessary if they are to work out. I think it's important that they have this period together alone to establish this foundation. It's one reason I put Jaken where I did---that and other reasons.

I agree with you. I've heard him in Japanese, and I find it to fit the character so much better. He puts on a tough act with his gruff tone, but he's all soft inside, especially after Rin's introduced. The English voice just grates on your ears and is supposed to be funny, which it isn't. It's just annoying. Jaken can be annoying, but he means well, most of the time.

And yes, Koga will have his own action. Just not the kind he wanted, I would suspect. Poor thing.

So where are you in your re-reading?

Which is why they work so well together. ^__^

As I've said before, their rapport in this story is beautiful. Kindling, uncertain, but the feeling, it's already there. She's growing up, and he's growing in his own way too.

The difference between the Japanese and the English voice cast is that the Seiyuu don't act as if they're voicing a cartoon. They act as they would if they were in a physical role. English Jaken is shrill and goofy. Japanese Jaken has far more personality.

Although . . . I find I can take Sesshomaru in either language . . . ^__^

Oh well ... Nobody in this fic has actually gotten what they expected, have they? =D

Heee! I'm just at the aftermath of the ball! It's when Sesshomaru and Rin really start coming into their own, I think. ^___^

I've tried to grow the two them slowly. I think Sesshomaru is so trapped into thinking of himself as the great Lord of the West and all of that and Jaken only reinforces that. I've made him have to confront things he wouldn't otherwise if someone were to always remind him of who he is. At this point, he doesn't even HAVE any lands---not really. He can't get to them. And he doesn't care! He's learning what's really important. Rin. Family. Peace. The things he wouldn't have put much stock into before have suddenly become everything.

Of course I upped the stakes by making Rin into a sorceress. It was hard enough for Sesshomaru to realize that she was growing up. Now she's been gifted with power, and power he doesn't understand to boot. It's been fun having him react to that. One part of him is so proud and grateful that she will now have her own power and the ability to live as long as he will, but at the same time he's terrified. It gives them that chance to grow emotionally together and I've found that it's working in ways I never thought it would.

And no, I don't think anyone's gotten what they expected in this strange land, that's for sure. Don't worry, the driving force behind everything will reward them in the end.

Ah, that's a good spot in the story. I think it's the first time we've seen Sesshomaru cuddle Rin not because he's afraid she'll get hurt or she's sick and he's nervous about being in the unknown, but just because he can and he likes it. I think those who find it as being OOC don't understand dogs. He's still a dog underneath it all, and touch is crucial. Given the chance and the right amount of privacy, he'll do it. At some point, I bet he does it more publicly without realizing it. After all, he did tell that boy something very definitive on his feelings, wouldn't you say?

I also think getting them away from the Japanese culture has, in a way, helped in that manner. Priorities are different here. EVERYTHING is different. They still carry their homeborn values, but they're learning different ones too.

Well, I think when you take into account how old Sesshomaru is, and what he is, it's clear that it would take something BIG to throw him off his feet, which is exactly what the gift of Rin's power has done. He's sort of having to get up and rebuild himself on a certain level where Rin is concerned. I also think the gift will stave them off an imbalance in their relationship. Sesshomaru is clearly the Alpha, yes, but those positions are now not so far removed. They're no longer so alienated in their positions. It throws a wildcard into the game, shakes things up, and makes it far more unpredictable and exciting.

^___^ And even though they weren't expecting it, most of them have earned something wonderful already.

It's the point where things become . . . less controlled and more . . . tender. And yes, physical contact is crucial for canines. I myself saw it as his baser instincts coming out where his "social" instincts are no longer able to serve him acutely, here in this foriegn land.

That moment with the boy . . . I cannot wait to read that again. I remember that stole my breath away with its significance. <3 Ugh. Such raw feeling. I'm still wondering when on earth InuYasha's gonne catch on to what's happening between the pair. XD

It's one reason I set the story in the Eddings universe rather than the other way around. I know every nook and cranny of this particular world and how it works. They're still Japanese, but they're being influenced by these other cultures and peoples and histories in ways they couldn't have anticipated. They still retain their character values, be they cultural or established by Rumiko. It's the exploration of those changes that makes it interesting.

Pfft. To Belgarath and company, Sesshomaru's still a baby. I've set him at about 500. To us, that's an enormous amount of time. to Belgarath, it's a blip on the screen. But yes, I'd say it would have to take something very big to rattle Sesshomaru, not so much due to his age but his personality. I don't think Sesshomaru would have grown so close to Rin in this new world without the changes she's undergone. A brush with death might have, but only a bit and it would have taken much longer to establish.

I'm a firm believer in the Eddings philosophy on love and pairings. They must be equal. Sesshomaru may stand in as an "alpha" role, but he's not. Never has been and never will be. Rin just doesn't know that she is. Ever notice how Sesshomaru, as time has gone on, has put alot of her needs ahead of his? She's his alpha and he seems quite content. He's only alpha when it comes to her protection and due to her age. Emotionally, she rules all. Consider the fact that he served her food, even before he served himself when he accepted Shippo. She's his alpha.

That being said, they must be equal. Her weaknesses must be counter balanced by his strengths and vice versa. Without that, one partner will resent the other and they'll fall apart. Look at Kagome and Inuyasha. They're both equal to one another in every way, which is why they work so well. Sesshomaru and Rin have to reach that point.

I've noticed that as the story goes on, and I'm not even intending it, that Sesshomaru is very physical with Rin. It just happens, and I think it's that subconcious emotion that's building in his character. He only behaves this way with her, so it fits. And yes, I find that because he is a dog that it just seems natural. It not only satisfies his need to touch, but it marks Rin as his to all others who can smell it. In this strange land, he tends to need to reinforce that, I think. I think you're right, that it is his baser instincts ruling him.

I've also found adding in Rin's ability to speak telepathically has increased their bond a hundredfold. The things they say that way ARE truly private and Sesshomaru is free to be his true self.

I had a lot of fun writing that boy into the mix. I needed to place a threat in to these two, one that wasn't about saving Rin's life, and shake Sesshomaru up. I don't think it's ever truly occurred to him that she could choose a human male over him. It wouldn't happen, but the mere thought scares the crap out of him.

Will Inuyasha ever figure out what's really happening? No. He's too emotionally challenged to read their subtitles. It'll take Rin growing up and Sesshomaru and Rin mating first before he gets it.

=D Well said! I love to see the way each individual is adapting over time. As in who's having the most difficulties and who's flourishing ... And it's not necessarily the characters you thought would. I love that.

And Sesshomaru, after all, is only around nineteen in the equivalent demonic terms. Though he may be in what counts, he's still not full grown in every way.

It's interesting that you say that about their relationship ... Because it's true. He jumps to it if she's in need. He likes that it's him that gets to be the one who takes care of her. With the food thing, you see it's already so integral it's unconscious. In a way, even though she's still a child, they're already on a par with InuYasha and Kagome in their relationship, if not further along in some respects.

Exactly. I also like the distinction the two brothers canine traits makes between the demons of this world. These are two different breed of creature entirely.

The telepathy was another one of those unprecedented things, coming in right out of left field, that's served only to strengthen their bond even as it shook things up. It's like a series of tests, of challenges being issued, and they pass every time. The thing is they don't even realize what's going on.

I felt so sorry for him there. ^^; Though he very well could have torn that boy to shreds, he would have lost all credit with Rin through such unnecessary bloodshed. What did that leave him with? What was he supposed to do? It was no surprise why his response was so desperate . . . needful, almost.

Oh, bless him. XD And I suppose it'd feel weird for him to even think about Rin that way . . . Because he's clearly fully adopted her as his little sister. I imagine that when the time comes and the situation starts heating up, he'd give Sesshomaru hell if he inadvertently hurt her feelings . . . just as soon as he'd try beat some sense into his head were Sesshomaru to try deny himself the chance of happiness with Rin.

The strange thing about the world they're in is that there is a force---two actually depending which side you're on---that dictates things. Some things are directly dictated, others are subtle changes in the way a character will do something or feel about something. Ever since they arrived in the Vale, each character (except Miroku and Sango, who arrived in a different place) have been slowly changing. I'm going to blame Aldur and that other force. The moment they stepped in to this world, things began to change and shift within all the characters.

I know that Sesshomaru is only 19 in Rumiko's age scheme for the characters, but I find that he's still a bit wiser than a 19 year old should be, I think because of his demonic age. He is still young and still makes mistakes, but he's a bit wiser than some humans might be at that age. It does give me a chance to grow him, though!

I wouldn't agree just yet that Sesshomaru and Rin are at Kagome and Inuyasha's level in equality. They have much more to do to finally be equal. While Rin is technically the alpha, she still is very afraid of upsetting Sesshomaru enough that he'll leave her. It's both their insecurities that are keeping them from being truly equal. I've got plans to remedy that, that's for sure.

The demons of Eddings are vicious monsters without any redeeming qualities whatsover. They're pure evil, and dare I say it, not even Naraku could truly stand up to one without being completely consumed. Nahaz isn't his ally, even if he's become an incarnation. He's his enemy waiting for his chance to pounce. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are totally different because while they're demonic in nature, they're good and their souls aren't totally corrupted by evil.

The tests they'll face due to RIn's power will only increase. She still has some very impressive skills to learn and Sesshomaru won't like any of them. It's for the best, though!

Sesshomaru was very much caught when that boy showed up. You're right that killing him would only create a rift between him and Rin, and I think he knew that even when he nearly poisoned him. It's just that sheer panic, that overwhelming fear that she'll leave him for someone else that scared him.

And yeah. I don't think Inuyasha wants to even THINK about Sesshomaru having a sex life with anyone....and that goes for Rin. It's just awkward. But, I can guarantee you that it won't stop him from whacking his brother upside the head if he thinks he's hurt Rin in anyway.

I think it's also interesting to think about the changes they undergo here - how they will affect each of them when they return to their home world. For these surely are things that have changed them as people.

His age is strange, isn't it? =/ Personally, I prefer it as an equivalent physical age description. As in, he looks about nineteen in equivalent human terms.

Oh, I didn't mean in equality terms. I meant in terms of their bond. As in, they're already so close it would be very like losing half of themselves were they to be torn apart. ^_^

It's funny, I kind of like Nahaz in a weird way. I like it when the control is taken out of Naraku's hands. He's not the ultimate evil he thinks of himself as; there are far bigger sharks in the water here.

I'm looking forward to Rin's progression through her tuition, especially now that Inuyasha's been permitted to sit in. XD I'm wondering if she'll learn to shapeshift like her tutors. O.o Yikes, would that ever shake up Sesshomaru. Poor guy. This whole thing's going to be arduous.

It's interesting that you used the word panic . . . Cos that was precisely what it was, wasn't it? It was such a shock to the system that he very nearly lost control for a second there. I'd always wondered what happened afterwards, when he took her back to the inn; I suppose he just needed to be alone with her and steady himself.

=D I don't know why, but I see Inuyasha as quite a protective older brother when it gets down to it. He just doesn't need to be now, cos she's already got someone very willing to take care of her.

At this point, each character has been changed forever. They've been put upon a new path and that'll only continue to happen. And who said they'd go home?

I'd have to say I agree, that Sesshomaru LOOKS nineteen, but acts quite a bit older. It goes with out saying that due to their life span and the things they experience that it makes sense.

Oh my yes. Sesshomaru would probably shatter into a million pieces psychologically at this point if he lost Rin and vice versa. Aldur meant what he said back in the Vale about both Kagome and Inuyasha and Sesshomaru and Rin. They're soul mates, rather they've become mates in dog demon terms or not, and to break that bond either by death or forced separation would drive them mad. Considering all the anxiety Sesshomaru's carrying about her growth from a child into a woman and her sorcery, it's not a giant leap to think he'd flip if he lost her. Considering Rin's own anxiety about being left behind by Sesshomaru, she's the same. It's rather silly, because neither is going to ditch the other. It's all in their heads.

Naraku still outranks Nahaz in a weird way, but that's only because Nahaz has allowed himself to become an incarnation. He's still a Demon Lord from Hell itself and that gives him pure evil power that Naraku can only dream off attaining via the Sacred Jewel. Nahaz may be a liar and a cheat and a manipulator, but he's been pretty upfront in his intentions when he admits them to Miroku. He's out to get the Orb and to rule the world for the King of Hell. Naraku probably thinks he has some power over Nahaz as he does Kagura, but that's quite possibly an illusion in itself. Demons in this world are world class illusionists and often employ them to trick their prey into what they want. Naraku's in trouble, even though Nahaz's absorption will be a necessary thing down the road.

Oh, I think Rin will have a need to learn shapeshifting, and Sesshomaru is rather happy to hide his head in the sand about it. I think he knows in the back of his mind that it's coming, but he'd rather not think about Rin being a bird or a wolf or anything else she's not naturally. He won't really have a choice, but that's okay. It's all for the better.

I'm sure back in the inn Sesshomaru sat cradling Rin as close as possible making sure to keep his scent on her and assure himself that she's still with him. I bet he also felt a bit foolish for being so threatened by a mere human boy, but when it comes to Rin, can you really blame him?

Oh, Inuyasha will gladly protect Rin if necessary---even from Sesshomaru if he thinks it needs to be done. It won't be necessary, but that won't mean he won't threaten his brother with castration if he thinks it'll keep him from hurting Rin. It's one time I think I'll fully agree with Sesshomaru, that the half-breed ought to stay outta it. Sesshomaru wouldn't hurt Rin. Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, they've already seen at this stage in the game that Sesshomaru is madly in love and can't even help himself from showing it in his subtle ways in public. Inuyasha just won't catch on until much, much later.

Wow. And not only have they changed, I do suspect they've changed the course of history by arriving there.

And who said they'd home?

. . . Now that's either a huge spoiler, to which I am immensely honored, or a clever authorly double bluff, in which case I'm on to you! *shakeyfist* XD

Have I mentioned thank you for the awesome discussion? I love going in-depth on things like this. It's a wonderful thing that even though InuYasha has come to its conclusion, it remains so alive in so many people's hearts.

But back to what you were saying ...

Very true. I mean, it's interesting that though InuYasha comes off as somewhat immature, you really have to stop and think that he's been around for at least 150 years.

I do worry about them that way. I mean, from the hints we've been given, it's clear they might be separated some time in the near future - or, at least, that's the notion the prophecy gives me. *shudders* For now, I just hope they'll be able to spend as much time together as they need and spend that time wisely. There is much loving and learning to be done, certainly.

Yikes. I imagine Nahaz's absorption would not be an easy thing . . . But when you pit one monster against another monster, it's never going to be pretty, is it.

Remind me again, which incarnations have accompanied Naraku here? Is it just Kanna and Kagura then? This romp began before Hakudoushi came alone, didn't it?

Maybe Rin should try out a canine shape; I could imagine her as a black dog. Might soften the blow for Sesshomaru, the poor thing. Or knock him for six, I have no idea. Bless him, he's being wonderful about this, really he is. Because it clearly scares the hell out of him. I imagine this is one situation in which having such sensitive senses is a downside. He knows her by sight, by scent, by touch and by sound. This kind of thing throws that up in the air.

<=( Poor Rin must have been so worried about him. I don't think she'd ever seen him so . . . upset as he was, up to that point.

*laughing* Oh dear - I can't imagine Kagome standing to see him butting his nose in there either, however adorable that nose is. Poor boy though, I fancy he'll be none too pleased to find out he's the last to know. Most especially in this situation. Gosh. XD

They have indeed changed history in the Eddings world forever. All of them have. I don't think they really realize how, either.

You'll have to wait and see if I'm bluffing or not.

I'm having a lot of fun with the discussion, too. It's so hard to get much feedback on anything these days, and what reviews do come through aren't as full of substance. I think heat is getting to everyone's brain this time of year. It's nice to see what someone else thinks of the story and how it's turning out.

I think when people view Inuyasha as being immature, they're ignoring his life for the most part. His behavior isn't so much as immature as I think it's what he THINKS other expect from him. He acts gruff and aloof and somewhat stupid because he thinks it's what they think of him. It's easier and safer than letting them in on his intelligence. He also has had no one to guide him growing up and has had to learn ways to survive on his own. Emotionally he's been crippled by it because he's not sure how to react appropriately. Anger is the only emotion he understands because it's been directed at him and he's found it to be his most effective weapon. It keeps people at bay. Kagome's the first person since his mother to actually try and coax his true nature out and not judge him for his heritage. It's changed him and made him peel that defensive armor off slowly. That'll only continue as things go on.

Oh, have no fear, the prophecy rewards those that do its bidding. I wouldn't think it'd dream of separating either couple at this point. Unless they defy it and do their own thing, it'll let them stay together and be happy to do so. It was meant to be all along.

Nahaz has already been absorbed and spit out as an incarnation. He allowed it because he saw a chance to achieve his goal. Naraku just doesn't understand how much he's lost----yet.

So far I've only chosen Kagura and Kanna. They're about it because when I started the story, I'd only seen randomly up through the Red Tetsusaiga storyline. Anything past that could show up, but isn't entirely likely as I've diverted from canon. Besides, the Orb's changed Tetsusaiga forever in this story and it's more fun to see what will happen due to that then trying to squeeze in the canon attacks.

I wouldn't say Rin will try on a canine shape. I've thought about it long and had and I know exactly what she'll choose as her favorite alternate shape. She's being conditioned towards it without even realizing it for quite some time now. And yes, changing Rin in any way upsets Sesshomaru because he does rely on his senses to reassure himself that she's still Rin. It's another reason he's physical with her. He has to make sure it's still her and not some other being in her place. This will shake him to the core, but he'll have to accept it at some point. Either he can have her this way and a long life with her, or he can watch her grow old and die and be left behind. Either path has its consequences. I think he'll get over what she can do with her sorcery to know it means a long lifetime with her.

No, I don't think Rin's ever seen Sesshomaru so openly worked up---or possessive. Sesshomaru pretty much declared his true feelings with that simple word, and it won't really reach its full impact on Rin until she's much older.

I don't think Kagome will allow Inuyasha to meddle in his brother's relationship with Rin, either. It's something she can tell with happen no matter what, and given that Sesshomaru is extremely private, she won't let Inuyasha go barreling in like an ox in a china shop to disturb the natural progression. If Inuyasha simply sat down and thought about the actions his brother has taken and his behavior, he'd KNOW already what is to come in their future. He just doesn't want to see it.

I wonder if even Belgarath and co. have any idea just how much of an impact will be made. But perhaps only Aldur has all the answers in this instance. I cannot wait for them to get to Ashaba.

Wait and see I shall. ^_~

Lol I guess we're pretty lucky in that the summer's not too bad over here. Mental capacities remain intact. Thankfully. =D I'm surprised that you don't get much feedback of substance, though. There's so much going on in the story, I hardly know where to start sometimes. ^__^

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I wonder if even Belgarath and co. have any idea just how much of an impact will be made. But perhaps only Aldur has all the answers in this instance. I cannot wait for them to get to Ashaba.

Wait and see I shall. ^_~

Lol I guess we're pretty lucky in that the summer's not too bad over here. Mental capacities remain intact. Thankfully. =D I'm surprised that you don't get much feedback of substance, though. There's so much going on in the story, I hardly know where to start sometimes. ^__^

<i?His behavior isn't so much as immature as I think it's what he THINKS other expect from him.</i> Precisely. And it served him well; it kept him alive for as long as it did. But no one should have to live that way. Kagome saved him in a way. As did Miroku, Sango, and Shippo. Through them he's learned to love in many different ways, besides the romantic. They've taught him a great many things, the Inu-tachi.

I wouldn't say separated permanantly . . . like perhaps an abduction or getting split up due to a skirmish . . . perhaps somebody getting lost? They're clearly nigh impenetrable when they'r together. It's a familiar tactic of Naraku's to separate them for that very reason. That was sort of the scenario I had in my head in any case.

Ah, I meant Nahaz's <i>reabsorbtion.</i> I wouldn't say he'd be one to "come quietly" if you get my drift. Yikes.

Oh, that makes sense. Leaves a lot of windows open to play around with as well, wouldn't you say?

. . . Are we talking about something with wings here? Cos I rather like that idea . . . And in a way, even though it petrifies him, I think it's good for him. I recall when Rin shrunk herself. Though it shook Sesshomaru like nothing else, I also remember his reaction wasn't very far removed from childlike wonder, especially when he was holding her in the palm of his hand. There is that canine inquisitiveness in his nature to cater to.

Not to mention the fact that it's quite disarming for a child to see their guardian/elder worked up that way. I also think this is around the point where he started letting her comfort him if he felt upset emotionally, like anger, disquiet, or simple shall we say grouchiness. It's like he finds it soothing just to pet her hair or peruse of her bodyheat or talk to her. It's become quite casual, whereas before it was guarded.

I've always wondered how he'd take such a thing. I mean, would it hurt him, because of the things Sesshomaru's said in the past, or would he just be rather smugly satisfied . . . It sounds like it'd be a complicated reaction. Perhaps that's the reason he's unconsciously turning a blind eye.

Belgarath's been at this for a long time. He's holding a lot of cards close to his chest. That, doesn't mean he knows everything. Aldur's a God, but not even He knows all. There's one person/entity that does, though! It'll be a bit longer before we actually reach Torak's House in Ashaba. They've got more to endure first.

The problem is that people just don't know WHAT to say. Lately it seems the majority of the reviews say "update soon i liked it." It's frustrating. I'm not really writing for reviews, though. We'll see with this chapter. I'm not expecting a big return. People don't respect Jaken as much as they should.

I think Sesshomaru's more tolerant of Inuyasha's behavior because he's come to realize this, too. Inuyasha knows if anyone found out he wasn't just a dullard half-breed they'd try to kill him more. He has to unlearn it. He's a complicated person with complicated feelings. He's just learning how to interpret and express them. Sesshomaru's finding that out, too, because he's never really taken time to think about why he acts the way he does. It's been shoved in his face and he's realized that it's partly his fault.

I wouldn't say there won't be temporary separations. This is a careful game and one side will try to separate the other side's party to win. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly it can be considered cheating. The other side wins be default. It's an intricate chess game. The Inuyasha gang are still just learning the rules.

Naraku will be lucky if Nahaz doesn't drag him to Hell before it's all over. He's got one thing going for him. He outranks Nahaz by being the Child of Dark. Take that away, he's toast. He's also got other problems on his hands: Zedar. Zedar is playing his own game with his own rules.

I do have options. The Orb is limitless. It can do pretty much anything. It can crack the world, it can rearrange the stars, it can burn a God's hand off and melt half His face off. The Orb's alive and its effect on Tetsusaiga will only continue to evolve. It's married its power to a sword that can grow and change. The sword of the Rivan King was designed for one task only. It only needed to ignite and be a sword of blue fire. It was made to kill Torak and its purpose has been completed. Tetsusaiga can do much more with that enhancement, although Garion can manipulate the sword of the Rivan King any way he chooses. It's Garion that changes the sword, where as Tetsusaiga changes not necessarily because of Inuyasha.

We are indeed talking about something with wings. A canine creature is just too much, considering Rin's past with wolves. A common dog wouldn't do, either. She's been talking with birds that it's only a matter of time. The particular bird she'll choose-you'll see. I'd say most of Sesshomaru's reactions have been childlike wonder. He's never really been surprised like this before, but this really scares and awes him at the same time. Rin shrinking was scary. Rin changing her entire SHAPE will terrify. He'll get used to it because I suspect she'll LOVE to fly.

I think the reason he lets her pet his stripes or hug him is because he's grateful that she's still Rin. He doesn't realize he's doing it anymore. It calms him to return the favor and because of his canine nature, he's reinforcing pack bonds with his most treasured pack member. The world is right when he does simple things. All the strangeness and sorcery is just not important then. it's total escape. And it works.

I think Inuyasha would feel a bit of both. On one hand, he's heard all his life that his father fucked up by having a hanyou pup and now his brother's going to become mated to a human, regardless of her special gifts? That's gonna smart. At the same time, he'll feel smug that his brother's gonna have pups that look like him. And dare he call his own children "half-breed?" it'll be a new button for Inuyasha to push---but push carefully if he doesn't want Kagome's wrath. He doesn't want to think about Rin growing up. He's happy with her being a child. It's simpler than thinking about her future. He's perplexed by Sesshomaru and isn't always sure just WHAT his older brother is thinking. He's not sure what he's seeing. He knows but he can't name it. It's easier to ignore.

Ah, we're talking about Inuyasha's "little friend" here, aren't we? ^__^ Heh. I must say, I rather like that even Aldur knows not all. Sort of evens the playing field on a base level. Although Aldur's just a deity, isn't he? He's not the major . . . UL, that's who I'm thinking of.

Tch. Honey, it's clear from how far this tale has gone already that you're certainly not writing for reviews. I just like to think you have a decent sounding board in the writing of Journey to bounce things off of. Nothing inspires like a question posed that sets the wheels turning in your head, or a suggested scenario, or other such things. This is the one story I like to go in depth on in reviewing, simply because it's one of the more vast/complex than most. I've really come across nothing else quite like it in the fandom, to be honest.

Ouch, you hit the nail on the head right there. Again I'm brought back to that instance when Inuyasha went full demon for a brief time, and the lingering remnants of that shook Sesshomaru up quite a bit. They really can't escape their past here. In such close quarters, they have to face it, they have to acknowledge it, and they have to resolve it. Some people might say Inuyasha and Sesshomaru would never act this way, that it's OOC. I contest this. You've simply placed the two in a situation where they're forced to tackle these issues, because they HAVE NO CHOICE but to co-exist if they want to assure the safety of the ones they love most, because two heads are indeed better than one in that respect and they know it. For having put them in such a situation, I think you've kept them remarkably in-character.

Goodness. If they're still just learning the rules, I get the feeling we are nowhere near done with this tale yet.

I like Zedar. Well, okay, like may be a bit too strong a word, but I don't not like him, if you understand me. He makes me a bit sad really, and I'm intrigued by him. There seems to be a great melancholy about him, in a way. I'm glad he didn't harm Rin when they met, but I wish he hadn't tampered with her mind so, even if it was just to cover his tracks. I can see Sesshomaru outraged by that.

Which is why I don't why want Nahaz or Naraku anywhere near the thing. I mean yikes. This is a serious game of Russian Roulette we're playing here. I get the impression the quest for the Shikon Jewel fragments pales in comparison to what's happening here.

She does have that nature about her, doesn't she? And, personally, I could never imagine Sesshomaru being one to clip her wings. Love her? Yes. Protect her? Most assuredly. Cage her? Never. Even though it might pain him to see her fly away. He just loves her that much.

I love the way you word that. It's pure comfort, and he's giving as much as he gets. To be honest, it seems to me that Sesshomaru's being more of a dog demon now than he's ever been. Back home he was more of a noble. Here, his "social" instincts are null and void; everything's different, and so he's fallen back on his baser instincts, just as his brother has.

It will indeed be a new button to push, but if Inuyasha goes about it carefully, I think it could only be a good thing. Wouldn't want Sesshomaru lapsing into old habits, or becoming complacent now would we? Not that he would, but still. I must say, it really touched me and proved to me just how much Inuyasha cares about Rin when I saw the effort and thought he put into her birthday gift. That's not just being practical - though he is a practical creature - it's wanting to give something worthy of her and that will do well by her. I can see Sesshomaru being quite shocked by this. Perhaps even touched.

Yes, we're talking about Inuyasha's little friend. We'll find out just who he/it is down the road. It's quite possibly one of the most powerful forces, only rivaled with its opposite. Aldur is the eldest son of the Father of the Gods, UL. UL and the Universe herself created the seven Gods, their children. He's also perhaps, second to UL, the wisest of the seven. He just doesn't know all in the way we think of Gods. Neither does UL for that matter.

I do have a beta that I talk to often and toss ideas out. She was the one that convinced me to go ahead and change Rin into a sorceress. I was afraid, at first, that it'd turn her into a Mary Sue. It hasn't and I don't regret it. When I started this story, I didn't think anyone would care for it. It's an obscure crossover that nagged me to death and it still is. I have always loved this series from Eddings, and consider it his masterpiece that none of his other series can compare to. I was amazed to get such response as I have.

I struggle to keep both the Inu brothers in character as much as possible. Part of their character shift is purely them reacting to each other, partly the effect of the new world on them, and partly a mix in the middle. They DO have to come to grips with how they've treated one another in the past indeed. Sesshomaru is probably a bit more to blame for their discord, considering he was on offense and Inuyasha defense. I do try to keep them from appearing too chummy for that reason. There is a solid foundation of trust being built, but they're both pack leaders and they WILL clash. I've set them up as equals in that regard and it's natural for them to argue. Inuyasha is quickly earning Sesshomaru's respect and vice versa. The longer they work on their relationship, the better it'll be.

Oh, we're a long ways a way from that end game, yes. Technically, Journey should be the name of the series and it should be a few separate books. I felt keeping it in one story would be easier than posting sections in "stories."

I have always felt sorry for Zedar. He is not evil. He is not bad. He made a terrible mistake and it ruined his life for all time. He thought he could play a God and lost. He was once a brother, a disciple of Aldur, and he went to Torak to try and trick him so he could steal back the Orb. Instead, he had his very soul crushed by Torak's iron fist and he's never been the same. He won't harm Rin, but he is playing a very dangerous game with her. In a way, he's stuck in the past, and you'll see how soon.

The Orb would destroy the Shikon in a heart beat. And Naraku touches the thing and it senses ANY greed or ill-intent and it'll punish him as it did Torak. If anyone's playing Russian Roulette, it's Naraku and Nahaz.

Sesshomaru does indeed want her to be with him on her own. And anyone who disagrees is ignoring canon. He will allow her to do it, and in time, he'll be happy she can.

I think Sesshomaru in his native environment is very much forced to ignore his instincts. He has to be aloof and a lone wolf so to speak or face being vulnerable. In this new world, he can let those things go. There are no Western Lands. He is simply Sesshomaru. And he's reveling in that freedom regardless of all the fear and anxiety he feels regarding Rin. It gives him the chance to be himself finally with her. It's his reward, at least one of them.

I can that Inuyasha's gift is certainly a serious declaration of his brotherly love. Sesshomaru has had a hard time accepting his feelings towards Rin, but this gift will affirm to Sesshomaru that Inuyasha MEANS that he loves her as a pack-sister. It can only be a good thing.

I am so looking forward to your next chapter. I can't wait to see what you have coming up!

Oh, it's mostly politics, but I'd say fun ones. Jaken sure has his own thing going on, that's for sure!

I'm still tweaking, but I hope to get it actually sent off to the beta tomorrow. I hope to post it this weekend.

And then it's Sesshomaru's turn. The brat's been pestering me for two weeks now.

Thuh Anday

Day's late but hellz yes, new chapter. Thank's for all the hard work ^_^

We're just waiting on the beta.

I'm glad you're eager for the chapter.

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