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Furious Sess

Okay, so, I go off to make my Anime Purchase of the month. I knew what August's would be, like, oh in June. So now it's August, right? I go off to Anime Castle, my favorite online anime shop because my small, rural, southwest Minnesotan town has like, oh, I don't know, NO anime really, to order Inuyasha Movie Four. I've been visiting the site, windowshopping for over a month and a half, looking at the movie for release dates, prices, all that jazz. Soooooooo I go to ORDER it tonight because I got paid yesterday. Yeah, about that. It's NOT there! It's GONE. Just GONE. It's like the damn movie never existed. It's not even there with a "Out of stock" or "backordered" notice. It's just not there. I KNEW I shoulda ordered the stupid thing when I made my "I got the job/July Anime Purchase," but nooooooo I had to wait.  You can see for yourself here.

My local Walmart did carry the last two movies, but not this one so far. I checked today, and it wasn't there, so I resorted to the online ordering, but I guess not. Arrgh. And I don't really want to go to a different site, cause they charge more and I don't know them very well. I'm just hoping the "glitch" that oblierated the fourth movie from the face of Anime Castle's catalog will fix itself. I had hoped to have that movie on the way in the mail very soon, so when the one-shot is finished I can treat myself. Sigh.

Speaking of the one-shot, I should get some work done on that before Inuyasha starts....

Until next, hopefully able to buy her Anime Purchase of the Month!

Far Away Eyes

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Oh.. It's Not nice to tease someone like that!!! Very poor business!! Very poor. I hope they learn and correct the mistake before the suffer form the Truly Rabid fangirls..

They're usually a kick ass anime site and they deliver super fast, usually in about three business days. I can't explain why the movie would suddnely be gone from the catalog, not even to say they're sold out. It just doesn't make sense and I hope they fix it!

At least on my futile search locally I found a copy of the Dresden Dolls new CD. I can't listen to it until my story is finished, but hey, at lesat I have it. I sometimes hate being so sensitive to music when writing. If I change music now, the entire story could fall apart, or at least the end.

You too, with me.. it's when I draw or paint...

Oh yeah. If I were to switch from this Stones CD right now to something else, I'd have to work that much harder to get into the story. I must drive people crazy the way I can just listen to the SAME CD for about a month straight, all because it's what the muse wants.

So true... I earned the Nick name of Barbie girl at College. Because that is what I listened too almsot non stop when studying and sketching..

Last summer all I really listened to was Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth. It really was working for the story then, so that's what I listened to. The more I wrote, the more different characters picked their artists. It's just the way it is sometimes.

I've had very good luck with animovies.com and KCDVD.com. The only problem with the second one is that they close for periods of time for a break (like college) and I think they are in one. I preordered mine from animovies - I guess I should go and see if it got shipped yet.

The really stupid thing? It was there JUST LAST NIGHT. It had better be there soon, or ELSE.

That is stupid! Though it wasn't supposed to be released until today - maybe it got accidently deleted between being moved from pre-order to order.

Woo hoo! I just checked and mine arrived in Mesquite today. It's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

And of course now that I've spent so much time on this stupid DVD thing, I'm totally tired and can't concentrate enough to actually work on the story. I read a sentence and it just goes "blah blah blah" in my head. I HATE Tuesdays. I spend all that time watching Rock Star Supernova and then I have to get a bath taken and then I'm stuck trying to get into the story before Inuyasha comes on. Arrgh. I guess I'll have to settle for plotting here and there.

I've been so distracted I think I got one whole paragraph done - maybe a couple more, but not much. Just tired (and wondering when Urd-chan will have the scanlation done).

I'll be glad when you get done with it so you can finally read my latest chapter. I might have another up before you get to it!

At this rate, you might be right. Oi. I used to be able to churn out stuff every other day, but now it takes me almost a month to get a chapter or a short piece done. Go figure.

Well, I emailed AnimeCastle to let them know of the error, but went ahead and ordered it from animovies. I'm not feeling all that patient!

You should get it fairly quickly from them. They have been pretty fast with most of my orders that were in stock.

I certainly hope so. It'd be nice to have it in the collection. I just hope that it's good.

Mine came today! Though I don't think I'll get to watch it tonight. I think I'm supposed to go help evaluate a litter of puppies after work one more time...I wish I had gone over there this weekend. Oh well...nothing's cuter than chow puppies.

They said they've shipped it already. That and I noticed their manga is cheaper, too. I'm trying to buy what VIZ has put out already, even if the translation isn't nearly as good as some of the scanalations probably are.

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