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Soooooooo tired
Sess and Rin under the stars
Hey Reader,

Sigh. Today has been a total waste. Seriously. I don't know what's going on, but boy have I been way tired all day long. It sucks, because I'd like to get my one-shot written. After that, I'll send it off to my beta, but won't get it back for at least a week. She'll be on vacation for at least a week. That just means that I'll be doing little edits on it and working on---gasp---the next chapter. That's only after I get the one-shot completely written. Now if I could just DO that. Arrgh. I've just been way too sleepy to do it today. I wish I would wake up enough to actually do it. A paragraph, a sentence, anything.

In other news, the voting period in the Inuyasha Fanguild will start on August 13th. Make sure to vote for your favotire stories and the like, or join the group, because once voting begins, new memberships will not be accepted. There are a lot of good ones that are worthy of votes.  I know you're tired of hearing it, but thanks doggieearlover, shawna560, inufan625, and Cierah for the nominations, seconds, and thirds. They mean a lot! I don't know how well I'll do in my categories, but I'm hoping to either come close to placing or placing. We shall see.

Hopefully I'll get the one-shot written before the work week starts up again. That'd be nice. Maybe if I ever wake up and everything...sigh. I hope you all will be patient with me. I know it's frustrating not getting any story, either a chapter of Journey or this one-shot! Just know that I'll have them ready soon!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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its LiLy again

hi, F.A.E
good-golly-gosh i sure know wat you mean about being tired. im so damn exhausted. i went to see a movie today and almost fell asleep.
its ok you haven't gotten the one-shot or a chapter finnished yet. it just gives me something to look forward to, and when you have things to look forward to life is just more exciting! besides, you're busy--you've got a life for god's sake!--so we can't expect things to go by like clockwork, now can we? i am eager to read your one-shot, tho! i love one-shots.
your loyal reader,
p.s. good luck with the fanguide. im sure you'll place.

I'm glad you're patient about the whole thing. I know it's been a very long time since I posted anything new, but I am working on it! This one-shot wants to be written and until it's done, I can't move onto the chapter. It just wouldn't be fair to either story. I'm on the last third of it, so hopefully once I get done doing LJ stuff and getting ready for the day, I'll be able to finish it up and get it off to my beta. Unfortunately, because it's a one-shot, and I'm a little uncertain about it, I won't be posting an unbetaed version. I'd like to have it posted at its strongest. Once it's written, though, I'll be plugging away on mister chapter, so that's something at least! Stupid vactions for beta's. . .lmao. Thanks for all the support and well wishing on the Guild, though! I'm crossing my fingers!


I know what you mean about being tired. I can't believe I slept so late this morning, and the dogs even let me. But heavens it was already hot when I went to take them outside.

I think the membership at IYFG may close tonight at midnight. I went and double-checked a bit ago because I usually like to include reminders at the bottom of my latest chapter when stuff is going on, and if I read it right, they lock the membership when the thirding round is over. Then they have to wait until voting is over on August 26th.

I think I might actually be somewhat awake today. Yay. I will be spending most of it locked to my writing clip board, working on the end of the story. Now that I can actually function enough, maybe I'll get it DONE. Maybe sent off for my beta to print for her road trip, we'll see.

Hmm. I thought they only locked membership during the actual voting periods. That starts on the 13th, and thirding ends tonight. I could be wrong, but I dunno. I'm sure they'll tell us. I'm still going to just hope I come close to placing or getting third in one of my categories. So many other stories are probably better than mine. I'll be watching the polls closely, though!

And I've figured I shouldn't update all that often, lmao. I get way more reviews the longer I don't, than when I actually DO update. Of course they're all just "where's the story" so I dunno.

Anyways, I best be getting dressed and ready for the day so I can actually write some. Yay! I can wear shorts and a tank top today!

Yeah, I went and rechecked the rules again, and it does say that membership is locked once thirding is over. I had thought it was only during the voting period to.

I hope you do well this time. I think you should have as good a chance as any of the others there. (Well, I think a better chance, but there sure are a lot of Kag/Sess shippers involved these days.) I know I have to figure out how to vote on everything since I have several favorites in different categories.

And it was so funny (sort of changing the subject), I received a review at AnimeSpiral and all it said was "no offence, but toooo long, sorry" (or something to that effect) so I responded and said that my stories are for mature readers that want an actual plot, and that takes more than a few hundred words and a couple of paragraphs. After I responded, I decided to go and see if she had anything posted, and she had ONE story with ONE chapter that was just over three hundred words in two paragraphs. I had to laugh at that.

Ah. I haven't seen that in the rules page, but if it's there, I'll take your word for it! That's kind of silly, but okay.

I dunno. I hope I have a good chance, but I haven't updated in almost a month so I'm not right there in everyone's minds when it comes to voting. I'm not really writing this for the awards, I'd just like to see it get close to placing or taking a third, but we'll see. And yes, there are a ton of Kag/Sess going on these days. If I actually came across a story that began on a strong premise of WHY that'd happen, maybe I'd read it.

What a lame review! Just three hundred words? And let me guess, it didn't even make sense. Flash fiction is damn hard to pull off, because you have to stick so much into it, yet say so little. Seems to me this person can't stand reading anything longer than a page, which is silly.

I figured it is probably some twelve year old playing on the internet and trying to read something they shouldn't, anyway. Yeah, their extremely short chapter (supposedly there is more to come) didn't say anything at all, so I have no clue what she was talking about in her story. If anything, my reviewers usually say they love the long chapters and the amount of detail I generally give. I suspect it was way above the reading comprehension of the person who left that review. Personally, I don't know why they bothered...

Probably, but then when I was 12 I had the reading comprehension of a 10th grader. I was also reading rock history books, particularly on the Rolling Stones. I was an odd, odd child. I really wish sometimes that places like Anime Spiral and FF.net would actually do what they say: screen the writing they allow for the things they claim they do. They claim they want spell checked, grammar checked stuff, but it seems like most of it's not. Go figure.

Yeah, I know by the end of third grade I had the reading comprehension of a sixth grader, and I read so much, no telling what it was by sixth grade. I know by eighth grade I was reading Arthur C. Clarke and understanding it, and had moved on to the likes of Robert A. Heinlein by ninth. I think that was about the time I discovered Alexandre Dumas and read all of his books I could get my hands on. But, I wasn't exactly normal. And these days, they don't seem to teach for reading comprehension and analytical thinking. All the schools seem to care about is whatever standardized test is coming up and they don't seem to realize that if they taught those things, the kids would do better on the tests.

But that's just me...

That's how I've always felt about the damn tests. When we were taught things about the Iowa Basics, it was just a matter of applying what they had taught us for our other lessons. It's a much better way to do things, rather than some multiple choice test that makes no sense when it comes to the real world.

On that, we definetly agree!

Hey, I forgot to mention, when you post your oneshot, don't be shy about mentioning Journey and that it has been nominated and when the voting period is. I was surprised at the number of readers my oneshot attracted (because it was a oneshot), but people that liked it went to the trouble to look up some of my others and read them. You might pick up some new readers that way, and remind your regular readers that are members of the IYFG that it is time to go and vote. I think a lot of them are nomail and don't really no unless you remind them.

It will all depend when I actually get it finished and posted. If my beta wasn't going on vacation this week, and I had it finished by say Wednesday, then perhaps I'd be able to pull that off. We'll see. I will make use of those pre and end notes, I suppose, and I can mention my other pieces. I should have a few more reviews for Bleeding Through, but what can you do? That's original and it seems harder sometimes to get people to read that at times. I am in the middle of fighting with a paragraph, so we'll see how far I get today on the story. I am crossing my fingers that I'll get the rough write done today so I can do minimal editing while I wait for my beta to get back home.

Well, the voting does go on until August 26th, so as long as you got it posted before then, I'd include it. It isn't to late until midnight that night.

Yeah, the only reason I have any for my original fic (posted under another name) is because I got brave and mentioned it in my journal (under f-lock of course) and some of those on my f-list were kind enough to read it and leave a review. You would think Bleeding Through would after it won, but like you said, what can you do.

I hope your paragraph decided to cooperate. I got some done on the next chapter this morning since I had time to think about it while on my way to and from the chow meeting last night. If I hadn't been so tired when I got home, I might have started it then.

We'll definately see, that's for sure. I just don't think original gets a lot of attention, mainly because people go to these sites for fanfiction, and that's what they're billed as. And no, it seems like even winning the contest hasn't affected the review or hit counts for that matter. It's weird.

I might mention it and Journey when I post this one-shot. Maybe I'll get something or anything for a little more feedback.

And I really wish this story would work with me. Argh. I have it all plotted, it's just a matter of getting it done. Now if it would just do that.

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