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Novel Musings

Well, I'm well into a first rough draft. It's been a learning experience, and with the clock ticking ever faster I wonder if I'll manage a worthy draft in time.

I have a few ideas and motifs playing throughout, but the new one that I'm playing with has really given me the chance to explore the elements I think were largely missing. My character, Jared Oaks, was trapped in being a largely passive figure, but now? Oh hell yeah he's going to be much more the active bugger I want him to be.

My mirror/flash back trope is forming into something like this:

Flashbacks represent what Jared once WAS. This is who he was alive, with his sister, his personality then, what made him tick. This is a glimpse into what once the man now trapped in the hospital.

Spirit form represents that present form Jared is in. He's in transition, changing all the time in the scope of the story as he tries to reach out and find a way back to the realm of the living.

Mirror form is his future. This is the person he will become at end, the angry spirit that I started this whole mess to explore in the end. As the story progresses, he'll get stronger while Spirit form will get weaker and/or shift into him.

I'm on chapter 7, and I'm going to just shove him into the story at this stage and then on a second draft build him into the text. Mirror!Jared, as I've called him, is already "there" just lurking, teasing. I have him start with that, really. He won't speak much until chapter 3 at the earliest.

Mirror!Jared, more or less, is the buried emotions the living Jared repressed or pushed aside to do what needed doing. Both Living and Spirit Jared hid behind Catholic ritual and the enjoyment of Latin translation (He's a Medieval Historian, people) that he never really sees what he's doing. That's where Mirror!Jared really comes in and can get power to drive the story in some ways.

I had a shadowy antagonist in place with the person who originally puts Jared in the damn hospital in the first place and I do have that person in the story, but the real antagonist has really been Jared all along. He's both protagonist and antagonist and I think that's going to be neat to study. It really won't be until that final moment that we see Mirror!Jared win.

My only regret is not thinking of this element sooner! Soooo what say you? Good? Bad? Too weird? Already been done better and a waste of time???

Far Away Eyes