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Already Monday???
Hey Reader,

Has another weekend really come and gone? They just don't seem long enough, I tell you. If they could only last a few more days. .

Anyways, I have almost a whole page written into the one-shot, nearly 500 words. It is coming along nicely, abeit slowly. I have finished the first line of the last stanza, and have begun the second, so hopefully I'll have it finished up in rough draft in the next couple days. Then I'll have to wait for my beta's return to get it posted for all of you to enjoy. I'll also be resuming work on the next chapter, so that's something to look forward to! I know I'll be happy to return to work on Journey.

I'll be thrilled to see what everyone will say about it. I hope it will be worth the wait. I have put a lot of work into this little story, and I am rather pleased with how it's coming together so far. It's just getting the end put on that is left.  Just know that as impatient as you are for more story, I'm more anxious to see what you think about it!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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curse Aff. I couldn't leave a review there. I did however write the review on a word doc so I wouldn't lose it this time so really hope you don't mind me leaving the review here. It's for chapter 18. Okay another chapter to read and review. I am so enjoying the story so very much!! So here we go.. Chapters 18 and without further ado.. Review of Chapter 18-I wonder is that Hood that Inuyasha wears itchy upon his too cute and WAYYY too tweakable ears. Why was Inuyasha uncomfortable with them traveling out by night? Belgarath had a passable reason for traveling by night. Not to attract attention. Ouuu!! A new person!! Who is this? I wonder what Inuyasha thought of seeing a person walking comfortably and easily on their hands as a person does with their feet? I have this weird feeling I know Feldegast.. I wish I could remember. Had to chuckle at Inuyasha. He is so protective and suspicious. I love those little annoying but endearing traits in him. Poor Inu can’t place the strange man… AH-HAA!! I remember.. It’s the other persona of Beldin! Claps happily that she remembers. Rolls eyes at Kagome’s comment. If only she knew… giggles!! What a shocked expression she would have but Nothing that would compare to the Dumbfounded expressions Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru would have. I bet a box of Pocky it would be mirror image expressions. Getting more and more Impressed Literary Goddess with the seamless way you are building the bond between Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. I love that they can communicate through eye contact!! You are Totally Astounding and Awe-Inspiring!! Kudos!! Kudos!! Whoot!! Whoot!! I noticed that Inuyasha was Walking next to the horses… giggles… He must really dislike being mounted on a horse. Whoops LOL spoke too soon!! He is back on his horse!! I liked how Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru took charge of watching the road in the darkness. And what a tender moment with the sleeping Rin. Loved that Inuyasha took her and brought her to Kagome. So sweet. That was so touching!! He gave them his fire rat!! I love this little touches that speak so much of Inuyasha’s character! You have truly the gift of keeping everyone so true to character!! I love it!! You’re so amazing!! What a relief it must be for Inuyasha to take the hood off his ears. I love the bonding that Durnik and Inuyasha have going. He is just like Polgara to Kagome the right touch and influence for Inuyasha. I hope to see more interaction and deeper friendship growing between them. Oh dear another person has touched the sore spot with Inuyasha… his ears. Inuyasha still hates that term. Will Kagome be able to lighten that frame of mind he has? I really, really, really, I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate Rin talking normally, respectfully. Gahd!! Miroku. I’m glad Sango threatened him. He has tried with another underage child before. Touche Rin!!! Asking Shippou why he was being carted around. Giggles. And I liked how Sango asked about the demons they might encounter!! I love that. Not many think about Sango wanting to get information about demons. (Is a little fact writers can forget.) Ew. Silk is in other persona.. I can just picture the odors. Eww… Sesshoumaru should be thankfully it wasn’t Beldin!! Argh. don’t know if she can handle two self serving thieves..sighs..But that just makes for a great writer and a great story!!! When the reader is feeling emotions strongly or in response to situations!! And Goddess you have the gift!! I wonder if Miroku was paying attention to Silk? Sighs..more than likely. Yah!!! A fight scene!! Will Inuyasha answer Sesshoumaru’s silent question as to why he left the bandit alive.( is it because of the those bandits where Inuyasha turned full youkai? I would hazard a yes) I loved how Sesshoumaru handled the rest of the bandits… so very true to nature!! Awesome work!! A Hound!! Sweet lord, what is going to happen… Sorry my review isn’t as long as I like it to be. I will be reviewing more chapters later on. Please keep up the most excellent work and Thank you! Thank You!! Thank You!! So much for sharing this story with us!! You Totally Rock!! Can’t wait to read more and review more!!

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