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Unprocessed Day One
Dean Eye of the Tiger


I'm trying something new for Lent this year. Typically, we're told not to eat meat on Fridays and such. I'm doing something different.

I'm trying to go as unprocessed as possible. I won't go for perfect, but I am going to try and make choices that are real food rather than canned, packaged, or fake.

If I want cookies, I'll bake them. If I want a sweet snack, I'll grab a piece of fruit. For breakfast, I'm going to try oats and adding my own things, rather than a packet with stuff added in. There's a lot of stuff I can't pronounce in a lot of processed stuff. There's just stuff I don't wanna eat in a lot of it. So, yeah.

Sure I might end up eating something processed when the family does or whatever, but as much as possible, I wanna stay away from it. I think it'll be better for me in the long run, and I'll get to make new recipes I didn't know about before. Already had one! Apples with peanut butter!

I think it'll be a neat adventure with food. And if I can add in exercise. I'll get rid of this slight Buddha Belly that I have. I want that gone by October...so I best get off my chair and do something, eh?

Far Away Eyes

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I've made a few of the recipes from that blog I linked you the other day and they've been delicious--and totally unprocessed. I eat less when I'm eating those recipes and the food just tastes better. My mom and I are both trying to pay more attention to labels and ingredient lists. Yay for healthy stuff!

First of all, I love that icon. What ep is that one from and where did you get it?

I'm not about counting calories, but I've noticed I don't eat as much because I'm not chasing some fake taste trying to satisfy something.

I've been reading way more labels, too. I think this was all really spurred on by the fact that things in some processed foods are chemicals found in things you would never eat. I don't drink pop, haven't in years, but the mere thought that they put flame retardant in that to keep the colors from separating made me think of the other stuff we eat.

I think it'll be a bit more time consuming at times than just opening a can or package, but in the long run it'll be better, tastier, and worth any work. It's like the old saying, "you get what you pay for."

I love it, too! It's from "Time After Time." I found it in the All_SPN comm in one of the icon posts right after the ep aired.

I've got a fair amount of weight to lose and have been on and off Weight Watchers for awhile but now that we're trying this whole foods thing, I'm going to see how they mesh. Should be a good fit since WW encourages eating, well, whole foods rather than the fat free processes crap.

I still drink a ton of Diet Coke, though, but I'm going to work on cutting down on that. I just get horrendous headaches when I haven't had enough--apparently it's the aspartame--so I just... drink a lot of it.

Should be interesting. Go team!

Ah, now I recognize it. I remember pausing that scene just for that pose now that you mention it.

I remember the damn headaches when I quit Coca Cola. I had been drinking about 8 cans or so a day. Suffer the headaches. It's worth it.

I had to quit pop because I couldn't afford a dentist. I went 7 years unable to go, and when I finally could, guess what. NO cavities. I also didn't have that yucky mouth feel that pop seems to create so you'll drink more.

I just have found that I'm liking, and it's still early, the taste and texture of real food. It doesn't stick in my teeth, it doesn't leave me unsatisfied, and it doesn't taste bland. There's actual flavor to it.

I'm not really overweight at all. I just hate that my stomach isn't toned. I want it to be flat, not this little flabby thing. So, guess I gotta find time to fit in exercise, eh?

Besides, I wanna look good for my photos and Con in general. I don't care what the guys look like. They ALWAYS look good. I want ME to look good.

That's about as much Diet Coke as I'm drinking right now. I'm going to try to wean myself off of it, though. Those headaches really knock me on my ass and honestly, the prospect of more is intimidating =X

Exercise generally is what tones, yes ;) I got Wii Fit for Christmas and have a dog to take walking... I have no good excuse not to be exercising even a little bit. I like to listen to podcasts when walking the dog, too. Just gotta do it.

And I agree, I'm looking toward October for these changes. Wah!

Yeah, it takes some weaning to do it. But by the time you're not drinking it anymore, you'll feel so much better.

I just need the discipline to do some exercise if I want the flat stomach. I just don't really know where to start. No Wii Fit here!!

If you don't want to pay for an expensive gym membership, walking for 30 minutes a day is always a good start. There's also the Couch to 5K program if you want to try running or various workout DVDs that you can find pretty cheap. Lots of choices--just takes figuring out what you like best.

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