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TV Show List
Bitch Jerk

This post is mostly for me to keep track of what shows I want to watch yet and what ones I want to buy.

To Watch (In no particular order):

Gilmore Girls
Walking Dead
American Horror Story
Once Upon a Time
Game of Thrones
Downton Abbey

To Buy (Again, in no particular order)

True Blood
Vampire Diaries
The Universe
Gossip Girl
The Tudors

This will be added to and changed as I add more shows to watch/buy.

Far Away Eyes

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Firefly is fantastic. You watch it in the correct order and there shouldn't be any need for explanation. Joss Whedon writes the best dialogue, I swear. Such a wonderful cast. Deserved more than one season and a movie--stupid Fox.

And I think you're missing out on some really enjoyable shows by not watching live. There's some really great stuff on TV right now.

That's just it. We were watching it in order. She paused it constantly to tell me who was what and why and such. I probably would have put it together all on my own, but no.

I typically watch SPN, TVD live. I've picked up Ringer live as much as possible. I also run into some time constraints at times that mess with live viewing.

I blame football for not getting into Once Upon a Time, for example. Bad night for me and then it's so far into its season that well....you know.

Well that's just silly. Firefly is smart, sure, but doesn't need that kind of explanation. It was broadcast out of order which is a big reason it flopped in the ratings, but when watching it in the intended order, it's fine.

I watch Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie, and Castle on Mondays (and now Smash the next day), Glee on Tuesdays (meh; it's a wreck I can't look away from), Criminal Minds on Wednesdays, TVD and Bones (once it returns) on Thursdays, Nikita and SPN on Fridays, and Once on Sundays. Lots o' TV, haha.

Baseball season is going to screw this all to hell though ;)

They aired Firefly out of order in its first run? WHY? That makes no sense.

Yeah. Baseball season is another thing that's gonna rip any watching to shreds, too. Sigh.

Yeah, it made no sense whatsoever...it's my guess that they really didn't want a sci-fi show, and wanted it to die as soon as possible so they could put some crappy sitcom or reality tv thing on...And now, in spite of it...or maybe because of it, Firefly has become another cult favorite.

I dont' get to watch a lot of primetime stuff, due to my work schedule, but if I might suggest, Sanctuary is a worthwhile watch too.

That's just plain stupid. Genre shows often get treated like the redheaded step child. It makes no sense because often genre fans are the most loyal to a program. Sure, audiences might be small compared to a sitcom overall, but for the dedication in that small following? It's mighty!

I will certainly have to check it out sooner rather than later.

Most of this list is for POST novel---and before I dive into the second one.

I've heard of Sanctuary, but never checked it out. Isn't that usually paired with Warehouse 13 on Syfy??

It was, but warehouse 13 is on hiatus, I think. Sanctuary is on, but in reruns. The neat thing is that both of those shows have webisodes, and full episodes you can watch online on (and gods, I hate the new branding...Still think that syfy sounds like euroslang for a social disease!) syfy.com .

Ah. Cool. I'll have to put it into the mix when I get around to it for sure. I've heard good things about both shows.

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