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Going Unprocessed Update
Dean Eye of the Tiger


Well, I'm this far into my unprocessed lifestyle, and while I haven't been perfect (I did eat some canned ravioli for lunch with family yesterday), for the most part I've eliminated all snacks that aren't homemade. I roasted my own almonds with cocoa powder and have been grazing on them ever since. They're absolutely divine, really and I recommend them highly. Believe it it or not, it actually satisfies that sweet tooth better than any candy bar and I find I eat less of them to get the effect of many candies. It's a win win. 

My oatmeal is largely whatever I want to put in it rather than packaged and full of additives, which is awesome. I want to get some chocolate chips, berries, and a few other ingredients to make it have variety so I don't get bored. I'm not avoiding all sugar, but I'm limiting the amount and the types!

I also have been exercising for about 15 minutes each day in the evening. I tried the morning, but I already get up before the butt crack of dawn, so after supper seems to work better. I just started, so really there's no noticeable difference in the belly area (what I'm targeting) but I can feel it afterwards, so I must be doing something right.

All in all, I find that I have higher energy, I am not as stressed, and the foods I'm eating are actually worth taking the time to eat rather than just scarf down and move onto the next thing. Honestly, taste some of the prepackaged foods next time you eat them and you'll find that they're not all that tasty.

So far, so good, I think. I'm sticking to it, finding new recipes to try that are flavorful and better than anything in any jar, can, or package, and while I have to spend a little bit more (it really evens out in the end if you look at costs of actual items versus ingredients) and spend a little more time to get that snack, it's so worth it. Now to pick the next new thing I want to try for either a snack or a meal.

Far Away Eyes

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I'm just curious - what sort of exercise are you doing? My middle is my worst enemy, LOL, so I'm always looking for something that seems like it might work.

Basic sit ups and something called planking where you rest only on your elbows and toes. You kinda hold it for as long as you're able and do a number of reps, like 5-10. I'm hoping it'll amount to something. I also do squats.

So far, I feel it after I work out, so I'm hoping it's doing something, anything.

I hope that helps.

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