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Where All Your Dreams Are Good: Why My Supernatural Family Is Also My Happy Place
Sam and Dean


I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to my Supernatural Family.

Sure, there's heated debates amongst us concerning show direction or story arcs, but the one thing that makes this fandom special and a family indeed is how inspirational it truly is.

Let me count the ways.

1) When there is a charity in need of donations, be it connected to one of the actors (St. Jude's, Dog's Life Rescue, Random Acts, ect) or a fan lead drive (Circle F, Support Supernatural in support of Dog's Life), the Supernatural Family steps up to the plate and chips in. We may not be a large fandom, but we will do what we can.

2) When one of us is down on Twitter or in fandom at large, we provide a shoulder to lean on and listen. It can be as simple venting about the show or fandom at large or serious things such as dealing with illness or death. We will be there, reaching through to support.

3) When one of us has something to celebrate, we all rally around and cheer that person on. If someone does well on a test or has a baby or does well in an audition, we're there to celebrate it with them and congratulate them.

4) We try to inspire each other, just as the show has inspired us. Be it writing a novel, getting out of a job into our dream career, finding work at all, or pursuing a hobby long neglected, seeing someone in the Family do something inspires others to do the same!

5) As a Fandom, we've truly embraced the idea of Family, and going to a convention is almost as much about seeing other members of the Family as it is to meet the stars (Also part of the Family, no less)

This Family may be small, but it is strong and it does provide us of us with a reason to stay in it.

And that's why the Supernatural Family is my Happy Place, too.

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I'm there! Your reasons are also mine ... and I particularly heart #4, given that I'm trying to start my new dream career and am being given great support by my SPN family!

I love this show and its fans ... :)

I know I want this novel to do something to get me out of damn retail, that's for sure.

I love this show and its fans so much and can't wait for October to see so many of them in person. It'll be wonderful.

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