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SPN Abstract take TWO

In examining Supernatural's exploration of the monstrous, it becomes apparent that Sam Winchester is the main focus. Infected by demon blood at six months old, he is chosen by Azazel to lead a demon army and ultimately become Lucifer's vessel. It is a dark destiny that seems inescapable at times, evidenced by the failure to save Max in “Nightmare,” Sam's immunity to a demon virus in “Croatoan,” Sam's fear that he's destined to become a killer in “Simon Said,” and his determination to confront Lilith in “The Monster at the End of this Book.” Many monsters also stand in as metaphor for Sam's destiny, especially Madison in “Heart,” and Jack in “Metamorphosis.” Season four sees Sam embrace his monstrous side through the drinking of demon blood to exorcise and kill demons, all under the guise of good intentions. In “On the Head of a Pin,” he uses the power the demon blood provides to kill Alistair, and in “Lucifer Rising” to kill Lilith, all in the belief that he was stopping the Apocalypse.Culminating in Soulless Sam, a frightening and vicious hunter created by Castiel's botched rescue, it is the capstone character for Sam's presentation as monstrous.

However, Supernatural juxtaposes the monstrous with the heroic in Sam. He has an ability to see the good within those around him, even those that are supernatural, as he does in Lenore in “Bloodlust.” He chooses not to kill humans, even when they threaten him, as Gordon does in “Hunted.” Sam often chooses to save others at great personal risk, as he dives into the pool to save Tyler in “Playthings,”and escorting civilians to safety in “Two Minutes to Midnight.” By killing Lilith at the end of season four, Sam released Lucifer from the Cage. In “Swan Song,” to rectify his error, he chooses to say “Yes” to his destiny in order to cast the devil back into Hell. In this manner, Sam's story becomes one of redemption, showing Supernatural's faith that humanity can also learn from its mistakes and rise above them.