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I can't believe I haven't been tagged for this by now. So, I'll do the music meme because I WANT to. Everything I write, I write to music. Without it, sometimes, I would be utterly hopeless and lost. And I stole this whole thing from doggieearlover who SHOULD HAVE tagged me. She said she wasn't into the "Hip" or the "Now" but I've got songs that are rather old, too! So without further ado:

List your current six favorite songs of the moment, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

1. "Child of the Moon" by the Rolling Stones

    By far, the Rolling Stones ARE my favorite band. Always have been, since I was like four, and always will be. I've been a fan for so long that I sometimes go for the obscure and almost forgotten. This is one of those songs. Actually, most of you know this song's A-side. This song is the B-side to Jumping Jack Flash.  It was orginally written in 1967, during the sessions that later created the album "Their Satantic Majesties Request," but was left off the album. It is, available, however, on both The London Years Collection and More Hot Rocks: Big Hits Fazed Cookies. It's, I guess, a hippie like song in its own regard, I suppose. I am also currently writing a one-shot revolving around its lyrics, centering on Sesshomaru and Rin.

( Child of the Moon Lyrics )

2. "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode

    Depeche Mode is also one of my favorite bands. I love the dark, smoothness of their music. Sure, people might recall their more poppy hits of the 1980s, like "People Are People," but by 1990, when this song came out on Violator, they had really grown and come into their own. Dark, obsessive love makes up much of their songs, and the smooth seductive voices of Dave Gahan and Martin L. Gore just can't be beat. I tend to write to this album a lot, especially when I write Sesshomaru or Rin centric chapters/stories. If you read the lyrics, you might see why!

( Enjoy the Silence Lyrics )

3. "She's A Rainbow" by the Rolling Stones

    Most certainly a hippy song, and appears on Their Satanic Majesties Request. I love the piano and the playful tone of this song. That album can often get a knock for being the subpar answer to the Beatles Sgt. Pepper, but I think it's got a lot of charm. I've also always loved the other songs on it, like "Dandelion."

( She's A Rainbow Lyrics )

4. Sunspots by Nine Inch Nails

    Another one of my favorite bands..err artists (It IS, after all, technically one guy). I love the darkness, the harsh look at the underbelly of life, and the strange glimmer of hope buried underneath. This song is one of my favorites from the newest NIN album With Teeth. I've written a lot to this song as well. The smooth, seductive sounds of Trent Reznor's voice sometimes is all I need for inspiration!

( Sunspots lyrics )

5. Girl Anachronism by the Dresden Dolls

    I saw this band when they opened for Nine Inch Nails, and at first I had NO idea what to expect when what looked like two people dressed as mimes took the stage. The second the first note was struck, though, I was sold. This frantic song is witty, rocking, and so unique. And it certainly is a hard one to sing along to, the way the lyrics are so rapid fire!

( Girl Anachronism lyrics )

6. The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats

    In honor of MTV's Birthday last week, I thought I'd throw this song in. I love it, even if it's totally weird, makes almost no sense, and is just bizarre. The video is great, though! And it is one of my favorite childhood memories, so. . .

( Safety Dance lyrics )

There you have it, my six songs. I guess I should tag someone. I'll tag inufan625 and mirumotoyuuske.

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I wouldve tagged had I knew how to, lol...

I would have tagged more than 6 people, but the people I know, most of them were already tagged!

I'm sorry I didn't tag you! My f-list is kind of short as is the f-lists of some of those I tagged, so I was trying ot leave somebody in common open for them to tag!

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, but i figured Nikki or Inuyashaloverr or butteryasha or someone would get you since we have you in common (I thought)!

It's alright. . .I felt like doing the meme anyways. Now everyone knows how much of a music geek I am.

^~^ I should have just gone ahead and tagged you!

I had a really hard time keeping it to six songs. I love too many and it would take forever to name them all. Hell, my user name is a song title. Far Away Eyes is a song from the Stones album Some Girls, song 6, if I recall correctly.

I knew it was familiar! (just didn't know why!) What I can remember are oddball pieces of information that have nothing to do with anything. Why I can read some things and remember something trivial for the rest of my life, but not be able to meet someone and remember their name is just beyond me. And it's not like I don't try - I just have a block against them. It was a real pain in the neck when I was teaching. The really wierd thing was if I heard someone else call someone's name, then I could remember it. Just not if they told me themself. How wierd is that?

Yeah. I was searching for a user name, and I didn't really feel like taking an IY made one, and I wanted a name that was unique enough, but also easy to remember. Far Away Eyes is a strange country-ish song of the Stones that I've always liked, even though I don't really like country.

And as good as I am with songs and that type of thing, I'm not all that great with names sometimes. In fact, I tend to give people my own private nicknames. A guy I worked with in the food service, I could never remember his name, became Sandwich Man. Sandwich Man and I never really got along all that well, either.

See, I even messed something this simple up. I swear I could mess up someones wet-dream three states away, lmao....


I'm sorry to hear about losing your job. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to find another one that you like soon. I'm also sorry I haven't done my song list yet. I was so psyched when I read that you tagged me! I went right away to put the entry into my journal, but I've had some problems. I figured out what I need to do, but there is a little gremlin somewhere that is dumping my entry just before I'm ready to upload it. Its happenned three times! I'm going to take a break before I burst a blood vessel. If it would get your job back, I'd be out there with my broadsword to knock some sense into the idiot who thought they could do without you! Unfortunately with the hightened security at the airports I can't bring the sword, so I'll have to settle for a threatening letter. Remember, a person is miserable until they find someone who is more miserable. Then they're happy. So I want you to be happy, OK? Good.


I know what you mean by the pain that LJ can be sometimes when it won't upload something. It's alright. I know how that goes. I've had the same problem trying to upload the story at various sites. I am also glad that things are looking up around here as far as jobs go. I have about an hour and a half to go till I have to go in, but it's not bad. I just get tired when I get home.

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