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Well, it was fun while it lasted. . .
contemplative Inu
Hey Reader,

Well, I guess I'm once again unemployed---I guess. My boss told me as I was on the way out the door today not to come in at all next week. He said that he didn't need me next week, so I guess I can't go in, now can I?  I'm not sure if that means I'm done, done, or what. See, it's a bit tricky, cause I'm hired through a staffing agency, and they're the ones who pay my pay check. I don't know, except all I can do is go in to the staffing agency on Monday. They're already closed for the week, so I'm stuck until I can get in on Monday and find out what the hell is going on.

The stupid thing? I went to the staffing agency's website that the position I have is available again. Soooo if my boss doesn't need me, why is the position posted again on the hiring agency's website? Whatever. I'm going to visit them after I deposit my latest paycheck and find out what's what. I'm then going a list of where I want to apply to, and once again start the tedious thing called the job search. It just kind of ticks me off, because I was told a month and a half and it's only been a month.

I'll let you know when I know more. If anything, at least I'll have time to work on some stories, eh?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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If its anything like a temp agency...oh yea, they'll can your ass just so they dont have to pay full time wages/benefits. I know someone that was doing that, and was promised the job, but right before the 90 days was up, they got the boot.
Thats the only problem with those kinda places. They tell you how good youre doing and tell you you'll most like be hired after the trial period. Thats all BS.
I do hope you find something quick tho. I know what its like to be without. It sux.

Thanks for the sympathy. It just kinda sucks, cause it just came up so suddenly. What pisses me off the most about it in some ways is the other girl who was hired with me is staying...possibly for good. In the first two to three weeks of the job, she like missed THREE days each week at least. Her back hurt, her son was sick, she had to leave because her grandma was sick, ect. I was there day in, day out, doing exactly as told, and the thanks I get is "bye." Go figure.

Maaannnn, well that sucks. Call the agency or show up there first thing Monday morning. Technically, they are the ones who are supposed to tell you to come and go, not the company they sent you to. In the meantime, I hope you will find something better (and not as hot), and fast.

I know. I left work thinking, "But you do need me. We have, like, five pallets of boxes to ship out with at least four pallets of other stuff that goes with said boxes on Monday. I need to help the one woman who does all that...by herself pretty much if I'm not there. WTF do you mean I'm not needed at all next week?"

And I guess the guy I work for at the actual job place CAN tell me that, because he mentioned that he called the staffing place. I figure it's because if I work more than a month or whatever, they get into the sticky situation of paying benefits and possibly uping my wages. And guess what, I KNOW what benefits they have. I put the packets that concern that very thing together. They have full dental, full disability, full vision, full life, full dismemberment and accidental death. They also have a ton of information on their retirement packages, which I also saw when I put the packets together. I know exactly where they're shafting me on the whole thing. I figure there has to be either something in Minnesotan law that says a worker who works full time MUST receive benefits and the whole package after a certain amount, possibly a month, and so they avoid it by hiring through a staffing agency and letting you go after a month. I'm going to be extra curious to see if I'm called up suddenly for teh same position, say, in a couple weeks.

In other news, the same staffing agency has a posting for a position that consists of proofreading, filing, a need for great written and verbal communications, and a 2 year degree. The great thing, the corporation that I would work for if hired actually directly hires me. That means I get ALL those benefits I miss out on in the other position. I put my name in for it. I have a 4 year degree, I eat, sleep, live writing, and the customer service portion of the job can't be that hard, considering my background in the food service. It is also a permanant position, which is nice. I am hoping I will at least get an interview. I might not get it, but maybe the next time they'd have it offered I could possibly get in. One can hope!

Well, a lot of times things work out for a reason. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are really meant more for that other job than the one in the un-airconditioned warehouse. It sounds like it would be right up your alley. I hope you get that interview!

In the meantime, you might get online and see what you can find out about the employment laws in your state. I mean it would really suck if you have to go through that every month. And 30 days seems like an awfully short time. Usually it is something more along the 60 -90 days, if ever. I worked here for one company for 2.5 years as a full time temp until I finally got tired of them stringing me along and went and found another job. But, it paid the bills while I was there - I just didn't get any benefits (and if I had ever hired on, they had GREAT benefits - which is why they were able to string so many temps out full time). However, as long as we were hired through a temp agency, they did not have to hire us unless they had a contract with that agency saying so.

Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes your way.

I really hope I get the interview, too.

I might have to do some searching, but I'm not sure if I can really do anything about an agency like this. I just know they want a 2 year degree for the other job, probably a degree to do with written and verbal communications like an English or simliar degree. I have a Bachelors in Creative Writing, and while a little specialized in a particular form of writing, it still gives me the skills to do what they might be looking for. And hey, they did list that training is available upon hire.

Well, I just hope everything works out. Don't lose any sleep over it just yet.

And mentioning that, I'm beat so I think I'm gonna walk the dogs and say goodnight.

I am sorry to hear that. I can relate what you are going through because I went through temp agencies to find work. The temp agencies have their benefits as well its drawbacks. I hope that you hear good news Monday.'

New Fan

Thanks for the support. I just hope I'll get some answers on Monday, and be able to move to the next step. And hey, maybe I'll actually be ABLE to finish my one-shot.

man ... That has to bite!! Not nice. And for you to waste gas/time going into work when could have called you at home to let you know. Grumbles.. meanie...

(BTW.. I hope it didn't bother you I posted a review a while back..)

I didn't waste gas, I was on my way home, silly! I just think it's shifty because I know they need someone to help the one woman I mentioned. It just doesn't add up to me. Oh well, as long as I can afford my expenses, go to the race track for my birthday(Daddy said he'd give me wager money as a gift) and get to go to the Ren Fest for my mom's b-day in October, I don't care. And if I can get something else soon, I'll be happy.

Bangs head on desk.. oops sorry.. my bad..But yes.. sounds like they are using the system to get what they want..

Oh yeah, and which review? The one you posted awhile back here? I love reviews..I'll eventually get to responding to it, probably after my one shot is done.

Yes.. that is the one... Can only use 4300 characters.. pouts...

It's alright..I love all the reviews you give! And hopefully soon you'll have something new to review!


Man that has to suck. Well be happy you had a job. I don't right now and it sucks. Well there is always next time. But if you find out that you were fired for no good reason, give them a piece of your mind! Good Luck in finding a new job and maybe the next one will be better than the last.
Ja Ne
Sexy Neko Gal

I knew it was going to be a temp job, but they never told me how long, like start date and end date. They said a month and a half, and my boss told me to go home exactly one month and one day, so I don't know. I figure I'll know much more tomorrow, and hopefully, as you said, find something better.

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