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TV Meme
Because I was tagged by Doggieearlover.

Since six seemed to be a good number, list your six favorite television shows, and then tag six others to do the same.  They can be old or new, whatever you like.  You can give as much or little information as you want to.

1. Inuyasha:

  It was the first anime I ever really got into, mainly drawn into the beauty of the art. I'd have to say the first character I ever saw was Sesshomaru, one of my absolute favorites. It was late at night, I was flipping through the channels, and there it was. I had to find out more, when it was on so I could watch a full episode, and from there I was hooked. And hey, what's not to love about a character with dog ears!

2. Monk:

    What's not to love about the most dysfucntional detective ever. He has more complexes than anyone I've ever seen, yet they're all to his advantage to solve the case! It's just funny, yet has its serious moments to make it dramatic, too. I love the writing, the acting, and how you might not truly know who really did it until the very end. And it's always funny to see how Monk ends up getting stuck in a situation that tests all his complexes.

3. Boston Legal:

    The most messed up lawyer show I've ever seen, and it's got William Shatner on it, too! My favorite characters are his Denny Crane and his best friend Alan Shore. I got hooked on this show because of them. And I love how messed up the whole law firm is. It's just a lot of fun, mainly cause you don't know what Denny Crane might try next.

4. Nip/Tuck:

    Absolutely, by far, the most twisted show I've ever seen. Plastic surgery always disgusted me, but this show takes it to new heights. I am anxious to see how the next season will go, and how depraved they'll get this time. By far, there is no other show quite like it on television these days.

5. RockStar: Supernova:

    I was a huge fan of Rock Star: INXS. I loved most of the performers, and I loved how each week they got better. When they said they'd do this show this year, I got excited. So far it isn't near as well done, but I still watch just to see what songs they'll perform next, what weird thing that Zayara chick (who should have been booted off ages ago, btw) will do, and who they'll kick off. It's bizarre, fun, and it's just fun to make fun of Tommy Lee on top of it all.

6. Meerkat Manor:

    This little show on Animal Planet is just adorable. I love how we get to watch the meerkats live, the troubles they get into, and exactly how they function as a "mob" or pack(for all you Inu fans). That and they're just cute. Who doesn't love "Courageous Little Shakespeare," anyways? I didn't really know a whole lot about meerkats before this, besides what we saw in Lion King, but boy are they neat little animals.

And one more for good measure:

7. Pysch:

    On aftter Monk, this new show on USA is just fantastic. I love the humor, the way the whole show is based upon a lie, yet the liars are the good guys, and how the characters just click together. I love the fact that the detective here is Monks absolute opposite, yet can solve crimes just as effectively, based upon a photographic memory. After a billion shows that revolve around an actual "pyschic," it's nice to see one that is merely pretending. I watch Medium, too, but this one just breaks away from the pack of pyschic detective shows so well. It could have flopped, but it didn't, and I'm thankful.

And now you guys all know why it takes me forever to get something written. I watch way, way too much TV. Besides those TV shows, I watch a ton of baseball(Go Twins!), and my football team's preseason starts tonight. It's a wonder that I've managed to get nine pages of my one-shot written. I suppose I should go do that instead of wasting time here, eh?

Oh, and I tag, because I think everyone else has been tagged: mirumotoyuusuke

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Yay! You played. I like Monk and Boston Leagal, too. I coudn't do Nip/Tuck because of the blood factor (yeah, I know, but somehow it's different on live people than the dead ones on CSI).

I absolutely hate hospital shows, too, but my friend out in NY insisted that I watch it. I was hooked on the characters after that. It's just...naughty and twisted and oh oh so dark. And the writing is great. It's also something we love to talk about together. I know sometimes the plastic surgery element is just gross, but once you get around it, it's great.

I don't know anyone who watches - they are all pretty squiggly like me about the plastic surgery parts. Just the commercials give me the heebie jeebies, so I don't think I could handle the whole show.

The border-line soft core porn almost makes up for that...and trust me, it's basically soft core porn. I swear, Dr. Troy has slept with almost all the female characters on the show...at least once. Except for lesbian Liz, that is.

I'm glad to hear he knows his limits *snort*

Maybe I'll get brave and try it sometime...

Well, it's partly because she's told him not to even think about it. She knows he's an out and out dog(No offense intended, of course!) I usually loathe characters like that, mainly because I think loyalty can go a long way, but I like the sleaze of this show for some reason. I think it's because when you think they can't have gone any lower, they do.

Sometimes you need at least one show like that to remind you of the kind of man you don't want nor need...

I think so, yes. I know I'd send Dr. Troy packing. He tosses women aside like they're socks.

He needs to get used and tossed aside, but I don't guess they'd let that happen!

Actually, in a way, they did! Right when he finally decided to get maried to this one girl, he got stood up at the altar. Of course, it was kinda due to the fact that she had gotten kidnapped and when they found her mutliated later on, she really didn't want to get back with him. It's the beauty of this show. Just when you think you've got it figured out, it twists and throws you for a loop. You never know what's gonna come up next. Troy was nearly heartbroken when Kimber supposedly dumped him. For the longest time he tried to get over her. I'm going to be anxious to see if they try to bring those two back together or not this season.


My favs have to be (besides Inuyasha, which is back on Aussie T.V! Yes!!) Are:
1)Gundam Seed
3)CSI Miami
Well that’s what I watch. Well Gundam Seed has been taken off (Damn!) but Inuyasha took it's place so I'm happy! How do you join this livejournal thing anyway? I think it will help my writing, a lot. Especially my spelling. I always have to get a dictionary! Man, I hate it. Anyway hope you update Journey soon! I have even told people on FanFiction to take a look, but I don't know if they read that... I hoped it help 'cause it's a favourite of mine. Ja Ne
Sexy Neko Gal :D:D

Live journal is easy to join. Figuring it out on the other hand is another matter. I think there's some place that will say how to join or something. Join the party! And hey, I always use a dictionary and thesaurus, myself.

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