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An Ode to Wiling Away a Sunday on a #SPNBinge

Today Showratings.com and Winchesterbros.com hosted a #SPNBinge via Twitter.


I joined in for every single episode on the hour every hour from noon until 8 PM. Eight episodes were selected to highlight the brotherly bond the Winchesters share and showcase the best this wonderful series has to offer.

I enjoyed each and every episode for various reasons. Some made me laugh. Some made me cry. (Okay, most of them made me cry). Some made me cheer for the brothers. It's no secret to most who've watched this journal in the last month that Supernatural is my favorite show. I'm not ashamed to call it as such or to indulge in it on a Sunday afternoon devoid of football. Hell, it might have been a bit more fun!

So, what were my highlights of this binge?

We watched some classics, so it's going to be hard to narrow down.


The Pilot kicked off the whole thing, and I have to say it's just as good now as it was the first time I ever watched it. Sam and Dean are such powerful characters and I find myself connecting with them every time I watch the show. From our introduction to hunting to Baby to the search for their father, we feel deeply with both of them in so many various ways and their story can be our story.


We watched heavy hitters in season two's "Croatoan," where we watch Sam and Dean encounter a demonic virus that infects Sam. Dean refuses to leave his brother. In "Mystery Spot," we watch Sam desperately try to do anything to stop his brother from dying---only to fail every Tuesday. We watch Dean give up a happy life in "What Is and What Should Never Be." In "Heaven and Hell" we learn just how bad it was in Hell for Dean as he confesses the truth to his brother---that he became a torturer. And in "The End" we see what the world will be like if Sam says  Yes to Lucifer. It's a horrible consequence as the world is destroyed by Croatoan and Sam is forever lost to Lucifer. "Swan Song" showed us Sam's redemption and the power of never leaving your brother alone---especially when he's going to die.


The evening wrapped with a jump to season eight's finale in "Sacrifice" and we saw Sam and Dean choose one another instead of closing Hell. It's powerful and moving---not just because the brothers have chosen one another but because they've changed Crowley perhaps forever in the process---something we're seeing bear much fruit in season 9. Sam and Dean are a force of nature, and I can't say how much I enjoy watching their journey each week or in binges like this.

If you're so inclined, take some time and watch these episodes. They're some of the cream of the crop that Supernatural has to offer. In fact, I may round out my night with a couple more. Are you in or are you out?
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