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So much for vacation
Hey Reader,

Before I could even fill out my first application, I got a job! Yes. It's true. I got a call this morning from the local AW/KFC and went into the interview expecting the usual: "We'll call you in a few days, maybe next week if we think you're right for the job, ect. Instead, I leave with "Come back tomorrow at 4 PM, we'll have your schedule ready and your uniform." I'm going to be doing bascially everything I did when I worked at the college food service. The big plus? It's in the early evening so I can stay up and let my muse live at it's normal time without worry. YAY. The bad thing: the stupid shoes of doom from the food service that I HATE. I'll be making $6.25 an hour, which isn't great, but is a lot, lot better than making $0 an hour! And who knows, maybe I'll hear from the big fancy job at some point, too.

Other than that, I'm waiting to hear from my beta on the one-shot and then I'll do the final edits and post it. I will also start going through the last few chapters of Journey and start putting together my notes to start that next chapter. I know how many of you are waiting for me to get back into that story. Thankfully I have a billion ideas that I can work with that I hope people will like.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Oi, congrats on the new job. Hope all works out for ya there, least till ya get the one ya really wanted anyways, lol. Then ya also get to do some more writing, which is always 'big' plus. :D

Thanks. I figure it's a job. It's better than not having one at all. I'll know a lot more about it tomorrow, and no, I doubt I'll be doing it for the rest of my life. Maybe when I find out how much I'll be making roughly in a week I can start figuring out if I want to pay for a paid LJ account, among a few other things...

Hey! It'll help pay bills and put food on the table. It'll work until something better comes along. Plus, you'll be able to still look during normal business hours if something else comes along. Not to mention, we can look forward to more writing if you can keep your preferred night owl hours!

I don't care what job I get, where I go in life, I'll be writing. It's as much a part of me as breathing. And if the job is exactly as the manager described, I'll have the rhythm and the place figured out in at least three days to a week. It's just like working in my college job. I KNOW that inside and out. I am not scared at all, and one of the best things about this jo? No staffing agency can play games with me.

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