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FAE's Friday Faves---January 31, 2014

This is the last Friday of 2014, so here's this week's Faves.

1. Home of the Nutty:

This is the website go to that I use for my screencaps for my articles on Supernatural. What I love about their site is that they provide these screencaps without any logos or advertisements. It's just the show image you want to add impact to a particular part in an article and the pictures are high quality. It's also easy to navigate. Each episode gets its own screen cap file and these are arranged by season. If you're looking for great screencaps for your articles, try Home of the Nutty. They also do these for other shows! Check them out here.

2. RIPT Apparel

If you like novelty, geek, or pop culture t-shirts, this website is for you. They have a new shirt available every day for $10. My closet is made up quite a bit of these shirts, mostly of the Supernatural variety. Even if a shirt is only there once, it may come back from the graveyard if there's enough interest. Check them out and start building your collection now!

3. Modern Family

I don't watch many sitcoms, but Modern Family has become one of the best on TV. It takes the blended family and makes them real people that we care about. There's the gay couple adopting a baby, there's the older man marrying a younger woman for love, and the traditional nuclear family----all are related and we get to watch them navigate the concept of family together and what it means to be there for one another. It's smart, funny, and always ends with a great message. If you haven't checked this one out yet, do so. Oh, and giggle at Phil. He's becoming one of my faves.

4. J2 You Always Make Me Smile

This video is always a go to when I feel sad or frustrated. Just like the title, it ALWAYS makes me smile. Loki complied some of the best gag reel and convention moments and put them together to this song to make all of us in the Supernatural Family smile. The song is catchy and fun and there's nothing better than hearing Jensen Ackles laugh at Jared Padalecki's ripped pants.

5: Chinese New Year

I love Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Wood Horse. I know, astrology isn't real science. It's a bit silly, but I always like to celebrate the Chinese New Year. My sign is the Water Dog. Gather some lanterns, have some Chinese food, and sweep in the good luck for the year.
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