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The Monthly Update aka Happy Chinese New Year!
At the beginning of the year, I stated that there were goals I'd like to meet throughout and by the end of the year. To help me do that, I'll post one of these updates on the first of each month.

So, what are the goals again?

1. I'd like to get my novel published.

2. I'd like to make a career change

3. I'd like to investigate further into graduate school.

4. I'd like to use my journal to build my scattered portfolio.

5. (For Fun, maybe) I'd like to open and own a nerd bar.

What did I accomplish in January

I'd say I did fairly well on goals 1 and 4, but  nothing much on the rest.

January was brutally cold, dreary, and busy. I had planned on going to my alma mater to ask the librarians there about getting into an MILS program, but weather kept me away. I'm looking to email them in February to get that ball rolling. Is it worth getting into that field? Should I? What will it take? How do I make it financially work? I need these answers and I think they can help me learn them. So, I have to be committed by the March 1st update that I've gotten something going here.

Job changing has also halted to a stand still. Since I don't know what to do with the graduate school program stuff it's been hard to pin point a career itself to pursue.

On the portfolio building I feel like I've done that fairly well. I've slowly started to move my Winchester Family Business articles here so I have them just in case something should happen on the net or what have you. I'm also trying to review every book I read this year so I can have other writing examples. I think this has really worked well. It's allowed me to engage with my writing for the WFB and it's allowed me to really enjoy the texts I've chosen to read so far by discussing them in my journal. It gives me great practice, too.

On the novel front, I'm finding that I"m sticking to the Monday goal a lot better. I'm sure I could do more (I could always do more), but I'm liking the fact that I feel like I'm doing something, even small, to get towards the publishing goal. This Monday I hope to keep working on hooks---and perhaps sitting down with my first chapter for the first time in nearly two years. Progress is slow but worth every step. After all, every journey does begin with a single step.

As for my fictional nerd bar, The Mystery Spot? I have decor ideas and drink ideas and food ideas---pig n'poke or tacos anyone? I also would love for it to have a big TV for viewing geek movies/shows and for it to have games of both video and table variety. It could have meta discussion nights on various geek/genre shows and fanfic readings and all sorts of fun things. I find it's much easier to construct a fake business than figure out the real business of my life. That's okay. I think I'm getting somewhere anyways.

Until March 1st!