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Re-Reading Fun: The Belgariad

After a certain person prodded me about a month ago, I decided it'd be fun to return to some old friends of mine and re-read David Eddings. I've loved The Belgariad/Malloreon series since 1996-97. The first time I met Garion, Polgara, Belgarath and company was during the most awful winter of my memory here in Minnesota. We didn't have school that entire month, I was left with little to do but curl up in a chair under a warm blanky and read. So, I chose a fantasy series I had stumbled upon at the library and was well on my way down the rabbit hole lost in this awesome world.

Now that I'm returning to it, all the love, the humor, and the fun I remember the first time reading it all coming back. I'm kinda reading it a little out of order---I started with Belgarath the Sorcerer, a prequel that came out after the series itself, but somehow starting at the VERY beginning seems appropriate before we get to Garion's portion, yes? The funny thing about this series is that the first volume was originally published in 1982. I was born that year, so Garion and I are the same age in many respects, so it's another element that makes this series all the more special and dear to me.

I also know I need a book to read soon---one that I know backwards, frontwards, and sideways---as I will be going on a trip and I hate flying. I need something I can read while I'm trying not to think too hard about being in the sky or getting past the TSA or all the other headaches that come with post-911 flying. Somehow, getting lost in all those little inside jokes and those great characters seems right.

Truthfully, it's also been way too long for me not to read this fantastic series. It's got a lot of flawed characters that make them so real and relatable, a great plot structure, and the main messages under the magic are so strong that it makes it more than the typical "fantasy" or so-called genre novels. (That's a whole nother rant about how genre has ALWAYS been better than the literary rep it gets, but not for this entry)

So, what are you re-reading? What would you like to re-read if you haven't in awhile? Why?

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Right now I'm not rereading anything. I'm in the middle of reading "The Book of Youkai" because I'm apparently still stuck in InuYasha fandom. But I'm planning to reread a few things in the near future, namely "Watership Down" and "The Hero and the Crown". And come October I'll probably read "Dracula" again, as I do every year or two...

A few months ago I reread Melanie Rawn's "The Ruins of Ambrai" and "Dragon Prince" (which were diehard favorites of teenage me) and had a frickin' blast. There's something comforting and wonderful about revisiting old favorites...

There's nothing wrong with playing around in the Inuyasha fandom. I've poked around a little, and it seems not nearly as active as it was back in the day, but still there's some stuff here and there. I may have to check that title out sometime.

I read Dracula last year. It's a fun read for sure. Haven't read "Watership Down" or "The Hero and the Crown," but may have to give them a try at some point.

It is awesome to revisit some old favorites. They're like old friends and you're catching up with them. I just shouldn't giggle so much when I come across one of those inside jokes that make me smile so much as I have been. I'm reading mostly on my break at work, so I get some weird looks. But that's okay. I'm used to that, I guess.

I definitely comfort re-read, just like I tend to comfort re-watch TV shows I know inside out and sideways :P You're aware of my current project - I also like to go back to tried-and-true novels that are sure to inspire me. There are a couple of fics out there that do this for me, too, but sometimes you just want a book in your hands, know what I mean? :)

Absolutely. There's so much new stuff that I should read, but I like to go back and re-read stuff, too. I recently re-read Dante's Inferno cause I'm a Dante nerd. What I love about re-reading some texts is the little surprises that come out in them. Even though I know them so well and thoroughly, there seems to be a new detail in the ones I go back to a lot that makes them fresh again. It's amazing.

And yes, I saw your current project. It seems like a worthy one to work on for sure.

As for needing a book in my hand, absolutely. Excluding fanfics online, I read everything in actual printed form. I don't particularly care for e-readers. They're too cold and distant for good reading in my view. "Turning" a page electronically just seems silly.

Journey to the City of Endless Night... Oh um, did I say that outloud. Hehe.

Just a reflex response to reading a post about that series and someone commenting about InuYasha. Though I have revisted what there is more than once.

I am rereading the Dresden Files right now though.

One never knows what may happen in the future. (See what I did there?) Go ahead and say it outloud.

I'm glad you've re-read my little epic a few times! That makes me happy.

And I've always meant to read the Dresden Files. It sounds interesting.

That is true. I went back and finished one of the two WIPs I had left hanging 5 years ago and have added 30 chapters so far to the other one. Out of the blue the InuYasha fandom called me back and I really wanted to start writing for it again so I did.

The author of the Dresden files has a more 'high fantasy' type series rather than Urban Fantasy/Supernatural, too which is also good called Codex Alera, if that is more to your tastes. My husband finally started the Dresden files three weeks ago and is on book 7 now, though he wasn't crazy about the first book since it's slow to start with all the world building but he enjoys it now and is already on me to look for 9 through 15 (I think) because we only have up to 8.

I actually sat down and rewatched some Inuyasha recently, and it's better than I remember it being. So much giggling at some parts and the story has some serious deep questions. So we'll see. I don't know if I'll post publicly until I finish the whole thing, but I can always change my mind if I do get anything on the page and such. The fandom seems rather quiet compared to some of the powerhouse floating around right now (hello, card carrying member of the #SPNFamily here, doesn't get much bigger than being part of one third of SuperWhoLock).

I don't mind some world building or high fantasy, either. I prefer, without a doubt, the Belgariad to LOTR for many reasons, but enjoy both thoroughly. Who knows? I'm always looking for new things to read amongst some of these old favorites.

I admit it: I had the same first thought when I read this post.

As in Journey? We'll see. I don't know, generally speaking, how much interest there is in the story. The little poking I've done at the IY fandom has yielded a slow fandom, sooooo. But hey, I wouldn't continue the story for the fandom generally anyways. I love the characters of both series, so if I get inspired, it could happen.

Yeah, as in Journey. I've been meaning to go back and reread that story, because I really enjoyed it even though you never finished it, I just can't seem to find enough time. As I recall, it was extremely long. (Having finished writing a fairly epic fic myself recently I have a newfound appreciation for keeping so many characters and plot threads in order!)

The IY fandom has definitely slowed down since its heyday, but there are still active contingents in a few places (Tumblr is one... and the fans there sucked me right back in). And there's still some good fic being written, so there's that.

Yes. I actually was prodded by DEL with a wonderful review and re-read it myself. And yes. It's long. But boy do I miss some of these characters and it's been fun to get reacquainted again. It's tricky to keep them all straight in my head if I seriously want to pick up where I left off (and considering my heavy involvement in the Supernatural fandom, who knows?) but it might be fun to play in a quieter sandbox.

I don't really go to Tumblr, so I don't know anything about it over there. At all. I'm glad to hear there's still some involvement out there in the fandom and that there's some good stuff. I've had some fun rewatching the anime as of late. (And my favorites are rising back to the top. I still heart the crap out of Sesshomaru and Rin.)

We'll see if I ever post anything public and where. I got the sense that MM.org is kinda changing some things over there and I'm not sure how active the site is.

Glad you are re-reading and enjoying! For me I think I'd like to re-read Harry Potter series again - probably because they've been running all of the movies again recently - but I loaned them to someone and I do have a gazillion other books I need to read. I really need to finish Ted Bell's latest before he comes out with another!

But the main reason I popped over was to wish you a very happy Birthday! I hope it's been a good one.

Safe travels on your upcoming trip. Yes, flying can be a PITA anymore. But I guess better safe than not.

Hey! Thanks for the Birthday Wishes.

I already finished the book (need to find the next book in the series to continue now). It did help me with the long delay at the airport on the way home last night. Had to occupy myself somehow.

I am also trying to read other new stuff, too. It's just always nice to return to some comfort books, too.

Look forward to hearing from you again soon, I hope!

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