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Journey to the City of Endless Night: Chapter Eighty One (This is NOT a Drill. It's for REAL)
Manga Rin and Butterfly

It's sure been an awfully long time. In fact, it's been almost SIX years. I know. Crazy after all this time to go ahead and do this. I feel it's time, though. I had orginally planned on not releasing a single chapter until I had the story totally completed, but I've got about eight chapters already written and hope to have four to five more done sooner than later. I've debated a lot lately about posting or not posting and i've decided to post. It's been fun writing these chapters, and it's not as fun when they're mostly kept to myself.

So, where did the inspiration come from? In about July, doggieearlover nudged me with a very encouraging review for Journey. I had planned on re-reading the Belgariad about the time she sent the review, so one thing led to another and I found that the story was calling to me again. It's been fun working on it again. So, thank her for these new chapters.

The thing is, though, to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed by a need to update frequently, I'm hoping I can post a new chapter a month for a least a year. I'm about four chapters short of that goal right now, but I figure I have at least eight months to work on those four to keep to the schedule. That's fairly doable, I think.

So far, I'm thinking I'll stick to just MM.org and AFF. They were the primary posting sites back in the day for Journey, so it makes sense. If, however, someone wants to help portage Journey to Arhcive of Our Own with a code or whatever it is you need to post over there, I wouldn't mind taking the whole epic mess that way, too.

All in all, it's been a delight returning to some of my old friends. It's like that world just sat patiently waiting for me to come back to it and pick up right where we left off. As you can see by my icon choice, this is a Rin-centric chapter. (Hint, Rin's still by far my favorite of the Inuyasha series) I know when I left off on Journey we had left her and our poor Demon Lord, Sesshomaru, in quite a bit of hot water. Why don't you head over to MM.org or AFF (or both if you're inclined!) and find out just what happened to her.

Leave a review, leave a comment here, whatever you like.

Far Away Eyes 

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Yay! I'll admit I have revisted, hoping one day this story would be picked back up. Funily enough I came back to mine after 5 years and finished one and have posted something like 20 chapters on the other, plus I started a new one too. Once I got pulled back in, I couldn't stop. lol. I'll be looking forward to these new chapters.

Edited at 2015-12-20 06:27 pm (UTC)

I'm glad you're happy to see it. It was fun to write these chapters so far and I hope it'll continue to be as fun. I just hope lots of others will feel the same way! These characters are such good old friends of mine and I found I couldn't help it when I sat down and re-read Journey myself. It was kinda surreal the first couple read thoroughs. I didn't remember writing it even though I know I did. I may go back through and edit some of the goofs/typos when I update next month, but we'll see. Depends how ambitious I get.

Thanks for reading anyways!

You can import stuff to AO3 with the click of a button. I haven't done it myself, since it's basically the same simple html code that you use to post to LJ/DW (and I already do that by hand anyway), but I know TPTB set it up for the mass importation of works from FF.net, so I can't image that you couldn't use it to import from MM.org or even AFF.

Interesting. I've gotten the impression that to have an account over there you have to be invited or something---like a vampire. I'll have to think about it. Not sure how popular that archive is these days anyways. It depends, I guess, how much response I get at the two archives I'm at already.

I see eggplantlady has given you an invite to AO3. It's actually the place to be these days, for whatever that's worth - I don't know anybody who goes to MM.org anymore (sadly enough) - IDK about AFF, I never really went there.

Anyway. I hope you have an excited response! I was really surprised when I updated my epic IY fic after 3 years - I figured nobody would remember it, LOL, but quite a few people came out of the woodwork to thank me for bringing it back =)

Yeah, she did.

I've been reading at AO3 in the Supernatural fandom for awhile now. MM.org seems rather dead/sad, I've noticed. I'll keep my stuff there, but may have to play with the moving to this one in the coming weeks/months. Not sure how popular IY is at AO3, either.

AFF is okay, but rather quiet these days. It was the original place Journey ever appeared, so I can't imagine turning away from it now.

As for people commenting/coming back to Journey, I can't tell you how many emails have come through the years from people wanting to know when it'll be back. For a long time, I figured it'd never come back. I was so busy with other stuff and such. But it's fun to be back and I look forward to seeing what people may say now that it's back. It's been a blast getting back into these characters, though. Any excuse to watch the anime/read the manga and book series again seems like a win win in my book.

I haven't had a chance to reread yet (or to read the new chapter), but if you want to skip the invite queue on AO3, this link should do the trick. After that you can import pretty easily from MM.

Oh really now. Hmm. I may have to try it sometime. Not sure how popular it'd be over there. Thanks for the tip.

And I hope when you manage to read through the epic mess and the NEW chapter you'll like it.

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