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Journey to the City of Endless Night: The Monthly Edition. Chapter Eighty Four: Miroku
Far From Heaven

Another month has gone by, and another chapter of Journey is going live. We're really on target for this year's monthly updating. I only have one more chapter to draft from scratch in the posting schedule, and it isn't slated until August/September, so we have time. I'm super pleased by this. It means that you'll get more of the story without it going dormant again for a long period. And really, isn't that what we all want?? I rather look forward to posting once a month, too. It's just something sweet to look forward to.

Since last month, I finished the uploading/editing to Archive of our Own. It took me nearly four months to do, but I went in and fixed up little typos, reworded some things (most are minor fixes), and corrected little weird characters popping up in words from strange formatting snafus at MM.Org and such. So, if you prefer that archive to the others, go right ahead and read away there. If not, it'll still be posted at both AFF (Journey's original home) and MM.Org. I like having it at the various archives to get more exposure, and I'm hoping some of those people who read it back in the day may pick it up again there, too.

So, what did I learn while editing and going through slowly? A lot. I was amazed at how much I really enjoyed the story itself as I dug into the editing. It allowed me to think about it with fresh eyes and remember little tidbits I had planned or had to rethink as I've lost some notes I jotted down over the years. It's also allowed me to get reacquainted with each of the characters and their relationships to one another. Some are still my clear favorites while others are fun and challenging to explore and build the plot going forward. I was really stunned by some of the emotional impacts that moved me. That makes me think a moment. Those of you who have read Journey before or are returning to it, what are some of your favorite chapters or moments? What did you enjoy so much about them and why do you return to them again and again (some have generously told me they do return to the story this way). Let fly. I'd love to hear about the older chapters/story arcs just as much as some of these new ones.

Editing also allowed me to stretch in my craft to blend these two distinct character groups again after all these years. I've been re-reading Eddings and rewatching/re-reading Inuyasha to get a handle on how they each work to make my strange blend. I was really pleased with how they've truly merged and how the story structured as I've been working on it. I have ideas of where I want them to go, and honestly I'm super excited to see those ideas come to fruition on the page. Each character will have their own parts to play within the construct of our Prophecy and the twists and turns as they make their journey will hopefully continue to make emotional connections with everyone reading this long, long, LONG fic. If you think we're heading towards any form of ending, I'm going to disabuse you of that now. I KNOW the ending, believe it or not. Have practically from the jump. And that hasn't changed in the eleven years since I started this story. I just choose to continue on that long curvy road to getting there. I can't help it. I love these characters and this story that much that I kinda never ever want to let them go and while I'm having fun, why not? I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably be writing Journey for the rest of my life in some capacity (or a sequel but you didn't read that here). If it's only me reading or hundreds or even one or two reading, I don't care. I love the feedback, but this story is a happy place I'll gladly retreat into and I learned that while editing the whole length.

I also learned that this story tops out at 522.828 total words. That doesn't include the newest chapter, but still. That's LONGER than the entirety of J. R. R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings WITH the Hobbit. I had no idea that Journey had gotten that long. I'm rather proud of that fact, actually. No, it's not the longest fanfic in either fandom's history (though I haven't poked much at Eddings fandom per se to know), but it most certainly is long and winding and it lives up to its name. That title was prophetic (See what I did there?) So, yeah, let's see how many more words we'll get for this story, shall we?

I am always humbled when I get a review, an email, or a kudos at any of the places Journey has posted. I can't wait to see what you think of this chapter---and those of you who are working your way through it, feel free to review/comment along the way. I'd love to see what people think about it in the eleven years since I first started this odyssey. Who knew anyone would still care?

The slate of chapters I have in mind for this year's posting are some of the best I've written in years and I'm incredibly proud to share them with you. Some of these chapters surprised me in ways I didn't expect. I hope they'll do that for you, too. This month's chapter, as you can tell by my icon choice, is focused on Miroku. We may have had Sango rescue him, but by no means is he out of danger. The poor thing's still very much poisoned, and I hazard to guess that it may get worse for our spiritual friend before it'll get better. You can read Chapter Eighty-Four at AO3, MM.Org, and AFF to find out!

As always, happy reading, let me know what you think, and onto April 17th!

Take the Journey with me!

Far Away Eyes

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I kinda forgot I had an LJ, so I didn't see this till today...but if I'd gotten it when you posted it would have been the best birthday present ever! I actually broke a strap in the chair I was sitting in from bouncing while SQUEEing out loud!

I'm glad you found it and that it makes you happy. We're down to 16 days until the next chapter, too. So awesome to hear about so many old readers coming back to the story.

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