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Journey to the City of Endless Night: Chapter Eighty Six


It's that time again. Another month has flown by and we're ready to launch another chapter live! We are totally set for the rest of the year now and should hopefully be able to have enough for next in the near future. Yay for that!

This month, we're visiting Jaken as he deals with the Alorn Council and all its fun politics. It'll probably get a bit loud, a bit testy, and perhaps even slip in some cute. You never know!

Journey and quite a few of my shorts have gotten quite a bit of attention at AO3 lately. That just makes me super excited. It's been amazing that a fandom this age and a story this odd and a bit obscure gets the kind of attention it's getting. In many ways, it's as if I've started Journey all over again and it's so fresh and new for me just as it is for these newer readers. I just hope that I'm still a competent enough writer and that I've improved in the time away for people to want to read more once they reach the end of chapter 86 or beyond!

Anyways, you can find the chapter at AO3, MM.org, and AFF as always.

The review responses for those sites that just don't get 2016 and direct responses (they know who they are MM.org and AFF)

Pysiak: I am so glad you found the story and the world of David Eddings. It's a world I treasure and return to again and again more than any other fantasy series. I'm glad we could share these old friends together. Just check back the 17th of every month for the foreseeable future and you should be able to read more chapters.

Until next month,

Far Away Eyes 
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