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New One-Shot "Child of the Moon" Posted
Hey Reader,

Finally, the one-shot is posted for your enjoyment! I told you I was working on it and here it is! Here is the information about it:

Title: Child of the Moon
None that are technically romantic
Drama, Angst
Featured Characters:
Rin and Sesshomaru
Song-fic, One-shot
While searching for shelter from a rainstorm, Sesshomaru discovers that something is troubling Rin. Just what is it?

Links:  MediaMiner   Anime Spiral   FicHaven   deviantART   FanWorks
This story orginated while I was listening to a collection of early Stones tunes. The Rolling Stones just happen to be my favorite band of all time, and I have been searching for a way to combine both Inuyasha and their music for some time. The song titled "Child of the Moon" came on and as I listened, I had this idea about a one-shot begin in my head. The lyrics fit the relationship that Rin and Sesshomaru have very well, and I knew I wanted to see if I could at leat make it work. I had no idea it would become this long when I began. Ten pages later, I have a complete story, one I hope you will all enjoy.

For those of you who are curious about the song itself, "Child of the Moon" is the B-Side to "Jumping Jack Flash." It was originally recorded in 1967, but was not released until 1968. You can find it on the album More Hot Rocks: Big Hits and Fazed Cookies or on The London Years Collection. A short clip can be found here.

Here is a video for the song. It's rare, and a real treat for folks like me who love, and I mean LOVE, to see rare stuff. This is a promo video made back in 1967 or 1968 for the B-Side "Child of the Moon." It's very funky, psychadelic, and abstract, but it's the real deal. For me, it's a real gem of a find, considering I've seen/read/heard just about everything you can of the Stones. Here it is.

And of course, here are the lyrics. You can also see them here:

Child of the Moon

The wind blows rain into my face
The sun glows at the end of the highway
Child of the moon, rub your rainy eyes
Oh, child of the moon
Give me a wide-awake, crescent-shaped smile

She shivers, by the light she is hidden
She flickers like a lamp lady vision
Child of the moon, rub your rainy eyes
Oh, child of the moon
Give me a wide-awake, crescent-shaped smile

The first car on the foggy road riding
The last star for my lady is pining
Oh, child of the moon, bid the sun arise
Oh, child of the moon
Give me a misty day, pearly gray, silver, silky-faced
Wide-awake, crescent-shaped smile

As always, feel free to leave me some reviews. I like to read what people think about my work.

Oh, and I made my first icon for the story. It's not the best, but I kinda like it. It's cute. If any of you who can do much better really enjoy the story, I'd love to see what you do for icons!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I can't wait to read it! But right now, I'd better be on my way so I'm not late.


It was beautiful and well written, and Sesshomaru was oh so in character. I left you a review at deviantART.

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I responded to your review at deviantART.

Hi FAE! I'm glad you finished so you could finally share with us! YOu matched the story to lyrics really well. I could hear the music swell at appropriate points in the plotline. Sesshoumaru is so aloof on the outside and yet such a naive and nervous father(at least at this point)on the inside. Someday he will become the great Taiyoukai that his father saw deep inside. And Rin will always be with him, at least in his heart if not in the flesh. He holds her so dear, and yet (for the moment) stll cannot fathom why this young human affects him so. Hopefully he will learn as she does. Someday they could be very happy, loving and caring for each other as they watch over the Western Lands together.

I'm glad you thought I matched the lyrics and the story together well. I suppose the music could swell at points, but it's not nearly as much one of those kinds of songs! And yes, isn't Sesshomaru just so uncertain in any matters of the heart. I had a hard time writing this in spots, because he hadn't had the chance to grow his relationship the way he has in Journey, so he couldn't simply try to cuddle with her and make things better that way. It was a challenge, and I'm glad I succeeded. And yeah, poor Sesshomaru, when she gets older, maybe he'll understand more of why she affects him. Glad you loved the story. Now I get to pick up where I left off in Journey. Yay!

I just read it and loved it. Left you a review on MediaMiner. I forgot to mention in the review that you are one of the rare people that can keep Sesshomaru in character. Well Done! :D:D

I'm glad you loved it and thought that Sesshomaru was in character. I really struggled with it at times and it worked out. And I'm glad I'm one of the rare people who can do that. I know he's one of my favorite characters, especially with Rin, so I like to get it right. BTW, I did add you to my friends list!

YAY!! I have a friend! Man, that sounded weird. Thanks by the way and I hope you can read my story on FanFiction. I should warn you, this is the first time I've written anything in my fifteen years of living. Hope you like. :D:D

No problem, I like having more friends to inflict my journals on. I'll have to check your story out sometime...hopefully soon.

I know this is changing the subject, but I was wondering how you got the Inuyasha awards for best crossovers? Can you let my know by writing in my account. I just have been some stories I have read are some members or something. Curiosity killed the cat. Please and Thank you. :D:D

I got them by being nominated at the Inuyasha Fanguild. I won third place in two quarters, and took 1st in another one. I also ended up winning Best of 2005 from the Guild, because all 1st place winners are put into the poll at the end of the year, no matter what quarter they win in. Currently, Joureny is up for Best Drama and Best Serial. Voting ends on August 26. Unfortunately, they lock membership, so it is impossible to become a member at this time. You can visit the Guild and learn more here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iyfanguild/

Loved your story. I left a review on M.M. It was really good. Thank You for sharing. :)

Thanks. I'm glad you really liked the story. I wasn't sure if people would really like it or not.

i just got back from a weekend away helping my cousin move into her dorm (3 and 1/2 hours away. 52 stairs. no elevator. and she has lots of crap. *sighs* i should get an "im a wonderful cousin" medal or sumthin) and the first thing i did when i got back was check and see if the one-shot was posted! it was and i wasnt disappointed! i admit that sesshomaru isnt my absolute favorite (while not least favorite!) character in inuyasha, i just love how you are able keep sesshomaru in character! very few can. the story also fit the lyrics beautifully. 5 of 5 stars.

Ah, the joys of dorm life...

Anyways, I'm glad you liked the story a lot. Sesshomaru is one of my favorite characters, though I'd have to say Rin is really my fave. Put them together and I'm very happy. I'm glad you thought I kept them in character. I really struggled with it at times.

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