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New Jobs and New Chapters
Hey Reader,

Well, the new job isn't that bad. It's kind of like working in the old food service at the college, actually. Once I get the hang of how they do things and where everything is, I'll have no real problem fitting in. And I can pick up more hours as they are needed, so that's good. KFC/A&W isn't a bad place to work. I don't intend to work there for the rest of my life, that's for sure, but for now, it'll help cover my important bills. As long as I can continue writing and look for the "career" job it'll do.

I've been thinking of how I want to approach the next chapter and getting back into it, as well. I have a few good ideas and I will be sitting down with my notes before bed and throughout the afternoon tomorrow. I'm not sure how long it'll take for me to get it written and posted, but as of late it seems a month is the trick.

I've also been drained from finishing "Child of the Moon" and getting it posted. It happens to me everytime I finish any piece or chapter. I've also been watching for reviews. Is it just me, or is FicHaven one of the lowest review sites? The highest reviewed sotry comes in at about 150 or so. No wonder I haven't had anything there. Sheesh. I've also been kinda naughty. I actually posted my story in the Shamless Plug thread at MediaMiner. I thought, what the hell, it can't hurt, can it? I usually just let reviews come as they come, but it's been a little slow. So far, I'm just glad people have enjoyed it! It means a lot to me to have all of the reviews I've gotten.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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That is one of the frustrating things about fichaven, plus that is where I got the review where the guy said he loved it and was rating it 4 out of 10 (which makes me think he doesn't understand the rating system at all). It is still kind of new, so I was trying to give it a chance, but it is frustrating. On top of that, at least before I could see how many hits each chapter had, but like AnimeSpiral, they "upgraded" and took that function away. I'll finish Blood & Tears there, but don't know if I'll add anything else. I tried it at the suggestion of quirkyslayer or I never would have known about it. I thought maybe it would be good to get in on a site while it was still small, and hopefully pick up some more regular readers, but who can tell since they took the function away that let you know that anyone was even looking at it.

Reviews at MediaMiner have been slow as well. Even some of my usual reviewers haven't left anything recently. I don't know if they've stopped reading, got caught by the reveiw black hole when the servers were being upgraded, or just got frustrated trying to get past the mm spam protection. I understand why they have it, but it should take half a dozen attempts or more to get the review to go through.

I will have to admit I'm happy I decided to do more with the DA account. It turns out I have some fans over there I didn't know about, and some of them come bearing art!

I hope your new job goes well, and that you find something more what you are looking for soon. Hopefully, some more will open up as the schools all get started and some of the summer interns and others only working for the summer have to return to class. But, like you said, at least what you have is helping to pay the bills.

I've posted off and on at fichaven. I really should update Journey and see if I can get anything else there. I do like the fact that it is a smaller archive, just because you're not competing with a billion stories, but it's almost too small because you don't really get anything out of it. Maybe if you review a few times over there and they check out who's reading/reviewing, they'll do in return? As for the hit count, I find that irritating. I like to know how many are reading and have at least looked, but yeah, I don't get that now. Why they got rid of it is beyond me.

As for MM, I'm not sure how many of my AFF readers will check out Child of the Moon, mainly because I'm not sure how many actually visit my journal. I might tack on a small note about the journal AND Child when I get the next chapter posted, just so people KNOW about it. And yeah, the stupid spam code at MM is obnoxious. It shouldn't take a billion failed codes just to post a quick review.

I must admit I've kinda been lazy at DA as of late. I wish they would allow you to post a multipart story there without having to break it down chapter by chapter. I think it gets a bit tedious that way, but what can you do?

And yeah, I hope that the job continues to go well, and hopefully soon I'll be able to find something that is more suited to my skills. (Truthfully, though, I went to college to better my skills as a fiction writer, not to find the highest paying job in the world, but that's another story....) We'll see, I guess.

I noticed right away that DA wasn't condusive to posting multichapter fics there, so I'll probably just keep the one shots and then post update notices with links to the longer fics in my journal there. I almost immediately got some response when I posted the new chapter notice there like I do here, so I think I will continue doing that.

I emailed the staff at fichaven about the hit counter being gone, and I got a snotty reply back that just because someone looked at the page doesn't mean they read it. I responded that I was well aware of that, but that if I had over 1000 hits per chapter like I did on some at AnimeSpiral before they got rid of that feature, I could probably assume that at least some of those had read it. I don't know what possesed them to do the exact same type upgrading as AnimeSpiral. I don't like either of them now like I did before. But like you said, what can you do.

I dunno. I started posting Journey there, as a way to edit chapter by chapter, so I might continue to do that. We'll see.

And why would you be snotty about it? Sheesh. I like the hit counter, even if it doesn't mean someone read it, simply because then you know someone actually clicked on it and it's not just sitting there floating in space. I wish that AnimeSpiral and Fichaven would bring it back, but it doesn't sound like that'll happen.

They had told me to be patient, they were still working on the upgrades, but that was several weeks ago. I don't think it's gonna happen. I have no way of knowing if anyone is even looking at it or not, and it's frustrating.

Sigh. I hate "customer" service like this. I know these sites are free, but there is no excuse for the way they've treated you concerning the mattter. Gah. It was just a question, and save for AnimeSpiral, they're the only site not to have a hit count. Go figure.

Hey, if you are there go to http://inuyasha-shrine.deviantart.com/journal/9806648/#journal

The first three entries get an art request. She only has two so far.

Well, someone finally took the third one, but I got the second. Yay!

It's too bad I was at work when this was going on. Oh well, there's always next time.

I was afraid I'd miss you, but thought i'd give it a try since I thought Nikkie was at work, too. But lucky me, I requested a somewhat naughty InuYasha/Kagome piece since she has a couple posted.

So now I sit trying to write, waiting for some word on Chapter 470 and what's happening with Rin! We don't have the transcript from Patches yet, and the Blog from Japan hasn't been updated, either. ARGH!! Don't they know it's been TWO weeks and we're waiting!!

Ugh. I hope they hurry it up. I can't wait for it to be posted. Hurry up and save Rin!!


Glad to hear you found a new job. Hey, there are worse places than KFC/A&W. Is it a company store or a franchise. I worked at a franchised MacDonalds when I was going to college. It was OK for a while, but it only lasted thru 2 semesters. I know you'll find something better, its just a matter of time. Just keep your eyes, ears and the "want-ads" open. Soon enough the opportunity will come. Then there'll be the first book,and a second, followed by the trilogy and then screenplays. So, taking a queue from the Stones 'time is on your side, yes it is!' Enjoy life as it comes, because everything comes when it is time.
As far as 'Journey' goes, just write it down as it happens. You remember what Miracle Max said to Indigo; "Never rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles!"

Avidly awaiting your next "miracle",


I think it might be company, but I'm not sure. I thought all those places by default were franchise. As far as the work environment goes, I really have to change a couple things of my thinking from when I worked at the food service in the college. Believe it or not, they're more LAX at KFC/A&W. After close and all customers are gone, the hat can come off and the shirt can be untucked. I would have been ROASTED alive at the college food service for doing any of those things, even after all customers were gone and I was left with a manager and a couple dish washers to sweep a floor. And they're not nearly as picky about everything as they were at the college food service. I guess it might help because my bosses aren't complete asses that I spent my time hating. That's a plus. And yes, I'll have to be putting together a stronger resume, keeping an eye on the jobs I wanna have, and doing that. As for writing big time novels and getting published? Maybe some day. I dunno about that. And screenwriting? I've never done it. It's trickier than it looks.

Loved the Princess Bride comment and the Stones refrence...now that everyone knows that the Stones are my favorite, I guess I'll be hearing a lot of those.

I hope my "miracles" aren't too rotten!

I'm glad to hear your job is going Okay. It's not so bad going in if you know your bosses are decent and treat people that way.

Well, back to writing and waiting.

Yeah, it's a lot better knowing that my boss isn't going to talk down to me like I'm retarded. My old boss did that to me all the time. The stupid thing? I graduated Magna Cum Laude, so why he treated me that way is beyond me.

Probably because he felt inferior and was trying to make himself feel better by doing it. some people are just mean that way.

I dunno, I think he just thinks so highly of himself that he has the need to belittle others. I feel for all the freshmen who have to take my place as his punching bag. I swear, if I hadn't needed to go on in life with new jobs and such, I would have totally lambasted him my last day of work and told him exactly what a pathetic little ass he was. I didn't, but boy did I ever want to!

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