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IYFG Results
Hey Reader,

I was very pleased to see that I placed in at least one category. I wasn't sure if I'd place, but I took 3rd in the Best Serial category. I'd like to thank everyone who nominated, seconded, thirded, and voted for my story this quarter. It means a lot to me. We'll have to see what happens next quarter.

I am getting a litte bit done on the next chapter. We'll see how much I can get written, soon. I would like to have another chapter posted sometime by the end of September, if I'm lucky. Good grief, it takes me a long time!
Again, thanks to all those who supported my story!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Serial and Drama are always two of the hardest categories. I'm glad you placed in at least one of them.

And you'll get your next chapter done when you get it done. I think it will be at least a couple of weeks before I post my next one. Work has been crazy so I've been too tired to write, and I'm leaving on vacation Friday and will be gone for a week. So, anything that doesn't get done before I go will have to wait until I get back.

And I'm sorry you're dreading going to work...

Thanks. And yeah, I've noticed that those two can be the harder categories indeed. I'm just glad I had enough people who thought mine was worthy enough for one of them.

Thanks for having the patience. It means a lot to me. I know what you mean by too tired, though!

I am soooo dreading it, and I have figured I MUST get out. I have to find a job ANYWHERE ELSE. I am still crossing my fingers that I will get the college job, but I'm going to apply for the Night Stocking position at the grocery store, more hours and hopefully more pay. I just know if I can help it, I WILL be getting out of Fast Food. It's great for highschool kiddies, I suppose, but I just don't feel motivated at the pay I'm getting. ARRGH. So, when I deposit my check and my last check from the other job, I'm gonna apply to the grocery store. OH PLEASE hire me!

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for that college job for you. Don't let 'em get you down!

Thanks. I'm hoping to. Tonight wasn't so bad, but I still know I just can't afford the things I'm gonna need to afford on this job. It's just not going to cut it. I'll keep working there until I get something else, but I will hate it. I'm just looking soooooooooo forward to my two days off on Tuesday and Wednesday and then the Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend for my birthday. Oi. I swear to god, if I wouldn't get griped at and I didn't need some income, I'd just up and quit. Seriously.

Sorry to hear you're not happy at the new job. At least it will pay some of the bills until something better comes along. Keep looking up though. You've got talent and skills, and you are going to find something that you'll feel better doing. Its just a matter of time and patience. Whoa, hey, wait a minute, I know patience is in short supply when your in a bad situation, but getting really upset about it only makes it feel that much worse. It could be worse, you could have been orphaned at a young age and adopted by dirt farmers in Karanda! Anyway, I hope things get better soon. And to help it along here's a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We're all hoping that you had a great weekend and Holiday to celebrate it, and that whatever your birthday wish is, we'll do all we can to help make it come true! Right people? (Yuusuke looks over at the Sengoku Jidai crew, who have obviously been misbehaving, but quickly look up and play innocent. "Keh, whatever" comes out of Inuyasha's mouth before he turns to see a glaring Kagome. He cringes as she yells "You insensitive JERK! After that remark you can sleep with Miroku tonight!" A shout of "HENTAI!" and a loud 'SMACK' interrupt the hanyou's resonse. "And you're welcome to him, Inuyasha!" Sango says as she storms off after Kagome, leaving the monk in a blissful state of masochistic pleasure. Kagome scoops up Shippo and moves over to Rin and Sesshoumaru. The young girl looks up at her Lord and he cannot help but aquiesce to her unspoken request. Her smile at his acceptance is more than enough to satisfy any effort he must apply. Inuyasha grabs the monk by the ear and drags him along to join the rest of the group as they move over to Yuusuke. "OK, we're ready to help" Kagome says cheerfully, and then looks pointedly at her hanyou. Inuyasha looks at the floor, sighs and says "We promise we'll be good", then looks up at you with a glint in his eyes and continues, " at least for a little while". Well, that's the best I can do for now. I hope you feel better, and things go smoother. Take care 'til next time.


Poor, poor Inuyasha. He always finds a way to get into trouble, doesn't he? And the gang certainly can help if they like. I know I'd appreciate it. It's better than the alternative, when they aren't being helpful. I'll let Kagome and Sango help put the boys in their place, though! Sesshomaru seems fine, but then again, he's usually nice and behaves, mainly cause Rin gives him that smile. Poor thing, he's so whipped and he doesn't even know it.

C'est moi, LiLy

im so glad you placed! not that im really surprised, its an awesome story. anyway, i hope work is going well! not much else to say... congrats again! im waiting patiently for the next update.

Thanks. I didn't know if I would or not, but it's nice to see that I have. I do hope to have another update...eventually. Sigh. I tell ya, sometimes.

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