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(no subject)
Title: Bleeding Through
Genre: Angst, Original, One Shot
Rating: Y, NC-17
Word Count: 2094
In the aftermath of the loss of a child will a couple learn to heal or be destroyed?
I originally wrote this story for a fiction workshop in college about three years ago. When it came time to put together my Senior Portfolio, I dug this story back out and completely rewrote it. I didn't like what I had, others suggested some wonderful ideas, and I let the characters tell me what they wanted me to know. For me, this story is quite possibly the best one out of my original works, and therefore at this time the only one I'm willing to post.

Awards: See the awards page

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Congratulations again on this winning the mediaminer contest!!

Thanks! I gotta say, though, Inuyasha lookes like someone told him the stupidest thing he's ever heard in your picture there. I think it's funny.

Sometimes I forget - you don't see the picture leaving a comment like you do when you're picking them for your journal entries. I haven't found too many places to use this one yet..

That one's even funnier! Poor Inuyasha. He has so many expressions. That boy coud teach his brother how to show something other than "I Am Angry and I Will Kill You Now."

Far Away Eyes

You mean like this one? ;o)

Yeah, like that one. YOu'd think he'd be able to express more than anger. . .sometimes I wonder.

This is the closest thing I've seen to him other than angry - from the third movie when he saw the vision of his father.

There was that one time he did smile at Jaken, sort of, when he was scaring he crap out of that toad. But yeah, that has to be about the most expressive Sess has ever been. . .poor thing just needs to unleash his inner emotions! He's got them, he just won't share!

Yeah, that was funny - he scares the crap out of Jaken when he smiles. I figure one of these days he's just going to blow up from holding it all in so long.

I do pity the person who is present when Sess unleashes. It could be potentially, well. . .bad.

I really don't think Naraku would like to be on the end of that. . .but I'd watch!

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