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Birthday Stuff
Hey Reader,

I had a pretty good birthday all in all. I went to the horse track yesterday for the final day of live racing at Canterbury Park in Minnesota. We saw one of our favorite jockies get the Best Jockey of the Year, so that was cool. Only two of my horses came in out of 12, but that's not a big deal. It's fun to watch them run.

I got the Dresden Dolls debut album (I already had the second one), Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 4, and some nice slacks for my birthday. I also got a lovely drawing from inuhanyounikkie that is just beautiful! It wasn't too bad of a birthday at all. I guess you could also include the first Inuyasha video game, the one for the Playstation 1 way back in the day. i've been playing that today instead of working on the story. (Hangs head in shame). It's amusing to say the least. I'll say that they've made it highly unfair in some places, yet surprisingly way too easy in others. Sesshomaru is almost a disappointment in the damn game. I've kicked his ass several times on the first go round so that should tell you something. But Naraku is the biggest push over in the whole thing. I just played through with Shippo and he kicked Naraku's butt in the first round. That other one where they pitted poor Shippo against BOTH Kagura and Sesshomaru (Not fair! He's just a little boy!) was ten times harder.

Anyways, I also watched Inuyasha Movie Four. Feh, it was alright, but not much to talk about. I was a little disappointed in it, actually. I didn't like the fact that the four war gods were duplicates in some regards to the Band of Seven. And they had this whole thing about a fake Kikyo (I call her Vampire Kikyo, if you've seen the movie, you know) and I had thought from the way they were billing it that we'd see a lot more of that, perhaps even Kikyo joining with Inu and company for a while to get rid of it, but NO. The other disappointment was the fact that they had Sesshomaru involved, yet he has so few scenes. And what the hell? How on EARTH did those stupid War Gods even get him cursed with their stupid mark and NOT just immediately lose their heads? What really confused me was, there are FOUR marks, Sesshomaru shows up, kicks major tail on the damn war god that initially gave him the stupid mark and then DISAPPEARS. He doesn't show up when the four war gods make a huge demon to fight, he just disappears until the epilogue credits. I was like WTH? And I really wasn't too excited about the attack that Kagome and Inuyasha used. It was so unique and awesome in the first movie and I got all excited when I saw it there. By the fourth movie, can't they do a combo attack that's new and different? Like something to do with the Diamond Spear Blast(Regardless of what VIZ thinks it should be called) or something? I loved the idea of the half-demon children and the fac that both Inu brothers had a score to settle for the same mark and all that, but get real, it just didn't follow through well. And I think those silly war gods are blind. They marked HALF-DEMONS and then they go after Sesshomaru? Are they NUTS? He's FULL dumb asses! Anyways, I was sorely disappointed in this one compared to the rest. It was okay, but not great. I love Movie 1 and Movie 3 the best, myself, but boy...I hope the next one they make is tons better, really.

Now for some job news. I can't seem to beat job people off with a stick. Shopko hired me last Thursday for their overnighting position, then they tried to hire me again today for office work in their Opitcal department. I almost wish I could ask to switch to that one, merely cause it's in the day and it could help to have some sort of office position like that, but whatever. Maybe I can get it after the temp overnighting position is finished, we shall see. THEN there is the BIGGIE job I am soo crossing my fingers to get. I got an email on Friday from USBancorp for their Loan Documentation position. I don't know a damn thing about loans, BUT they want someone who can proofread and the like. They also come with full benefits and all the goodies, so I am hoping I can get that interview scheduled VERY soon. I emailed and called the woman who emailed me back today, but only got voicemail and now have to wait for her call/email. I figure she might be on Labor Day vaction still. I cannot tell you how much I would love to have this job. I never thougth I'd hear back on it, either. They do only want a 2 year degree and I have a 4, so we'll see!

Other than that, I shall get back to the story in a little bit. I know, I know, everyone wants MORE Journey. So do I. I really have a lot of big plots that I want to get to, but I have to do so much of the groundwork and get a few other plots either wrapped up or into action to get there. And by big plots, I mean BIG plots. Only me and my beta know, but are we ever anxious. That, and if I don't get my ass in gear on this chapter, she'll kick my ass.

Speaking of Journey, I have posted the new banner in the Awards thread about it. THANKS Quirky! It's beautiful. Do go check it out. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to get so many of her lovely banners, so thank-you. And I got it on my birthday, too. What a lovely present that was!

I do hope everyone had a great Far Away Eyes/Labor Day. I know I did. Now I'm just getting a little nervous about job stuff. Don't worry, we'll get more story soon, I promise! And if you haven't, go read Child of the Moon and drop me a line. I'd be so pleased to get the feedback on it!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I guess when it rains it pours. I'm glad you had a happy birthday and that the job hunt has improved.

I wasn't a huge fan on movie 4 either. I mean it was okay, and i loved all teh half demon kids, but Kikyou and Sesshomaru being there was really just fan service.

Happy Birthday! I completely forgot. I'm terrible with dates, it like, just send me in the general direction/time/place, I'll get it, lol....

But Im kinda with you as well on Inu Movie four. Tho ya gotta admit, the animation wasn't too shabby, lol.

I read in one of my anime magz I get, that that was to be the 'final' film. Meaning there isnt going to be anymore? The reporter/critic/ whatever her ass is, has an email Addy, so I think Im gonna email to find out more.

I just think that if they were going to bring in Sesshomaru and Kikyo, at least USE them more than two minues a piece during the whole movie. Get real. It just didn't make sense, not the way they billed it. They made it sound like Sesshomaru and/or Kikyo would end up with the Inu Gang fighting off these "War Gods" not just floating in and out of the movie at will. It would have been TRUE fan service to have both of those characters used properly. It just was a let down when they didn't even seem to try.


I agree with you on Movie 4. The story is clipped and disjointed like more than one person wrote it and it got cut & pasted together, unlike Movie 3, which rocked! Its good to hear that the job front seems to have sprouted numerous opportunities. I left you a comment on your last journal entry ( Aug 27th ) with some fan service and I wanted to make sure that you got it. It was basically to help cheer you up after the disappointment of the fast food job. I'm glad that you had a fun and happy birthday. Remember, through good times and bad times, your friends will always be there to do whatever we can to help you get through the storm and feel better. Good Luck with that interview, and take care.


I just didn't understand why they bothered having either Sesshomaru OR Kikyo in it if they weren't going to do a whole lot in the end anyways. It was like "Why did you bother if that's what you were going to do?" And you had Sesshomaru but NO Rin really until the end, at least I don't recall her being there when they forced poor Sesshomaru to lose some stupid battle with that loser he throughly beat the hell out of with EASE later on. It just didn't make any sense. And please, I'd LOVE for someone to explain what the hell the people who wrote the movie were smoking with they made Vampire Kikyo? What the hell was THAT? She gets poor, befuddled Inuyasha in a hug and tries to bite him like a vampire? Ummmm he already had the marks of the War Gods, so it couldn't be that. That's the other biggest let down of the film. The Inu Brothers should have been FORCED to team up literarlly to beat down these losers together. It would have made for an exhilirating rush to watch. And yes, they'd probably spend at least 50% of their time together arguing their heads off, but it'd be fun! And the other pet peeve I had was WHY did they make Kagome this little weakling until the big battle? "Ohhhh I don't have a bow! I can't do anything! I'm helpless!" GAH, you can blast with just your palm if you put your mind to it! We've seen it happen in the past. I just don't get it sometimes. You know what would have been just twisted...they forgot one MAJOR half-demon: Naraku. Come on, it would have been hilarious to see those poor, poor War Gods find some weirdo way to put their silly mark on him and tangle with him for a bit. It would have been at least entertaining. Anyways, I guess that's enough about the silly movie. I will say, though, that right after watching Movie 4, I busted out Movie 3, to put Sesshomaru back where he belongs, in his good standings and kick ass battling without looking silly.

I saw the post and I do intend to fully read it. I got a bit busy with the video game and talking with my beta and all that that I didn't get a real good chance to totally read through it the way I'd like to. It means a lot to me that all of you are here.

Happy Birthday!! or belated anyway. I've been meaning to comment here for a while. I completely agree about movie 4. It really irked me about the whole kikyo thing. The claypot version kills the clone, which is more alive and human than herself, and yet she belittle's Inuyasha's inability to kill her "fake" ....correct me if I'm wrong but who seems more of the fake? the clone who is living flesh and blood.... or the one made of dirt and bones who lives off of the souls of others? .... and he just takes it! he doesn't even think about what she says, or consider that the same could be said for herself. I also dissapprove of how they stomp down Sesshoumaru's skill and prowess, and I agree about the fight also, it coulda been a tad bit better. It's funny though, how in all of the episodes with flashbacks to kikyo and Inuyasha's relationship they never thought to add the island. Sure ok the movie was probably made AFTER all those but still .... what about the later episodes? nothing, zip. O well I think I'm done ranting lol once again Happy Birthday and I'm glad you're currently having so much luck with jobs :) c'ya and ciao 4 now ~Ang~

Thanks. You have been meaning to say something for awhile? I don't bite, truly. My beta would say I don't bite hard, though. Feel free to speak up whenever. I like to talk to people.

I said the same thing about Kikyo and Vampire Kikyo. What really bothered me about the Vampire Kikyo was Inuyasha almost bought it for awhile. Kikyo's NEVER used a sword in her entire existence, either when alive or now walking dead. Inuyasha nearly buys that it might be her, and I'm like "Ummm dude, why would she be waving some huge sword at you? Hello! Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrow! DUH." Then when he gets tricked into the hug, Real Kikyo kills her and says her little thing, and I was like "umm you're a copy, an imitation, too, you know." IT just didn't make sense.

And yeah, they did totally make Sesshomaru look like some foolish ass clown the way that silly War God managed to get that mark on his back like it was the EASIEST thing in the world. WTF? The Sesshomaru I KNOW would have just flicked his wrist, sliced the stupid guys head off with his whip and been on his merry(err indifferent, I suppose) way. He would NOT have been driven to his knees and forced to be some little slave to these losers. They never explained exactly HOW that was possible. And then they don't even let Sesshomaru really fight and prove himself. He defeats the loser who got the mark on his back, then disappears, when the injustice to his person was still a problem. It just didn't make logical sense to me. He had a big grudge there, if you keep the fact that he was weak enough to get stuck in that situation in the first place, and yet he never really got the retribution I would have expected for him to reap. Go figure.

Anyways, I do hope to see you around more often!!

i thought about you on yur birthday and im delighted it was a good one! *hums that stupid birthday song that people sing before the cake comes* mine's coming up the 11th and i hope im as lucky as you were giftwise.
dont even get me started on the 4th movie. i recently saw it myself and while it wasnt the most shitty movie i have ever seen, it was still pretty damn shitty compared to the others. i read your other reviews and everything i could say has already been said. its funny to think you could keep the characters more in charater than the creator! ha!

Technically, from what I understand, all four movies were done with writers other than Takahashi. That's why it says "Based upon" rather than written by. They paid to have the rights and then they make a movie from that. I know that a lot of the fandom chooses to ignore the movies when it comes to the canon as if they never happened. It's just something that I have noticed. I take what I like and discard a lot of the rest, similiar to how I handle the Eddings folks. But yeah, it's not the best. It had its moments, but boy, it just didn't have the same impact as the last three.

SO glad you had an awesome Birthday/week!! Really happy about the job scene!! So very happy!! I can't believe those jerks were like that to you!! So cruel!! I can believe their turn out with employees is high if they are all butt heads!! Had fun being Inuyasha or Sesshoumaru in the game and who did you kick while them? I'll have to wait on the Movie Four bit.. Kikyou the Vampire? Well she is rather undead before she became dead again... Is it really that bad? And don't worry about the story!! I still have chapters to review and the Child of the Moon to review!

I played as everyone in the game that I've unlocked. I got to play as Naraku last. The game is so ridiculously out of character it's hilarious. I got my ass handed to me as Sesshomaru while fighting of all people SHIPPO. It was embarassing. Poor Sesshomaru. As if he'd even entertain the idea of wasting his time fighting with a little demon boy. He made up for it later on by totally decimating Naraku while he stood there and let Sesshomaru beat him to death. Go figure. The game is so erradic as far as if it'll let you win or not. Sometimes it's damn hard and you have to fight the same person to get through that round seven or eight times, other times it takes thirty seconds and they don't even try to fight back. It's just kinda funny.

And yes, the movie is okay, I'd watch it if I were you just for the experience. You'll totally get Vampire Kikyo when you see the movie, trust me. It's alright, and if you're a completist you'll want it in the collection that's for sure.

The reviews...I can't wait! It makes me excited just thinking about them.

Happy Birthday to you
You live in a zoo
You look like a monkey
You smell like on too!
Glad you had a great day. Mines next year (grumbles) and I'm also the youngest out of my group of friends. Man it sucks! I was too, a little disappointed in the 4th movie. Inuyasha should of used Kongosoha (Diamond Spear Blast or Adamant Barrage {WHY DO THEY CALL IT THE ADAMANT BARRAGE!! IT'S DIAMOND})I like that attack.I also like the 2nd movie. Inuyasha and Kagome kiss. Finally. The 3rd movie is so cool. I really didn't think Sesshomaru and Inuyasha could work together. They do it so well too. Can you please update soon on Journey! I'm going crazy that I don't know what is going to happen. GET OFF THE PLAYSTATION!!!! Sorry. Anywho, update soo and a big happy birthday to you.

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