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Here's my collage!
Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424

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Well, yours is certainly more interesting than mine! Baseball and football, huh? I used to be, but not as much any more.

BTW, since I've been gone I haven't heard, how's the new job??

I'm interesting? Hmmm. I do love football and baseball, though! I watch the Twins almost every game, and will be binging on football this Sunday and Monday.

I have not started the new job yet. I get to go through orientation Tuesday. I also am crossing my fingers for a second interview at UsBancorp for their Documentation position. That's got full benefits in EVERYTHING and is fancy and is an 8-5 job with no weekends, but we shall see. I was told I'd hear back if they wanted a second interview. I am not certain if I was they really liked me or what, because they babbled all about what a second interview would entail, so I don't know if that means they'll call me back or what. We'll see, I guess. For now the other job is good enough and will have a lot of pay compared to you know what. I'll let you know when I know more. . .

Well, at least you aren't at the KFC and coming home smelling like grease any more! I hope everything works out for you. It would be nice to have a regular 8-5 job, though I guess you'd have to adjust your nightime writing to something more reasonable again so you can get up early. But, a steady job with real benefits would be a big plus.

Thanks for leaving another lengthy review over at AFF. It made up for the earlier ones that made me wonder if the person had actually read it, or simply was not really old enough to comprehend what they were reading.

I made the assassin a lot like I see Naraku, powerful but overconfident and greedy. There will be a little more in an upcoming chapter that will hopefully tell more (enough) about him since Sesshomaru knows more than he has let on regarding him. And Souta, well I figure he's a smart little kid and would come up with something that sounded plausible if given enough time to think about it. Since InuYasha is his hero, the last thing he wants is for him to get into trouble. He'd been thinking about an explanation since he got there, and Mama might have whispered a suggestion in his ear somewhere along the way.

And as far as InuYasha's mind being in the gutter, Kagome has instigated at least half of their love-making; I figure Kagome, bed, no underwear - he would have been right under different circumstances. But even if she had wanted to, he wouldn't because she's hurt (but a little more on that to come).

And yeah, I've always wondered about that too - how he wanders all over the place with a sword and no one ever notices.

I hope your story will decide to work for you, especially since you have some time to work on it now. I know I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. The last chapter of mine that I sent off to inufan625 to read took me forever, it seemed. I had written about the first thousand words but couldn't seem to get past it, even though I knew where I wanted to go. Then, of course, the night before I left town, when I should have been finishing packing and going to bed, I went into a writing frenzy and knocked out the rest of it, finishing sometime after midnight. I reread it after I got back, and it turns out it wasn't half bad. So, I sent it off to her to read and started on the next chapter yesterday. I hadn't planned to until Nikkie left a review that gave me somewhere to start in order to answer some of her questions, so now the first thousand words of it is written and I just have to decide what's next.

Yeah, I am so happy to be out of a dead end job where I know I have no real future. I know the highschool kids might like it, because it's a way for them to get money while in school, but for me, I'm trying to get some place where I can eventually make enough to live on my own and be able to build my own life. I'm not looking for quick DVD or video game cash. I am thankful that either the overnighting job or the Bancorp job has benefits, so it's a win-win for me.

I know exactly HOW you feel about reviews that reveal the reader's lack of reading comprehension. I got one tonight for Child that said they loved it, yet wanted more at the end (and for whatever reason, some Jaken). I was like "eh?? That whole story was about Rin and Sesshomaru's very complex, loving relationship. Jaken wasn't in it because he gets in the WAY of it!" But whatever. . .go figure.

I dunno, the assassian, I suppose has a lot of Naraku in him, too, but he seemed a lot like Bankotsu, who I guess was a little like our spider boy, too. It seems most of these types are a little cocky and greedy and let it dilute their intelligence. I've often thought that Naraku oughta get a new hobby. IF he had TV, he wouldn't be wasting all this energy on torturing Inuyasha and company. He'd be too busy wondering who wins Rock Star Supernova or who will die on the soap opera that day. Sheesh. Or if that's not his kind of thing, he could play fantasy football if he needs something to control. Maybe knitting..it's kinda like making spider webs, I guess. I thought the assassian was a great character, none the less. Is it possible that he's part Arendish, though? They're utterly stupid, devoid of fear, and think they are the strongest in any battle, thus will win by virtue. It's something to consider. . .

I've always thought Sota had the chance to be really smart when we saw him. I loved it in the second movie he made sure to get a ton of photos of Inuyasha and Kagome arguing in that booth just to show them how stupid they looked. Why wouldn't he be able to figure out when it's time to be serious and help on out?

I suppose that I can't really Inuyasha for his jump to conclusions. She has been a little vixen with him, hasn't she? Naughty, naughty Kagome.

Yeah, I love when ever Inuyasha ends up in modern times, excluding that silly cultural festival mainly cause everyone dressed weird, but he walks through stores BARE FOOT and with a sword and funny clothing and even with the hat he's kinda hard to miss. HOW many young looking guys have waist long silver hair? Not many people have gold/amber eyes, either. I just can't imagine why no one ever looks. And what ever happened to "NO Shirt, NO shoes, NO service?" I just don't get it.

And now I will really beat the hell outta Miroku. I will make him DO something, even if I have to threaten him with having to kiss a man or something. He'll cooperate, or else.

I like it! That's a great pic of Inutaisho and his boys. Just add in Izayoi and Sesshy's mom and you've got a family portrait! I like the Renn Faire pictures, too. We're going to King Richard's Faire this Saturday. We just had our annual church fair, and it will be nice to have someone else do the work while we enjoy! Good luck with the interviews! I hope things work out well in your favor. And with any luck, I may have enough time to try the collage thing and let you people learn a little (or a lot) more about me. Keep smiling & dreaming.


I rather liked the picture of Inu Papa and his boys. I know it's one of my favorites. I can almost hear a backstory on it. Inu Papa threats bodily harm to both sons if they don't take the damn family photo. He'll make them HUG and say nice things if they don't. He'll take their toys away if need be. Anything so they'll sit there nice and quiet with their swords for the stupid photo. If I actually could write convicing comedy. . .

I do look forward to your collage, though.

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