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(no subject)
Hey Reader,

I have started to really figure this live journal thing out, so I think I'll be posting all author notes here from now on. In this particular journal, you will find all news about updates, progress of chapters, and review responses. It will replace the notes at the end of the chapter that have been present in the past, so be sure to check here! Don't worry, I will still be replying to all my reviews as I've always done. Just remember to check this journal often!

So, where is the chapter, you say? I have turned it into my beta-reader so when she returns it, I should be able to put in those final edits and have it posted for your enjoyment! It has topped out at twenty-one pages, so it's not a short one, that's for sure. I do hope that it'll be worth the long wait! It has been an adventure writing it, that's for sure.

I will be doing individual responses in the next update journal, after the next chapter's reviews have come in, so do check back here for those! Other than that, just keep this journal in mind for any and all updates/news on the story!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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At least here you won't have to worry about some asshole turning you in for having an AN to let us all know you didn't die, and you were working on a chapter. Some people just don't have enough to do...

That'd be the hope, yes. I just hope that people will be able to find it and keep up with all the news!

Just refer to it in an AN at the end (or beginning) of a chapter. They certainly can't bitch about that. I also have it listed as my homepage in the profile in case anyone looks.

I shall have to try that. I know I have put it in most of my profiles, so we shall see what people do, I suppose.

FYI - AnimeSpiral is finally back up.

Thanks! I was wondering when they'd get back online.

A Dragon Searching for a Jewel Shard

To: Far Away Eyes
From: Mirumoto Yuusuke


Surprise! (I hope its a good one) A dragon will always find what its looking for. This one couldn't stop until he found the sacred jewel shard that had dissappeared so suddenly. If you thought I was concerned when you were late posting the next chapter, that was nothing compared to what happened when your story and profile were struck from the fanfiction-dot-com server! I'm sorry. I asked you to tell us how you were doing, and you got in trouble for it. It was stupid, and I can only beg your forgiveness for my ignorance. And if I ever find the lowlife creep who turned you in, I'll make him wish that Sesshoumaru found him instead!
Just in case you are wondering about the dragon reference, here is a little background. Mirumoto samurai are great and cunning warriors. The Mirumoto family is a member of the Dragon Clan, one of six Great Houses in the Empire of Rokugan. Rokugan is the setting for the RPG "Legend of the Five Rings". The RPG is very similar to medieval Japan in the structure and workings of the Empire, so I'm right at home with Inuyasha & company.
This looks like a really good site for sending reviews, responses or just regular messages. It sounds like, once you get used to it, you're really going to enjoy using it. I may even join up so I can get a cool banner over my comments too! I don't know if you got a chance to read the response I made to your Author's note. Tell me if you didn't, and I'll write up a new one for you.
Gotta go now. Talk to you soon, and tell you're beta reader to hurry up!

Ever ready to read & review, your loyal protector and friend,

Mirumoto Yuusuke

Re: A Dragon Searching for a Jewel Shard

Mirumoto Yuusuke,

Hey!! I am so glad to see you've made it here. I guess I shouldn't tell you then that you've found a dog, not a jewel shard. That's my sign, after all! You know what they say in the Chinese Zodiac. Dogs and dragons do not mix, but I guess we can be the exception. And don't you be sorry about the disappearance of the story from fanfic.net. They, well, removed it for a whole different reason entirely. Something about the s-e-x, I think, they objected to. Sure, they don't like author notes, but it certainly was the other stuff that ticked them off more. As for the person who turned me in, I can't be entirely sure if there is anyone person, or if fanfic.net discovered it themselves. It's a rather moot point, really.

That RPG sounds interesting, though! I don't know a whole lot about it, but it does sound neat, nonetheless.

Yes, I think this place will certainly be a nice place to respond to reviews and post updates so people know what is going on. I wish I had been aware of it much sooner. I knew of livejournal, but didn't exactly know what it was. I always thought it was more like MySpace, something I refuse to use. Now that I'm getting the hang of it, I like it for posting news and information about the writing itself. As far as fanfic.net is concerned, I am debating "editing" the s-e-x out and directing those who wish to read it to the appropriate places, but I'm not entirely sure just how to do that just yet. I'd rather let the whole situation calm down before I attempt something such as that, so we shall see.

Yes, I did get your comment after the author's note was posted. I absolutely adored the Jaken piece. It's so cute. How did you know that my joints crack, though? I'd have to say, "Dem-Ex" might be a better delivery service in the long run, though.

Now for your review section of the story. Yes, we have done some weeding in the ranks. They aren't going to disappear entirely. They do have their own tasks, too. As for Sesshomaru, I'm not sure if he's up to the task of learning new tricks just yet. He most certainly does need to learn that Rin needs to grow and be independent, but that it doesn't mean she really wants to be with him, too. I am glad that you approve of the "Sapphire Windscar" name. I debated with myself for quite some time about that name, and the more I said it, the more I liked it. I don't think Naraku will like it that much, however. And no, just because Inu has a new toy doesn't mean he'll have to remember that Tetsusaiga as is can be just as powerful. Rin has certainly grown, hasn't she? I'd say it startled poor Inuyasha, the most, though. As for Koga, we shall see, won't we?

One final note, you are sweet, you know. Being my loyal protector and all is just one of the sweetest things I've heard lately. Anyways, I hope to have that chapter up soon, if my beta would only hurry!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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