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Sigh---Mind if I kill all my characters off??
So Damn Hot
Hey Reader,

Oi. I knew I shouldn't have spent a month on Child of the Moon! Now I'm fighting tooth and nail with Journey---and a certain character in particular (hint, look at icon). I have about three pages roughly, and I'm not sure if ANY of it is any good at ALL. I have to get through this chapter and a couple more that either wrap up some things OR set up the groundwork for upcoming arcs before I can get to the good stuff my damn muse is screaming about lately. It's irritating as hell, because I want to work on the story and get it posted for all of you to enjoy, but I'm pulling my hair out to get even a SENTENCE out let alone a paragraph or page. I swear, if I just killed them all off and wrote "The End" we'd be happier, but then Naraku would win and I, being the Almighty Authoress, just can't let him do that, now can I? And I have tried EVERYTHING so far to get anything rolling on the chapter. I've read the last four chapters through, I've read some other fanfiction to get myself into the mind set, I've changed music, I've locked myself to the keyboard or the notebook, and yet I'm just not really getting anywhere. And I swear, there are four or five sentences that I absolutely hate but cant' fix. I figure, no matter how far I get tonight, I'm sending it to my beta and she can tell me if I should just tear it all up and start over, or find a way to work with what I already have. One way or another, though, I will make this stupid chapter work---or they will all DIE and I don't think any of them really want that.

In other news, I have been through orientation for my new job at Shopko.  It's not going to be that bad, at least not so far. I can get benefits, advance as I work there, and request time off without any troubles. One of the nicest things: 10% off everything in the store with my card. Yay!! I can get some great Christmas shopping done there (They used to have anime, but alas, they dont' anymore, at least I don't think so, and besides, they're remodeling, so who knows). I also can, at a certain point, earn benefits, so it's all good. The only thing that sucked were the cheesy damn videos about the store and their policies on harrassment, but I have the sneaking suspicion that's the case with ALL those types of videos. Do they really have to make the actors in those videos act like complete and utter fuck wits? They were about the cheesiest people I think I've ever seen. But hey, I did get to make $30 sitting on my ass, so yeah.

Anyways, I'm hoping I can get somewhere solid in the story before I have to start working tomorrow night at 10 PM. Sigh. I gotta tell ya, sometimes I wonder!! I also might simply go ahead and answer reviews that I've gotten, just so that they're outta the way, but we'll see. . .

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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i swear it's just miroku. i got stuck for almost a month with that monk and he wasn't playing nice. and now i'm introducing him in my second piece that i need to get out and he's being a lecher again. he doesn't like to do what he's scripted to, i swear. he wants people to move around him and then he'll react.

i love discounts at work, i miss having a job where i can get them. i just raid my bf's employee discount at pier 1. my job just has me seeing a chiropractor. we move with a moving company who insists we can't lift a single box...but they put the boxes, tables, filing cabinets, anywhere regardless of the tags and we have to haul them back. i feel old...

I'm glad it's not just me having problems with dear ol' Miroku. I swear to god, I'll make him gay or something if I have to so he'll behave. I have read enough Inu/Sess action in the past two days, so it wouldn't be hard---err difficult. I mean, that's gotta be one of his fears, being forced to sleep with another man...he wouldn't really mind being made into a woman cause he'd get to touch all the things he wants to touch right now. I swear, I'm gonna kill him, though. He hates me. It's like he knows what I'm going to do to him and he wants to delay it as long as possible. Or maybe he's just an ass. Either way, I'll make him work.

And yeah, discounts can be nice. It'll be a nice thing as we get into Christmas season, that's for sure.

I hope you get him to cooperate, because we are patiently waiting and looking forward to the next chapter. On a brighter note, I've had at least three chapters that I have seriously considered scrapping, but when I sent them to my beta, she liked them. The ones I worried with and liked the least seemed to get the most reviews and people loved them. You just never know.

I'm glad it looks like your new job will be okay. And yeah, the videos like that are all crappy, but they have to show them. In the meantime, I do hope you get called back in for the second interview at the other place.

I'll keep my fingers crossed on all of it.

You have no idea how much I want this chapter to get going. Each chapter is as important as the next, but I want to get to the really exciting stuff I have in mind for some upcoming arcs. Let's just say my muse is howling to get there, but we have to get through the groundwork and wrap up before the fun stuff hits the fan. If ANYONE should be protesting the things my muse is cooking, it oughta be Sesshomaru, cause damn, that boy has hell ahead of him. He may decide I should die for the things I'm gonna do to him.

I'm hoping my beta will give me a thumbs up and suggestions on how to get it going or if I'm wasting my time or whatever. Arrgh. It's just so annoying.

As for the job, yeah, I hope to hear from the other one, too, but this one doesn't sound like I'll wanna die doing it, either. At least not so far.

I hate writers block

I do miss your story very much. I hate writers block; especially when the story is getting good.I would not want you go post something that you do not feel is your best. I hope that you wil get over your writers block so that I can read something of your in the near future. Good luck on getting over it because I know once you do you will produce somthing great. ^_^


I did tell them all to be good and help you,(I hope you had a chance to read that reply to your Aug 27th entry). All except of course for Miroku who was still in la-la land after getting slapped by Sango and dragged by Inuyasha. OK, we'll have to deal with this directly. "Miroku!" No reply. Yuusuke turns and looks over the area until he zeroes in on the lecherous monk. 'Old habits die hard', the samurai mumbles as he watches the monk reaching for a certain slayers curvacious bottom. "MIROKU!" The pervert freezes and turns to look wide-eyed at the samurai who seems to want his attention. Unfortunately, the intended victim also looks and then notices the monk with his hand reaching, on its own, for her tender flesh.
"HENTAI!" *SMACK* *THUD* The now diciplined monk is contemplating the taste of the dirt in his mouth, as the woman storms off and the armored warrior approaches. The samurai shakes his head as he takes a hold of the young man to help him to his feet. "Look, my young friend, as long as you keep acting with reckless abandon, you're never going to get what you most desire." The older samurai led the young monk down the street as he continued. "You're Drasnian companion gave you some good advice. You were doing well as long as you followed it. Not only with the young slayer, but also with the rest of you group as well. Its time for you to grow up. Womanizing and playing at con games is just a crutch, an illusion of what you really want. Do you want to end up like your sensei Mushin?!" The monk stoped short and turned to the seasoned warrior. "But, if I get too close, it will only end in tragedy! My curse keeps me from becoming anything more than I am now. If people depend on me, then if I fail ..." The young man could not continue as he looked down at his right hand. The prayer beads holding back the contained fury of the dreaded Kazaana wind tunnel. He looked up again when he felt a stong hand grip his shoulder. "You must have faith, Miroku." The warrior said with a half-smile. "That is what sets us on the road to meet our dreams. Doubt and chaos are all around us, but we must have faith in ourselves and our loved ones, that no matter what opposes you, you will reach your goal." "You should listen to the old man, bouzo!" Both men turned to see the hanyou approaching. "He's got a good point." He stopped when he reached the two men and continued his comments. "I can sense your inner conflict, and it is going to get you killed before that wind tunnel has its chance to eat you." "The half-breed is correct." Everyone jumped as the Inu-Youkai spoke. "That is really an annoying habit, Sesshoumaru-sama", the samurai addressed the Lord of the Western Lands. The taiyoukai simply humphed as a response and continued. "We're going to fight against Naraku and a large number of other demons very soon now. We must all be at out best, ready and alert for anything. You must settle this business with the slayer so that we can complete our task." The monk visibly paled at the intensity of the youkai's glare. "As I understand it", the samurai began,"we need to work with the powers that be in this realm." The hanyou then interrupted,"What he means is that when Far Away Eyes Kami-sama asks for you you to do something, you do it!!", and he brought his claws up and cracked his knuckles for emphasis. "OK, OK! I get it!", the monk said raising his hans to fend off the hanyou. "There's no need for violence here", he said as he smoothed out his robes trying to regain his composure. "I will do my best to help Far Away Eyes Kami-sama", he looked over at the samurai and added with a half-smile, " and not to do anything to upset Sango." "Good!", the armored warrior clapped the monk on the shoulder and started to move them into the tavern they had been standing in front of. "Now lets get something to eat". "Yes", the monk interrupted, "this place has the most lovely serving girls..." *BONK* Three large lumps rose on the monk's head. "Old habits are indeed hard to break", stated the samurai as they continued into the tavern.

Well, I hope he behaves now. And with any luck, this little interlude will help get things started for you. Talk to you soon. Take Care.


Far Away Eyes Kami-sama? I guess I am their god, but really, within the story, their master is now Aldur. And yes, Miroku has to listen to me, or he'll be in big, big trouble. He has a lot of things to do in the upcoming story line, so he had better start behaving. He really wouldn't want me to be all that angry, now would he?

I loved the fact that even Sesshomaru got involved. Even he knows who's the real boss here. Nice to see the brothers agreeing on something without having to fight about it first. Hopefully our monk will listen. After all, it's not often those two automatically agree with one another.

blocked and locked out...

OK, this is going to sound wired, but I've tried it a few times and it's helped me. I'm not sure why I haven't tried it lately but whatever.

Have you ever tried dressing up to write? I don't mean like in fancy clothes or anything like that, but... A costume of some sorts. For example, I've occasionally sat at my computer wearing a black spaghetti strap tank top with a red bra, a long black skirt and blue lipstick... I'm anything but skinny so this is a bizarre look on me, but sometimes you need the unreality to get back into it.

It's weird, I'll admit, and I don't actually do it as often now, mainly because... well, I live with a boy. And although he's seen me puking my guts up as well as in other equally embarrassing situations yet still adores me, even married me, regardless, I feel like an idiot wearing a sarong and a fedora with him in the room.

Anyway, it's something to try. Can't hurt, right?

Good luck!


Re: blocked and locked out...

I've never tried that one. I really can't, either, because I really don't own anything that would work to fit the mood. It's a neat idea, though. I'm sure I'll find something to beat Miroku into his place. Maybe his problem is the fact I'm a woman and he's busy trying to grope me, just like every other woman. . .if that's the case, he'll be sorry!!

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