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Is it the weekend yet???
Furious Sess
Hey Reader,

Can't it be the weekend already? Don't get me wrong, I like my new job a lot more than I liked KFC, but really. Is it so wrong to want that weekend to get here a bit faster?

I do feel the need to vent here, so I shall because it is MY journal. You can ignore at will if you wish. Last night I worked my ass off, and I have several bruises to prove it. We had to move the furniture from it's old location to a new one, which isn't that bad. Unfortunately, the two guys I was helping had all of the equipment and I could only TRY and lift some of the other things. I can lift really heavy things, but furniture is awkward. Soooo I asked my boss what else I can do. He told me to help the other girls working on moving the kitchen towels to a new shelf. I was doing what I could, but two people were already doing that and I felt if I tried to help, i'd merely get in the way. We took  the bottom row of potholders hung on hooks down and brought them over, so I figured why not move to the next row and take it down. One of the girls came over to get some more stuff to move and I told her I had them in order and they were ready to go. SHE IGNORES me completely, grabs some random towel hook and goes back to the other area. I'm like WTF? She's done this several times when I've worked on projects with her. I have noticed she tends to do that to a lot of people, but still, a simple response would have been nice.

Sooo again, after that's pretty close to being done, I ask my boss what I can do now. He tells me to go and put the old apparell racks onto the semi truck so they can get rid of them. I do, and thankfully it gives me something to eat up some time. I do this ALONE. Those things are heavy and awkward, but I put them on a small flatbed and haul two at a time to the truck and then do it again. They also clipped me everytime in the ankles and bruised the hell out of me. No one came back to help, no one saw me really doing it because they were in the front of the store. The day people are coming in about now, and block my way, so I go and ask my boss what to do now.

He tells me to move the clearance racks to the back where they're going to put them. I start to do that, again ALONE. They're huge, bulky, and tend to turn one way or the other. The two girls that I was helping with towels walk RIGHT by and try to push the things I moved out of my way back into place. I tell them no, cause I have about four more clearance racks to go, and they get snotty and go the other way. I am left to finish the racks alone. Then I ask what's next, and my boss says it's pretty much wait until we can move the shoe racks onto the new carpet. I wander trying to do little things here and there, finally deciding to sit down on one of the display chairs waiting to be moved, possibly the next night. My other coworker, one I hadn't een for most of the night  save breaks says "I don't think they like you sitting around half the night." I'm thinking, "EXCUSE me? I did a ton of shit, most of it hard as hell to do alone, and I was sitting around?? Mmmmkay. Alrighty then. Whatever." I didn't say anything, but I did pretend to start straightening the clearance racks I MOVED to the area.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my job and I'm not thinking of quiting, but sometimes, I have to wonder what goes through people's minds sometimes. I mean, where does she get off saying that? The only other thing that is kind of annoying is the fact that there are two girls who are mothers of toddlers, one pregnant, and all they do is babble about their kids, which is fine, but if I say something, even about the job at hand, I get a cold shoulder. They're glued to one another all night and seem to not want anyone intruding. Go figure. I just figure as long as I do my shit and keep things short and to the point, what ever it is that I do some of these people find annyoing will be limited. It just doesn't make sense that I can say something, and then get either ignored, or told I'm supposedly lazy. Whatever. At least it's almost the weekend..finally.

Now, for some story news. I have five full pages and about 3,000 words. I finally have an idea of what I want to have next after I fill in this little section, so I'll have something to do tomorrow night before work. I think it's coming along nicely now that I have it started and going some place. I'm not sure when it'll be ready for posting, but hey, it's not like I'm totally stuck anymore. Apparently Miroku wants to be agreeable. At least someone does!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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*hands farawayeyes some advil* Its okay love. Some people are just asses. You on the other hand is full of win! :)

Thanks. I know that no matter where I go, I'll always run into some asshats. I just felt that big need to vent. You know what they say, bottling it all up is just not healthy!

I don't know what it is about some new mothers/expectant mothers, but they do/talk about nothing about their kid/expected baby, and everyone else is supposed to jump right in and babble with them. I can't stand it. They probably have absolutely nothing else in their life, so that is all they do. We have the same thing at work. If you don't have kids you can't possibly understand them or their needs. They on the other hand have absolutely no clue that the rest of us just don't care since they have treated everyone else so callously. Don't give them a second thought because unless you turn up pregnant, they have nothing in common with you.

The next time anyone makes a comment to you about sitting around, you can always tell them, "Oh good, I was just waiting for someone to help me move that (fillintheblank) because it is too heavy/big for me to do by myself. I was able to move all of the others, but this one is too much" or something along those lines. That usually either sends them scurrying, or you'll actually get some help.

And I'm very happy that your chapter has decided to cooperate with you finally. Miroku isn't so bad - sometimes you just need to slap him around a little (sometimes I think he enjoys it). I know I looking forward to it whenever you get it finished.

I have nothing against new mothers/expectant mothers or anything. I think it's fantastic that they are so involved and love their kids that much. I wish more parents would do that. What bothers me is the fact that if you're not just like them and have kids of your own, they don't want to really talk to you. I'm not likely to be a mother anytime soon, so I don't really have a lot to say about their situation. I really don't care what kind of jump suit or coat their kid wants/likes. It's fine that they talk about it, they just shouldn't be rude towards me when I say something or ask a question about something concerning work. That's what bothers me about it.

I dunno. I'd try to say something like you suggest, but I do have a temper and I figure the less I say to them, the less I'll say something I'll regret. It just pissed me off that I did all of these things by myself and when I sat down to think about what I should do next while I wait to have that comment thrown at me. I was like "WTF? Where were you when I was doing the apparrel racks? Why didn't you help move clearance?" I haven't worked directly with the woman since the comment, and that's fine by me. As long as my boss doesn't come to me with complaints about my job performance, I'm good to go. That's the only opinion I'll really totally worry about. I just don't like cranky comments from people that haven't worked with me the whole night.

Miroku's kinda working with me. I haven't had any time to really focus on the chapter in the past two days. I get through comments here and at DA and do my edits for the week, I'll start on it. I'm hoping my beta will come online soon, too, so I can run some ideas by her and ask her what she thinks of what I sent so far. I'm just glad I don't have to rush out of the house at 10 to work. I like the job and the money, but I also like the idea of just relaxing a couple days.

Oh, I don't have anything against them either, but that very attitude you spoke about. That's what drives me nuts.

I can understand the part about keeping your temper in check too, since I have one. Sometimes it is better to just bite your tongue. I'm having to do it at work a lot these days.

And days off are always a good thing. Enjoy them and get plenty of rest before you have to start again next week.

It's an awful attitude to have, isn't it? They're so wrapped up in the kid thing that they don't seem to realize how annoying it is or how standoffish they are when they do that, I think.

I know my temper is terrible, especially if I should let it loose. If I didn't need the job and I wasn't worried about the reprecussions, I'd probably say some pretty nasty things. There have been a few times that I've had to clench the teeth and hold back, let's just say. Especially when the one girl who ignores most things said to her gets all huffy and grabs what ever it is you're asking her about and does it without TELLING you what she's doing so you can do it yourself next time.

I love days off, as I think everyone does. Too bad there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of 'em.

Its almost the weekend...not much longer, lol.

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