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A bit of a bump in the road. . .
Hey Reader,

Sigh. I tell ya, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The past couple of days I haven't been able to write, even though I really, really want to. I do have my beta's approval on the latest stuff I have in the chapter, and I have sent a few more ideas to fix a few of the things she said might need a bit of clean up. I really am anxious to get this chapter written and edited for you guys. I'm a bit worried that it won't be as good after this long wait, mainly because it DOES have a bit of tying up the ends of the last couple chapters to an extent, but I'm hoping that it'll be up to par.  I do like the images I have put in and how some of the scenes are working and the more I re-read to get a feel of where it is at and where it is going the more I like it, so that's a good sign. I'm still a bit shaky on it, but my beta hasn't failed me yet! Just who knew this monk could be THAT frustrating to work with!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to sit down and write some more and clean up what needs cleaning up and get it closer to being viewed by all of your eyes. I know it's been such a terribly long wait and I apologize because it shouldn't take this long!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Thanks. I sure need 'em!!

I'm sure it will be really good. I know the chapters I've fretted over the most and were afraid were terrible were the ones that people seemed to like the best. I'm looking forward to it!

God, I hope so, because there is some recap, although it is from a different character's POV. Sigh. I'm just nervous cause it's been so long and I know people after such a long wait might have bigger expectations. . .

Don't worry FAE. You just tell Miroku that a certain samurai wants to "have words" with him outside. He should come back with several new lumps on his head, and a much improved attitude. Keep re-reading and writing and you will get it all set up the way it should be. As we've established earlier, you are the goddess, and like it or not the world and all its characters must bend to your will, even Aldur and Torak. Hey! That's it! Make Miroku spend a weekend with Aldur AND Torak together! Nothing can help you find your 'center' faster than being stuck between two diametrically opposed deities. Of course he might also spontaneously combust, but hey, sometimes you have to take risks.
Well, I'm not taking any risks," Jaken states as he stands next to Ahn-Uhn, both in their Dem-Ex oufits. "I'm ready to get that chapter distributed as soon as she gives the word"...gurgle... "Oh, I hope its ready soon, I'm getting ever so hungry", the toad demon whines. At that moment a beat-up sedan with a DOMINOE'S sign on it drives by. Ahn-Uhn zeroes in on the scent and bellows. "Ah, pizza! That would be oooOOOO ....", Jaken never got a chance to finish as the mighty two-headed dragon took off after his intended dinner. The tabloids the next day would have an intersting story of a pizza delivery boy who was attacked by a mutant dinosaur, complete with a blurry photo, taken by a japanese tourist, showing the creature flying down the street dragging a small mutant caveman on a leash. Said dinosaur and caveman were unavailable for comment.
I hope this helps you laugh and feel a little less stressed.

You know, it might have to come down to another "talk" between the monk and that certain samurai. . .He's just being irritating and a pest and difficult for the sake of being difficult. And I don't think it'd be a good idea to lock poor Miroku in a room with Aldur and Torak. . .perhaps we should lock him in a room full of arguing Mimbrates and Asturians, instead. The stupidity of it all would drive him wild and he'd have to yield. Aldur and Torak would ignore him and possibly the poor thing would end up too tramautized to work after that.

And poor Jaken with his pizza order...I'm glad he's being patient, well as patient as that toad can be, I suppose. I'll have the order to hand out the chapter for him...eventually. I'm hoping sooner!!

Now, I must go and MAKE a pesky man of the cloth do something...perhaps I shouldn't have posted my picture in that other entry. . .he's too busy trying to figure out how to ask me that dreadful question.

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