May 30th, 2006


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Title: Bleeding Through
Genre: Angst, Original, One Shot
Rating: Y, NC-17
Word Count: 2094
In the aftermath of the loss of a child will a couple learn to heal or be destroyed?
I originally wrote this story for a fiction workshop in college about three years ago. When it came time to put together my Senior Portfolio, I dug this story back out and completely rewrote it. I didn't like what I had, others suggested some wonderful ideas, and I let the characters tell me what they wanted me to know. For me, this story is quite possibly the best one out of my original works, and therefore at this time the only one I'm willing to post.

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Hey Reader,

I have started to really figure this live journal thing out, so I think I'll be posting all author notes here from now on. In this particular journal, you will find all news about updates, progress of chapters, and review responses. It will replace the notes at the end of the chapter that have been present in the past, so be sure to check here! Don't worry, I will still be replying to all my reviews as I've always done. Just remember to check this journal often!

So, where is the chapter, you say? I have turned it into my beta-reader so when she returns it, I should be able to put in those final edits and have it posted for your enjoyment! It has topped out at twenty-one pages, so it's not a short one, that's for sure. I do hope that it'll be worth the long wait! It has been an adventure writing it, that's for sure.

I will be doing individual responses in the next update journal, after the next chapter's reviews have come in, so do check back here for those! Other than that, just keep this journal in mind for any and all updates/news on the story!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes