June 8th, 2006


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Hey Reader,

Oi. Has it really been over a month since the last time I had a completed chapter? Sometimes I wonder where the time flies, truly. I hope that the next chapter will not take nearly as long to write and post. As most of you know by now, I have graduated from college and have now entered the ranks of the unemployed, seeking a job of some sort. That doesn't mean I won't get our gang to the City! They've come too far to abandon them now. Besides, it would bother me just as much as it would you if we didn't get to see what happens next!

Anyways, welcome to my live journal. As you've noticed, I have started posting my author notes and review responses here, rather than at the end of the chapter. I think it will be a little easier in the long run, plus I can keep you up to date between chapters. It'll also keep the chapters from being cluttered. Just remember to check the journal often!

There are several sections in my journal to visit. You can find out more about the story and its source material by visiting the Journey Journal. It'll have the author notes, too, so do check it out. Another good section to view is the Awards, where you can find out about the upcoming Inuyasha Fanguild quarter, the results, and other exciting news. It also will have information about any other awards, such as the Feudal Association, or awards my other pieces have won. You'll want to check the Updates and News often to be aware of what is going on with upcoming chapters, or other writing I may be doing. Otherwise check the General journal for random entries and commentary.

Also, I have links at the top for each fanfic archive I have the story posted in. You will find my profile for each site by clicking on them. That way if you prefer MediaMiner or AFF, or one site is down(which happens quite often, I've noticed), you will have another option to read the story. Be on the outlook for more archives in the future. I am looking at expanding the story at Fichaven and adding it to FicWorks. We shall see, depending how much time I have with the job search, chapter writing, editing, and other matters as they arise.

You'll also notice a link entitled “Bleeding Through.” For those of you who are unaware of the story or have not been able to read it, here's your chance! By clicking on it, you will find a description of the story, and direct links to it. It recently won first place in the Maximum Challenge in the Best Drama Category. I'd like to thank doggieearlover for suggesting that I submit it. Feel free to read and review it!

Also, by clicking on User Info, you can find out more about the authoress! There you'll see my birthday, and a way to connect to me through my various IM IDs. I can't always guarantee I'll be online, but it's another way to contact me, if you should wish to do so. Another neat feature, especially if you have a live journal of your own, or are thinking of starting your own, you can add me as a friend or see who I've made friends with. It's a neat feature, I think, and makes searching for what you want to read about that much easier. Also, if you want to re-read some journal, there is an Archive where you can do just that!

Just a side note about the user pic. I found this gem at deviantART, and couldn't resist using it, considering the focus of the last chapter. The artist's name is silvestris, and I have loved this beautiful piece of artwork for quite some time. In fact, it's been my wallpaper on my desktop for ages. Something about its tranquility ,and the way Sesshomaru seems, no matter how unlikely, to be telling Rin some type of story. Anyways, I thought I'd share this drawing with everyone. Do go to the original and see how beautiful it is up close! You can find it here.

Other than that, just browse around, and be sure to check back often for any and all news.

Now for the individual responses:


adea neri: I'm glad you were patient enough to wait out the wild ride that has been AFF the past five or six months. I know it's been frustrating to say the least, but worth it! The site is up and running faster than it ever has in the past. As for the story, I won't leave our heroes to flounder or let Naraku set up some world domination shop in the City of Endless Night. We're gonna see this adventure through to the end, trust me! Just hang on and I hope to have the next chapter out much sooner than this one!


RingoSango: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. It is quite the project at times, but always fun. As for original work, I already have done some, such as Bleeding Through. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy the story as we get these guys to the City!

Mnesail: I'm pleased that you can see the surroundings in the story that clearly. I sometimes struggle to make that happen. And as for the updating, I certainly would hope not to take so long for the next one. It helps that I do have a loose plot line in mind, so we shall see.

Anime Spiral

IYShardDetector: Thanks for the congrats. As for the disappearing act at Fanfiction.net, that was more of their idea than mine. I am debating about returning there at a later date, with a “clean” version, if you will. I'm glad you enjoy the mix of the two worlds. Sometimes I have to pull teeth to get them to work together, but it blends beautifully when I get it to fit together. As for the fanart piece, I can't thank the artist enough. It's a beautifully drawn piece and It captures both Inu and Sess's emotions perfectly, I think. I do hope to have the next update completed much, much sooner than this one, that's for sure! Just be patient with me!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes