June 10th, 2006


Your Reading/Anime List

Hey Reader,

Now, I know all of you who read my journal/work read a lot of fanfiction. What I want to know is, what else are you into? You've got to actually read something other than my story or the other fanfics on your alert lists, right? Have you read anything lately that caught your eye, or do you have a favorite book/series that you love to revist time and time again? It'd be curious to see what everyone else likes to read.

I'll start.

Now that I'm not in college, forced to read things I might not want to read, I'm actually going to take the time to read some stuff I had set aside awhile ago. I am looking at reading Pearl S. Buck's Good Earth and Jonis Agee's short story collection Acts of Love on Indigo Road.  I might also head to the library sometime and dig up some history books on medieval England. I am curious about Japanese history (for obvious reasons) and would like to delve into that a little, too. And if anything else catches my eye while I'm there, I'll see. If I could find a way to get a hold of Hong Ying's fiction, I'd read that, too.

The books I go back to, well, most already know that I return to the Belgariad/Malloreon enough. My other favorite books/set is Gone with the Wind/Scarlett. I read them in junior high and have returned often to them, and the movie. (Never the Scarlett mini-series. That's just AWFUL). I have to say out of the two novels, Scarlett is the better of the two. She actually becomes more of a whole person, rather than a ditz lusting after Ashley Wilkes or being bitchy to everyone. And money is not her ONLY drive. It's also interesting to see how two different authors approach the same world/characters.

Another one I read a lot is Little Women. There's something about it that I enjoy. I know it's sentimental and not my typical, but I read that in junior high as well. I am not as fond of the follow ups, but I am interested in reading the new Mr March book that just came out, all about the pretty absent father in the novel. I may pick that one up at some point.
I also re-read LOTR every so often, too. If I'm feeling a need to go back to something to read just for the heck of it, I'll grab these, though I might have to re-read some of my school novels, too. The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken comes to mind. That's a touching novel and is worth at least a couple reads.

I'd also like to know what animes we're all into. I know those of you here are into Inuyasha, otherwise, well, why would you read the story? But what other animes do you enjoy and recommend?

I love Samurai Champloo. That anime is just wacky, entertaining, and fun to watch. I wish it was longer than 26 episodes, but it's still damn good.  The art is snappy, beautifully done, and fits the story. I also like the inclusion of hip-hop music (which is odd, because I don't like hip-hop), but it works here. i also absolutely (WARNING: Fangirling here) love Jin. Out of the three characters, which are excellent, he happens to be my favorite. I like how he's capable of killing and fighting, yet he seems so, well, shy about other things. He's also so reserved. I just like him. (End of Fangirling) I just think the series works and is fun. It's got deep moments, but it has a lot of comedy to keep you laughing, too. And the friendship between the three, regardless of how it ends, is so strong that you cheer for them at every turn.

I enjoyed FullMetal Alchemist, too, but I am a little uncertain about the anime's end. I would like to read the actual manga, because I have heard that the anime and manga are different. The show caught me on the first episode and I watched it till the end. The brotherly love works, and you want to support the characters. The way the universe worked was neat, too. I liked the tragedy that made Ed and Al's motivations work. It was exciting, entertaining, and had it's moments of humor to add spice.

Ghost in the Shell (SAC: 1st and 2nd GIG) is my intellectual anime. I didn't understand half of it the first couple times I watched, and I still don't always quite get what's going on in it, but it was still an enjoyable ride. I love the Major the most out of the characters. She's tough, she's a leader, and she's not going to take any crap, ever. That and I absolutely loved her purple hair. It'd look wrong on me, or most people, but it worked for her. I have seen the original movie, but it's not going to really help you a whole lot with the actual series. It's a masterpiece on its own and if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do.

Cowboy Bebop is such a classic I shouldn't have to say a lot there. I enjoy it, own the Perfect Sessions, so I figure enough said.

Samurai 7 is another favorite of mine, although I haven't seen all of it just yet. At 26 episodes, I'm hoping it won't seem too short. The characters are beautifully drawn, the storyline is gripping, and the dialouge is well done. I just hate that it's on the IFC instead of another channel. I am unable to really watch it there because it's a hassle. My own TV does not have the fancy digital box to actually watch the IFC. I have seen the first three DVDs, so I know it's damn good. If you like a little magic, a funny as hell dude made out of machines, samurais who can really fight, and good characterization, this one is for you.

Finally, there is Eureka Seven. Holy cow is this anime fun to watch. I'm not entirely sure what it's REALLY about, but there is a fourteen year old boy named Renton (which creeped me out after reading Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. The main character in that heroin filled, Scottish dialect novel is also named this, and he's kind of a creep) who wants to have some type of machine to "lift" or in another words fly through the sky ala skateboard type or hoverboard. They also can do this with HUGE machines, don't ask. I don't get it either. He meets his hero that is a master at it only to discover he's connected to one of the machines they have and meets a girl named Eureka, who he falls in love with. Too bad she has kids who raise hell and get him in trouble a lot. The group he joins is also against the government, of which I can't remember the name of at the moment. That's the basic plot. Other than that, it's random chaos.

There's my list of books/animes. I'd like to hear from you about some of what you're into. I'm curious, and it'll be something to talk about while we're waiting for the next chapter, eh?

Until next time,

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