June 19th, 2006


Funniest Classified

Hey Reader,

I have been busy with the job search as of late.  It seems that the world thinks I oughta actually find an occupation that pays me money. That means I have spent a lot of time reading classifieds and the like. I thought I would share the wackiest ad I have seen. I am not kidding on this one. Seriously. The ad says:

TIRED OF SMELLING like a french fry, call now 8**-***-****

No hint of what the job entails, what company you'd work for, or any real details that would make you want to  call these people. I found it highly amusing. If you're at leat going to post an ad, give me a name and a job description! Sheesh.

I will let you know that I have finally started the next chapter. It took me awhile to get it going. I had an idea of how I wanted to start it, but it just seemed it wouldn't give me that first sentence. That, and after spending so much time with Sesshomaru, he seems to be hard to get away from and shift to the next POV sometimes. I think its that dominating personality of his. . .or something like that. However, I'd have to say that less than 1% of it oompleted. Not what you wanted to hear after the chapter's been up for a week, but it's true! I do hope to have it written before another month gap sets in, so cross your fingers. I probably will be posting the non-beta-ed version as well when it's done.

As much as I've been struggling with making this chapter start and flow together, I will say I have had a lot of ideas float about in my head. I have a lot of exciting story to tell and sometimes I'm anxious to skip to those parts, but we have to be patient!  You'll have to wait with me. Trust me, it's harder for me because I actually know the things I want to have happen but have to set up first. The more ideas, the more exicting it'll be, I say.

I also found out that I have been nominated for the Shikon Awards in the WIP category. Thank-you doggieearlover! It means a lot! I'm hoping I'll do well in the contest. The Fanguild will begin another nominating period in early July, so be on the lookut for that. It should be interesting to see what happens. I am not entirely sure when the Feudal Association will begin its next award period, but do keep an eye on that, too. You never know when there might be awards periods for any of the groups, so just keep checking things out!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes