June 29th, 2006



Hey Reader,

I know you all have been wondering if I fell of the face of the planet, but I haven't! I promise! I have been busy with the job hunt, had a couple interviews as of late. I have also been working on the chapter. It has been slow going, mainly due to a bit of research here and there, but it is starting to work a little with me. I'm hoping that if I chisel away at it I'll have it finished sooner.

You can also blame the fact that I've been watching a lot of anime on YouTube. Thanks Mirumoto! You have gotten me addicted to Ah! My Goddess! It's such a funny show and I keep downloading the episodes. On top of it, I want to OWN the DVDs the more I watch it. Something about the tiny screen on the computer. . .Anyways thanks. . .you're the reason this chapter is coming along so S-L-O-W-L-Y. Just kidding. I should have the willpower not to compulsively watch it.

I've also been distracted by baseball season. My Minnesota Twins have been sweeping teams left and right lately and I've been watching the games. It's exciting to watch and considering the pitching staff of Johan Santana and Franciso Liriano I can't help but watch!

Anyways, I AM working on the chapter. It's being a bear about being written, but I will make it work or I'll just have to kill off all the characters and be done with it. There are days, let me tell you! I also have had so many ideas fluttering around in my head for future plots that it just sometimes distracts just as much as the other things I'm watching, etc. I promise to have it posted as soon as I can get it written and finished. I know you guys are getting impatient!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes