July 13th, 2006


Yay! The Chapter is on it's Way!

Hey Reader,

I have sent the chapter off to my beta and I hope to have it back before Sunday. If I don't get it back by then, I'll go through and do a through edit and then post an un-beta-ed version until I can make her changes. I'm pleased with how this chapter turned out, with how much fighting I had to do with it. It's shorter than the past couple chapters, but I suppose that's not so bad. I really hope that people will enjoy it when I finally post it up.

I'm also very glad that it is finally Friday tomorrow. I am happy to have my new job and all that good stuff, but it'll be nice to be done for a couple days after I leave work tomorrow night. Today was a good day, although they replaced the ice cream flavor with boring ol' vanilla. Oh well, it's not that bad. It's still free, after all!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes