July 15th, 2006


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Hey Reader,

I hope everyone is keeping cool in this horrible heat. It's almost unbearable here. Anyways, I know I had promised that I wouldn't let another month lapse between updates, but sorry! It's at least a day earlier than I had said it would be, right? For those of you who haven't been following my journal, part of the reason this chapter didn't come out as quickly as I would have liked is because I have a new job. It's a full time, 40 hours per week type job, so it does take a lot of time away from writing. However, because it's so boring, I do get to think of other ideas for the story, so hopefully I'll be able to work on a new chapter that much faster. It would also help if it would cool down, even a little.

We have reached another milestone with this latest chapter. I have now 800 pages exactly for this story. I was suprised when I added this chapter to the manuscript. Yay. 800 pages! It makes me wonder how many pages we'll end up with by the time it is over, that's for sure.

The nominations period at the Inuyasha Fanguild are coming to a close tonight. This story has received too nominations, one for Best Drama, and the other for Best Serial. The seconding period begins on July 23 and runs through the 29th. After that, thirding will take place on July 31-August 6, and finally voting on August 13-26. I am excted to be nominated, and I must thank doggieearlover for the nominations I have received. They mean a lot to me. There are a lot of good stories nominated this quarter, so do check them out.

Now for the individual responses:


chanda: I'm glad you liked the battle scene details. Those took a lot of work and I struggled to get them exactly the way I liked them. I'm glad it turned out.

lil_merc_girl: I enjoyed Sesshomaru's time with Rin in that tent, too. It was a nice relaxing moment after all the frantic activity of the past couple chapters prior to that. I think they'll need as much rest as they can get for the future! As for Inuyasha's unknown friend, you'll have to see! We'll find out who that is in good time!

adea neri: I hope this chapter was worth the wait for you! I know I had a lot of fun putting it together, for the most part, anyways.

New Fan: I think Koga will have a lot of trouble on his hands as we go along. That being said, I think he'll find a way to redeem himself. I don't know if Rin will ever really trust him, or really like him all that much, but we shall see what happens with events i in the story as we go along. Anything is possible!

SP777: Glad to see you're still with the story. It's good to see more readers come back after all of AFF's problems. As for the chapter not fully loading, I'm not sure what is going on there. I checked it an it looked fine to me!

Anime Spiral:

inu_obsessed: Yes, Koga's here. But I'm afraid we'll have to wait on just who that voice is in Inuyasha's head!

Media MIner:

Gothic Cotton: Glad you liked the chapter!

doggieearlover: I know a lot of people wanted that explanation as to why Sesshomaru hadn't taken action sooner, so I had to include that. I hope it tuned out alright. As for Koga, I think we know who scared him the most, at least this time. I don't think he'll be stupid enough to challenge again, that's for sure. I do think it'll be interesting when Inuyasha has to face up about the Voice, and hopefully find out who it is, and when Sesshomaru has to explain his power to raise the dead, but we'll see how that all works out.

YukiNoMiko: I'm glad this fic is one of your favorites. I know I enjoy writing it. As for Inuyasha's harsh treatment of Shippo, I find it to be justified. He had let Shippo get away with whining, complaining, and acting like a brat pretty much until that point. Then on top of it, Shippo did shout that he hated Inuyasha and Rin for taking up Kagome's time. That was inconsiderate and rude for him to do, not to mention disrespectful to a man who had taken him in and had taken care of him ever since. If anything, Inuyasha finally stepped up as a father and put his foot down so Shippo could grow up and learn to be a responsible, honorable man some day. If Sesshomaru had been there, Shippo might have lost a bit off his tail or more. Inuyasha was fairly easy on him. As for the swearing, particularly in the last couple chapters with Inuyasha, he was NOT a happy guy and I've noticed in the translated manga(NOT done by Viz), Inu swears A LOT, especially around Koga. It's just something he does when he's upset, vulnerable, and doesn't want anyone to realize he's feeling those things.

Inu-Hanyou Nikkie: I am so glad you have started to read this story. I love your reviews a lot! I'm thrilled that you liked how I started the story, and how Polgara managed to make our dear Demon Lord realize he might not be top dog(No pun intended). I think Ce'Nedra, in the beginning of her apperances in the novels, can be irritating, but I find I like her character as she got older and wiser. She had her flighty moments, but at least she started to realize the world was not all about her. And yeah, isn't Beldin a treat for two dog demons with super smelling? I'm glad you liked my torment of Jaken. I couldn't resist. I wouldn't want to eat him either. The spacing issues, I haven't had that problem, but perhaps when I reuploaded the entire story, MediaMiner screwed it a little. I had it right before. Hmmm. I'm glad you think I'm keeping everyone in character. I strive to figure out how to do that, and sometimes switching POVs can take some time. I liked having them meet Aldur, too. It was a fun scene to write. Yes, I was cruel to Inuyasha to put him up on that horse, wasn't I? Oh well. He'll just have to get used to it. The dress took some time for me to come up with, but I figured green is more of Kagome's color. That, and we had to really give Inu something to stare at, that's for sure. And as for Sesshomaru's curiousity about the card game, I couldn't help it. He's very curious, more than anything, sometimes.

OpinoVana: I'm glad you love the story a lot. I love writing Sesshomaru and Rin's interactions sometimes the most, because they are so tender  with one another. As for Inuyasha and Sesshomaru acting like brothers, yes, they are getting closer to that, but I think they still have a lot of work to do! You're right about that bird following Rin. It is not a nice bird, but it isn't necessarily Rin's fault that she hasn't done anything about the bird. You'll see. Yes, she can use her telepathic abilities that come from her sorcery across long distances. So far, she's only talked to Poledra and Sesshomaru this way, when they were with her right there, but she can talk to anyone this way over great distances. It is possible. And don't worry about the questions. I like to hear them!

I hope everyone is finding some relief in this heat. I know it's terrible. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy the chapter!

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