July 20th, 2006

So Damn Hot

I'll be Damned

Hey Reader,

While at work today, I was listening to the radio, as usual. (I listen to a classic rock station because the local new music station set my teeth on edge, that and I like to play "Name that Tune" and I almost ALWAYS know. I know a TON of songs and artists, though I'm about to hunt down Sting, that's another story....). Anyways, they had an advertisement for the Crazy Days special at the local car dealership. Normally I'd ignore this. I just started paying off a $5000 car loan this January. However they said in their commerical: "We also have a good 1990 Oldsmobile, good reliable tranportation. Just $875."

I had traded in a 1990 Oldsmobile, worth $1500 off the new car's price, when I got my 2000 Buick. I was like "They're selling my old car! It HAS to be." I was right about that. Wrong car, though. My FIRST car was also a 1990 Oldsmobile. It was a Royale, while my second car was a Regency. I went to the dealership, and sure enough, I found the listing for two Oldsmobiles, both blue. My Royale was the second one I looked at. I did my usual squeal of delight and clapped my hands.

When I had traded the Royale in to get the Regency, she was in a bad, bad place. Her front passenger door was totally smashed in (I had an accident in that car in an ice storm on my way to class), and the engine was about to totally blow due to the stupid mechanics that screwed her up. The owner of the dealership couldn't believe they had taken her back in (She went home, after all, she came from that dealership, as ALL of my cars have). I thought she was toast. I thought she'd never make it off the lot for anyone to drive EVER again. But she's all better, door and all! And I know it's my old MIss Blue. She's beautiful again and I almost wanna cry. If I had a lot of money and the ability, I'd almost wanna buy her back just for the sentimentality, but I won't. My new Buick Sarah, might not like that. . .

But anyways, here she is:

If anything, at least I'll have a picture of my first car in my journal, always. May Miss Blue find a good, loving owner who will take real, real good care of her and NOT take her to the WORST mechanics in town.  I just think it's funny how life works out sometimes.

As for the story, as I know that's why you're REALLY reading this silly ramble about my old car, I have tons of ideas going through my head. I haven't started the next chapter just yet, due to the plotting of upcoming plot lines AND reading Fanguild nominations. It's been interesting to say the least. I should start the next chapter very soon, however.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes