July 24th, 2006



Hey Reader,

Yay! Monday has come and gone. I've also had some luck on both the one shot and next chapter. I have a page and top of the second on the one-shot, and a whole opening paragraph on the next chapter, so there IS progress being made. My beta has seen both, and she says that they are coming along rather nicely, so I'm happy. I wasn't entirely certain about the start of the one-shot, but with her approval I am very happy. I wouldn't say it's entirely different from something that might happen within Journey, but it certainly is a challenge and that makes it fun. So much of my work is inspired by the music I'm listening to at any given time, and each character pretty much has picked a particular artist or style they like. Having a piece centered around a song seems to fit for me. I just hope that when it is a finsihed product that you will agree. It isn't a typical song, and it's not rather well known, at least I don't think so. I'll just have to wait and see what your reactions are, which means I'll have to actually finish it, huh?

I think switching back and forth between my one-shot and the chapter will keep both going. Maybe they will feed off one another and we'll get both much, much sooner than expected. We'll have to see, I suppose. I should be working on one of them right now instead of writing this journal, but it is nearing bed time and what little brain function I had, say a couple hours ago, has flickered and died. I at least have an idea of where I want to go in both stories. I just have to let both simmer for awhile and then sit down and write on them tomorrow. At least it's better than how most of Sunday turned out! And it helps that work is montonous and tedious so I can think. Hell, I spent my lunch break jotting down ideas and snippets of sentences.  If anything, it'll keep my mind sharp, now won't it? And you all get to reap the benefits from that, I suppose.

I should probably get ready for bed so I can face the boredom that is Tuesday. I wish it was Thursdasy tomorrow instead. I am going to go to the race track and watch the horses race after work that day, and I can't wait. I'm only going to bet $25 worth on all the races, but who cares? I'm gonig to watch the horses run, not make money. Isn't that what a job is for! Sigh. Why do I get the feeling this week might drag?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes