July 25th, 2006


A Page! I got a page done! Yay!

Hey Reader,

Yay! I got another whole page written. I am almost done with a stanza of the song, too. It's exciting. I think it is really coming together. I just hate the fact that as I near 11:30, my brain starts to melt down and I can barely write this journal. At least I got pretty far. I have 1200 words so far, including the lyrics. I'm not sure how long it will be. There are three stanzas of the song, so it isn't that long of a song, but each line has so much potential to do so much. I'm feeling better and better the more I work on this one-shot.

I also had a great planning session at lunch. I haven't worked on the next chapter just yet, but I did a lot of plotting for that, too. It just seems that this one-shot insists on being written right NOW. I have almost the entire thing plotted, matching it to its respective lyric. It's mainly getting it written. I am excited to get it done and posted, so I can hear what you guys think of it.

If anything, at least tomorrow is Wednesday, which means it is almost the weekend...well pretty close at least. And hey, tomorrow IS a special day. It is Mick Jagger's 63rd birthday, and the Stones fan that I am, I'll be celebrating that...

Anyways, if this one-shot will work with me, I should have it written soon, so be on the look out for it!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes