August 17th, 2006


So much for vacation

Hey Reader,

Before I could even fill out my first application, I got a job! Yes. It's true. I got a call this morning from the local AW/KFC and went into the interview expecting the usual: "We'll call you in a few days, maybe next week if we think you're right for the job, ect. Instead, I leave with "Come back tomorrow at 4 PM, we'll have your schedule ready and your uniform." I'm going to be doing bascially everything I did when I worked at the college food service. The big plus? It's in the early evening so I can stay up and let my muse live at it's normal time without worry. YAY. The bad thing: the stupid shoes of doom from the food service that I HATE. I'll be making $6.25 an hour, which isn't great, but is a lot, lot better than making $0 an hour! And who knows, maybe I'll hear from the big fancy job at some point, too.

Other than that, I'm waiting to hear from my beta on the one-shot and then I'll do the final edits and post it. I will also start going through the last few chapters of Journey and start putting together my notes to start that next chapter. I know how many of you are waiting for me to get back into that story. Thankfully I have a billion ideas that I can work with that I hope people will like.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes