September 12th, 2006

So Damn Hot

Sigh---Mind if I kill all my characters off??

Hey Reader,

Oi. I knew I shouldn't have spent a month on Child of the Moon! Now I'm fighting tooth and nail with Journey---and a certain character in particular (hint, look at icon). I have about three pages roughly, and I'm not sure if ANY of it is any good at ALL. I have to get through this chapter and a couple more that either wrap up some things OR set up the groundwork for upcoming arcs before I can get to the good stuff my damn muse is screaming about lately. It's irritating as hell, because I want to work on the story and get it posted for all of you to enjoy, but I'm pulling my hair out to get even a SENTENCE out let alone a paragraph or page. I swear, if I just killed them all off and wrote "The End" we'd be happier, but then Naraku would win and I, being the Almighty Authoress, just can't let him do that, now can I? And I have tried EVERYTHING so far to get anything rolling on the chapter. I've read the last four chapters through, I've read some other fanfiction to get myself into the mind set, I've changed music, I've locked myself to the keyboard or the notebook, and yet I'm just not really getting anywhere. And I swear, there are four or five sentences that I absolutely hate but cant' fix. I figure, no matter how far I get tonight, I'm sending it to my beta and she can tell me if I should just tear it all up and start over, or find a way to work with what I already have. One way or another, though, I will make this stupid chapter work---or they will all DIE and I don't think any of them really want that.

In other news, I have been through orientation for my new job at Shopko.  It's not going to be that bad, at least not so far. I can get benefits, advance as I work there, and request time off without any troubles. One of the nicest things: 10% off everything in the store with my card. Yay!! I can get some great Christmas shopping done there (They used to have anime, but alas, they dont' anymore, at least I don't think so, and besides, they're remodeling, so who knows). I also can, at a certain point, earn benefits, so it's all good. The only thing that sucked were the cheesy damn videos about the store and their policies on harrassment, but I have the sneaking suspicion that's the case with ALL those types of videos. Do they really have to make the actors in those videos act like complete and utter fuck wits? They were about the cheesiest people I think I've ever seen. But hey, I did get to make $30 sitting on my ass, so yeah.

Anyways, I'm hoping I can get somewhere solid in the story before I have to start working tomorrow night at 10 PM. Sigh. I gotta tell ya, sometimes I wonder!! I also might simply go ahead and answer reviews that I've gotten, just so that they're outta the way, but we'll see. . .

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes