September 22nd, 2006

Sess and Rin under the stars

Is the world ending?

Hey Reader,

Is the world ending? Seriously. I found this very interesting article. Those of you who know anything about Keith Richards, you know he's spent a life time doing a lot of drugs. Cocaine, heroin, pot, lord knows what else, you name it, he's done it. Soooo when he comes out and says he's going to stop taking them, that's a big sign the world might be coming to an end, or something like that. He's Keith Richards!! I'm not sure he's been totally sober since about 1965 or so. What is he going to do without all his drugs??? And his reasoning is just the most laughable I've heard. "They're not strong enough anymore." Oh my. That says a lot. I love Keef, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I have to shake my head.