October 8th, 2006



Hey Reader,

Finally, after almost TWO weeks of not having time, being too tired, or just plain too busy to write even a word let alone a sentence or paragraph or page, I have FINALLY written nearly 500 words tonight, and I do hope to write more before work tomorrow at 10 PM. I can't tell you how much I needed to do that, not just for the story and so that you guys know the story WILL continue, but just for my sanity. I am, no matter what I get paid to do, a writer, and this is what my muse wants me to write lately.

I still don't know when I'll have this chapter written, beta'ed, or posted, but I am thrilled to get SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE at all on it. It's nice to see something happen, even if it's something small as 500 short words. It is kind of hard to get into the chapter having stretched out the process so long and after so many interruptions, but I am determined. We haven't come this far to just leave the gang hanging! They have a lot of things to do, endure, and complete just yet. And they are getting just as frustrated as I am on the slow progression here. . .it's not just you!

You can also blame the evils of baseball. My team, the Minnesota Twins, came back to take the AL Central Division, but unfortunately got swept in the ALDS. It's alright, there is always next year, and now I'm throughly rooting for the Detroit Tigers, the rivals for our Division crown. They swept my most hated team, the Yankees, (Or as we call them, Big, Dumb, Jeter-heads). I hope Detroit wins the whole thing. Go TIGERS (Hell, my highschool mascot was a tiger, it's not like I haven't cheered that one before).

Anyways, if you haven't heard already, Inuyasha Fanguild Nominations are open still. Journey has been nominated by inuhanyounikkie for Best Crossover (I know I said I was done with the category, but I just can't resist someone who calls me one of their Literary Goddesses), and for Best Serial by doggieearlover. Don't forget! Child of the Moon is also eligible and ONLY eligible for THIS quarter due to it being a one-shot. Feel free to nominate it for anything you see fit, but do it soon as I believe the nomination period ends on the 14th.

I suppose I should get back to the chapter and see if I can get anymore on the page before I do something I rarely get to do these days...sleep at NIGHT.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes