November 10th, 2006

Just Kidding. . .

Celebrate! A New Chapter has BEEN posted!

Hey Reader,

It has been an impossibly long time since I last updated Journey, hasn't it? I do hope that this chapter will be worth the long wait, and that it won't be that long again between this chapter and the next. You can partially blame that on the fact that I spent a month working on a Sess/Rin one-shot entitled Child of the Moon. It's a song fic, and I'm glad that's its made it to the ballot in that category for Best Song Fic at the Guild. Membership is currently locked, so keep it in mind for the next quarter once the votes are tallied!

Journey has made it to the ballot for two categories as well: Best Crossover and Best Serial. I'm anxious to see how things will turn out there.

I also have a new job (well, I've had it for almost two and a half months now), that happens to be night shift, so I'm tired and busy. I still managed to get the chapter done, so it might be slow, but it'll get done eventually! I'm hoping the more I get used to my hours and schedule, the easier it'll be for me to fit in writing time that won't require huge amounts of editing.

Anyways, let's get to the review responses. Boy it's been awhile since I've done these!

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Well, that's all until next time. I do hope that it won't be as long between chapters!

Far Away Eyes