December 22nd, 2006


WTF is going on with AFF???


I just went to AFF to do a speed by check to see if I got any new reviews (It's a habit) and suddenly it says I have no stories posted BUT at the same time that I have 1 in Inuyasha and 2 in Original. If you click to see them, it comes up with NO stories and if you go to the Author's Panel you get no stories. So my question is: WTF? I even looked up doggieearlover's stuff and got the same thing. I even had to do some snazzy age verification login doohickey to even see my Author's Panel. GAH. I'm confused. Anyone have A CLUE cause the news page is still yammering about disclaimers, which I had btw, thank-you very much. . .

Far Away Eyes
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