January 13th, 2007


Chapter Posted!!


A new chapter of Journey has been posted! Yay! I know the italics (if you're reading at AFF or Anime Spiral) the italics got goofy at the end, but I can't seem to make it read the code correctly, sooo I'm leaving it alone for now.

I'm rather satisfied with how this chapter turned out. It was hard to write at times, but I think it turned out fairly well. I hope you like it!

Links: AFF MediaMiner AnimeSpiral

Now for review responses:

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Well that's it for now! As always, Nikkie, you'll get your own since you leave such long, long reviews! Oh, and with this chapter, I will surpass 40,000 hits at Media Miner. Yay!! Does a dance!

Until next time!

Far Away Eyes